1. Doc-holliday

    FS: Linsoul LSC09 4.4mm MMCX IEM Cable

    Nice balanced cable from Linsoul. Look it up on Linsoul. It retails for 80USD. I got the cable with TinHifi P1 from someone who didn’t like the P1 after a month he sold them to me. I have no use for this I‘m using a 2.5mm balanced cable instead. It looks just like new. Buyer will pay the...
  2. nishan99

    Help me deal with Linsoul

    Disclaimer: I am not here to start any drama against Linsoul despite how awful their customer service. I am here genuinely seeking advice for how to deal in this situation Hi I will try to be as brief as possible, so in summary I ordered a matte black IEMs during the last 11/11 sales and...
  3. Shozy Form 1.1

    Shozy Form 1.1

    Shozy Form 1.1 One 9.2mm beryllium coded Dynamic Driver for Sub-bass -Mids and a BA for upper Mids and Treble. 20-20KHz 19-ohms at 100dB SPL/mW 2 pin connector with fabric covered pure copper cable. Comes with case and assorted tips.