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  1. Apos Audio

    The TOPPING DX9 Limited Edition Flagship DAC/Amp - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Celebrate 15 years of TOPPING’s audio expertise with the TOPPING DX9 limited edition Flagship DAC/Amp. Equipped with an AK4499EQ DAC chip, the DX9 provides ultra-low distortion of -120dB and a dynamic range of up to 125 dB. Paired with a built-in headphone amplifier capable of driving...
  2. alpha80

    BeyerDynamic 100th Anniversary - 2024 Limited editions

    To celebrate 100years in business in 2024, I expect BeyerDynamic to release some special edition models of their most iconic headphones. What will they look like ? Perhaps a diamond white ? A cool silvery platinum ? Polished or matte ? Remains to be seen! I, for one, strongly encourage...
  3. kdoninel

    A Dream Come True: Campfire Audio Andromeda Titanium & Gold

    After spending sometime searching and reaching out to the world, the world answered. Many thanks to whistlebug23. Finally able to add this rare set, to the collection.
  4. FiR Audio Radon 6 (Rn6)

    FiR Audio Radon 6 (Rn6)

    The Radon 6 is a Limited Anniversary model, limited to 300 production units world-wild. Celebrating 5 years in pursuit of the ultimate in-ear monitor listening experience. We’ve applied everything we learned from Frontier Series and mindfully retuned our popular 6-driver model and arrived at a...
  5. FAudio Mezzo Limited Edition

    FAudio Mezzo Limited Edition

  6. Schiit Audio Folkvangr

    Schiit Audio Folkvangr

    Schiit Audio’s first limited-edition amplifier: the 10-tube Folkvangr. Folkvangr is a DC-coupled, output transformer-less (OTL) and output capacitor-less (OCL) headphone amp. Folkvangr uses 2 matched 6n1p for input and voltage gain and 8 6n6p tubes for output. It’s said to dissipate 100W...
  7. Hidizs AP80 PRO-X Red Copper Limited Edition

    Hidizs AP80 PRO-X Red Copper Limited Edition

    AP80 PRO-X Red Copper Limited Edition Balanced MQA Music Player -Collision of Boutique and Classic -Same Chip with Red Copper Shell -Collectible Artwork -Limited to 499 Units Worldwide Collision of Boutique and Classic It is made of red copper raw material with a copper content of 99.9%, and...
  8. DUNU-Topsound

    Reserve VERNUS, a springtime version of the DUNU FALCON PRO, limited to 100 units worldwide!

    We at DUNU wish to thank our followers for all your patience over the past month and a half as we work to adjust our release schedule to the new normal in our operating zones. We haven't been able to get things out as well as we intended. Originally, we wanted to release this secret little side...
  9. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling M9 - High-End Portable Android Player

    New Flagship Portable Player With M9, we are be taking a big step forward in our Android platform. Moving to a newer and more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and upgrading to the Android 10, which will assure better performance and app compatibility for the foreseeable future. RAM was...
  10. DekoniAudio

    Holiday Ear pads? Say no more! Limited Edition Holiday Flannel Pads by Dekoni Audio

    Good morning(or afternoon/evening wherever you might be) Dekoni Audio is happy to announce our new Limited Edition Beyerdynamic DT and T series Flannel Holiday ear pads are now in stock! Spruce up your Beyerdynamic headphones(or many others that fit this style, check the listing on our website)...
  11. Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Go

    Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Go

    Impedance 32Ω Sensitivity 116db Frequency range 18-22000Hz(±10dB) Interface 3.5mm Cable Length 1.2m(±2cm) Plug type Straight PLUG Size (diameter of shell) 16.8mm Monk Go are entry-level earbuds by Venture Electronics which are only produced with limited quantity. They were released 2021...
  12. MusicTeck

    Luxury Precision LP6 TI 7th Anniversary—Limited to 99 units worldwide.

    99 units worldwide. Pre-order now Click to learn more or pre-order your's today. Expected to ship in December. Have questions? Email us at and we'll get back to you soon.
  13. MusicTeck

    *New in stock at MusicTeck*

    Exciting news... The LPGT Titanium Limited Edition DAP is finally here! Includes a premium leather case Click to shop now R3 Pro Saber back in stock Click to shop now qdc Universal V3 II Click to shop now Focal Radiance Over-Ear Headphones Click to shop now
  14. MoonAudio

    Preorder: Fostex TH900 mk2 Pearl White Limited Edition Headphone

    Fostex TH900 mk2 Pearl White $1,699.99 Preorder Now This beautiful Pearl White finish is handmade with Uruish lacquer and a Gold Fostex logo. Only 50 units available in the US, so don't wait long. Preorder Now
  15. justin w.

    Jerry Harvey Jimi AION - Limited Edition Universal IEM (Pre-Order now)

    Jerry Harvey Audio is releasing a universal fit version of their JIMI custom IEM, limited to 200pcs, and offering it exclusively through its dealers such as HeadAmp. The shells are are also smaller than JH's previous generation of universal fit earphones! We are open for pre-orders now: JH...
  16. justin w.

    Jerry Harvey Audio Jimi AION - Universal IEM (Limited Edition)

    Jerry Harvey Audio is releasing a universal fit version of their JIMI custom IEM, limited to 200pcs, and offering it exclusively through its dealers (we have some on the way). The shells are are also smaller than JH's previous generation of universal fit earphones! We can accept pre-orders...
  17. Audeze

    Mobius and Apogee Ultimate Streaming Bundle

    The Ultimate Streaming Bundle Audeze and Apogee Electronics have teamed up to offer an incredible USB microphone and headphone bundle. This limited promotion run (only 50 available), will feature a numbered, limited edition Apogee NITE MiC USB microphone and the Audeze Mobius headphone together...
  18. vinekly

    Grado Black Label

    I’ve been searching around and although I’ve seen some people talking about the Grado black label headphones I can’t find an actual review of either the black label 1 or 2. They look unique and apparently have uniquedrivers but they’re not cheap. I’m very curious about the sound but don’t wanna...