1. HPuser9083

    Kenwood still worth considering in the home-audio world?

    Hi there! Just curious, would Kenwood still be worth considering in the home-audio world, although they moved to car audio a few years back? Because I mean while they were in the home-audio business, they built their stuff like tanks and they had some of the best equipment out there.
  2. pearljam5000

    Vintage receivers vs. portable amps

    budget=100$ SQ=the only important thing to me. which would be the best value? what brands\models of old receivers to look for?
  3. juantendo8

    Dedicated Amp with DAC or Amp + DAC?

    Hi all, I have a vintage Kenwood K-88 integrated amp with what I believe to be 100 watts of power per channel (at 8 ohms) and I have a pair of Beyer DT880 600 ohms coming my way. I will be playing my music from my desktop and laptop computers and I most definitely need to buy a DAC to use with...
  4. juantendo8

    Beyer DT880 + Kenwood Vintage Amp

    Hello everyone. I've researched for months and have had several changes of heart, but I ultimately have decided that I will purchase the Beyerdynamic DT880s and use them as my main stationary listening phones to complement my hd595s. The dilemma I face is knowing which version to buy, and I have...
  5. krohm

    iphone line out to car

      wondering if there is a way i can connect the iphone 3gs via line out to my car, i have a connection that comes out of the glovebox atm as standard that allows connection of ipod/iphone/n8 etc but allows browsing only via the menu system of the car rather than scrolling through on the...
  6. kaosun

    Kaosun's Vintage CD Player Service Bulletin

    I have researched most of vintage portable cd players made by Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Denon, Aiwa, Citizen, Toshiba and Kenwood. I will replay any technical question about the following models: Sony: D50 D50MKII D55T D100 D150 D250 D350 D303 D555 D99 D90 D3 D2 D2T D66 D34 D33 D121...
  7. The2lous

    Kenwood trio KH 53

    Hi ya there can anyone help me, I have come to own a headphone set in excellent condition they are a trio KH 53, which I now is kenwood but that's all I know, I would like to move them on but have no idea on price or were to sell them any help would be a blessing, many thks Jak
  8. juantendo8

    Two Old Amps

    Hi, I find myself in the situation where my grandparents are giving away two different stereo amplifiers and are allowing me to keep one. Now I am a complete newb to amplifiers, especially full-size ones. What I want to know is if they are any good and which is the superior amplifier. The two...
  9. High_Q

    Kenwood mp3 player in the US

    Where can I purchase them?  Any stores in the US?
  10. vuntruong

    Lets see what's under the hood

    Where are all to the pictures of what's inside headphones amp, regular power/integrated amplifier/receiver.   Which one do u like better?  where are the modifications ( if any),  I guess I'll start off.  Kenwood KA 7300 and RSA Xp7.  I prefer the sounds of the kenny.           ...
  11. moodyrn

    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    This is a topic that doesn't get discussed much, but from my time here I've read posts of many people who own either vintage integraded amps or receivers. I know since they are vintaged it can be really hit or miss. But there are many who have had great results with these products. So I've...
  12. lessblue

    Warm sounding Solid State (SS) Headphone Amps

    I was wondering what solid state amps offer a warm sound signature (or 'tubey').   I realize this is of course somewhat relative, it may sound different from person to person, and the combination of equipment matters greatly (opamps, headphones used, musical taste...).   Still, what do...
  13. vicktnguyen

    DT880 vs Kenwood KH-K1000

    Hello Head-fi!! Just received my set of DT880/600 ohms on Monday, cannot be any happier . I heard so many good thing about this headphones and decided to take the plunge. So i let it burn in for a good 2 days and gave it some first listening this afternoon, the DT880 sounds very nice, detail...
  14. violinvirtuoso

    The Ultimate Portable ...?

    I am going to make a big purchase of portable audio gear. I currently own the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Pros. I want a better cable, amp(depends on source) and a much better source. For a cable I am getting the Enyo Cable (Null Audio) $70. Please do not suggest Westone or UE Custom Cables as...
  15. Dexdexter

    Portable Sources w/Digital Output Listing

    Following on the thread I began to discover which PCDPs (vintage or new) could be enjoyed with the DAC facility of my iBasso D1, I thought it might be useful to compile a list of known PCDPs and DAPs that function portably (i.e. on battery power) featuring optical or coaxial outputs. So feel...
  16. Jazzyfi

    Kenwood HD20GA7 is still one of the best DAP

    I just sold my iPhone 3GS while I'm waiting for the iPhone 4 to come. Since I didn't have any fancy phone to replace the iPhone, I just picked up my old Nokia and bring back my HD20GA7 to life.   What a shock!!! I forget how good it sounds. I love it . Its better than my iPhone, huge sound...
  17. Tclare

    Old Amp - Kenwood KA-660D Question.

    Hey,    I'm just getting into audio as hobby, something which my father used to be into a while ago. While rooting around his old stuff I noticed he had a Kenwood KA-660D amp. I have no knowledge of how good it may be. He claims its a very good amp, yet I have some doubts. As a result I was...
  18. cifani090

    How to make my kenwood stero reciever only play on my headphones

    Hi, i recently just tried my Denon's on my speaker system. But how i just make it on my headphones, and not both?
  19. ExpatinJapan

    Anyone try the kenwood mg-f516?

    I saw the kenwood mg-f516 whilst I was in a store sampling the Cowon J3. Anyone have any experience with the kenwood players?   //////Kenwood introduced  3 new models of digital audio player (DAP) for theMG-Series F500: The F516-MG, MG-MG-F508 and F504.  this new line-up has 4 GB / 8 GB / 16...
  20. goody

    Does anyone know where i can get this player Alneo XA-V 80-A Blue (8GB)

    I dont really care if it is new or second hand i want to try a jvc player.. thanks