1. TheCrusher

    Portables with cord mic and controls under $50?

    Hi,   I'm new here.  I've just taken my first steps into the world of headhpones that don't completely suck with the purchase of a pair of JVC Flats (HAS160).  They sound fantastic to me.  So naturally I want to ruin all that by getting something even better.  No wait.   I ordered them...
  2. LastDayz

    Earbuds/IEMs that sound like JVC flats?

    JVC flats are pretty much the best headphones I've ever owned. Yeah I know there are better but I'm a cheapass and don't like to spend a lot of money.   I've yet to own any earbuds that match the flats in sound and it bothers me sometimes.   Preferably these earbuds/IEMs would cost me 40...
  3. YellowSloth

    Fake Koss PortaPro headphones? (Black cardboard box, not transparent plastic.)

    Hello Headfiers,   A couple days ago I ordered a Koss Portapro. Because I know there are a lot of fake Portapros, I wanted to buy it directly from Amazon and not through another seller. Now I received them, but I am not sure if they are the real deal, and now I can't remember if it do was...
  4. tartantangents

    Portable, closed headphones adequately driven by iPod touch for under $50

    Hello, I'm a first poster on Head-Fi, but I've read up quite a bit in my quest for my ideal portable headphone (ljokerl's portable headphone shootout was invaluable in my search).   For starters, I currently have bargain-bin headphones scooped up for $10-15 each at Marshalls or TJMaxx...
  5. MrAwesome

    Gym Headphones?

    My apple earphones went deaf due to sweat and possibly intense movement, and I'm looking for headphones or earphones that under $100. I'm using them for intense workouts at the gym, such as running the tread mill, lifting weights, If there earphones I want ones that stick in your ear, because...
  6. zhecloud

    Foldable headphone, Which to choose?

    Hello how are you?   First sorry for my English.   I will buy foldable headphones but not which to choose.   This are the headphones I can buy:   AKG K-404 Energy Sistem Energy DJ-410 -Sony MDR-V150 JVC HA-S360- - Pioneer SE-MJ511 -Philips SHL4000 -PHILIPS SHL9600...
  7. Orel

    Porta Pro VS KSC75

    I'm looking into buying some cheap portable headphones lately and I stumbled these too which I've heard alot about in the past, and I also read a few topics about them, Anyway, which would be better in sound and comfort? Also, will they require an amp? (I know the porta pro needs one), and is...
  8. Syvere

    Any good on-the-ear headphones for under 80$?

    Are there any good on the ear headphones that can rival the porta pro and bose OE2 for under 80$? I'm looking for a new mobile set to go along with my new iPod Classic. I listen to all variety of music but I prefer clean sound and detail over boomy bass. I havbe zero tolerance for sibilance as...
  9. icez84

    Help me decide, Creative Aurvana Live vs sony v55 vs shure srh 440

    Hi guys, I've been using Iem for couple of years, from soundmagic to nakamichi, however recently i i felt a need to change, maybe a portable headphone would be great. So far the best fitting headphone and comfortable headphone ive tried is a Philips SHB9100 using wire. Im looking for something...
  10. ralphsv

    The tipical quest for 1st headphones recommendation

    Hello. I'm Ralph, adn this is my first time in the forums. I'm also totally new to the high quality sound world. I had always listened to music with the headphones included by default with my players, as well as simple headphones I bought in the way, Some time ago, I finally decided to try...
  11. swaffleman

    Retro review: Original PX 200s

    These never really got a fair shake. Most audio sites and reviews that cover the new PX200s (the PX 200 IIs) will say that they were an improvement over the original. As far as design goes, they are correct. However, the original PX200s are much more enjoyable to listen to. IMPORTANT: Many...
  12. johanchandy

    are the new JVC flats any good? jvc ha-s160's?

    http://cgi.ebay.ca/JVC-HAS160P-FLAT-Headphones-Pink-/350431156981?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5197531af5#ht_500wt_715http://orders.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ImportHubViewItem&itemid=350431156981   I am planning to get the jvc flats i.e the older model ha-s150 since they seem to have...
  13. Formula

    $50 burning a hole in my pocket... What do you suggest I add to my little collection? O_o

    Just as the title states. Around a $50 budget. Not sure what to get. Part of me wants another IEM. Another part wants to jump into the headphone thing with something like the Koss PortaPro... :o. I tend to lean towards the fun bass heavy sound but open to something like the MEElectronic A151...
  14. cactus_farmer

    SMALL (Porta Pro-sized) bassy, closed headphones?

    Hmmmm...   As title says really.   Looking basically for a closed version of the PortaPro's. Those PX200's looked like they might fit the bill, but apparently they're pretty neutral-sounding...
  15. jaykarnik

    Headphones under 40$

    Hi,   Newbie audiophile here. Am a student so not too much budget. Which is the best pair of on-ear headphones I can get for under 40$.   Any advise is welcome...   Thanks in advance.
  16. aaDee

    JVC HA S160 or Koss KSC75..urgent

    Hi guys,,,need your help in choosing the best out of two 1) JVC HA S160  or 2) Koss KSC75 After reading a lot of reviews im bit confused among the two. My preference is a decent/ punchy bass, smooth n clear vocals and detailed highs. I dont like V-shaped headphones and i literally cant stand...
  17. JK1

    Head-Fi's Best Sellers

    Why aren't the Sandisk Clip+ mp3 player, the JVC HA-S160 headphone, the Sennheiser PX100II headphone, and the JVC HA-FX101 IEM mentioned as best sellers? Here's an interesting idea. Have a best seller list for each of a few price categories. Perhaps have an under $50 list, a $50 to $100 list...
  18. Sjaudio

    New Portable Headphones Around 40 bucks

    Hello Everyone, I will shortly introduce myself, I am a young (23 years old) hifi lover and formally I only listened to floorstanding/monitor speakers with good results. Price tag was very different, from 100 bucks to around 6000 bucks which was the most expensive kit I had. I live in The...
  19. JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black)

    JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black)

    "Flats" Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black)