Portable, closed headphones adequately driven by iPod touch for under $50
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Sep 11, 2012
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Sep 11, 2012
Hello, I'm a first poster on Head-Fi, but I've read up quite a bit in my quest for my ideal portable headphone (ljokerl's portable headphone shootout was invaluable in my search).
For starters, I currently have bargain-bin headphones scooped up for $10-15 each at Marshalls or TJMaxx:
Sony MDR-ZX100
Sony MDR-XD100
Sony MDR-V150 (resides in my ski helmet, since the band broke)
2XL Shakedown
Skullcandy Ink'd
I use the 2XL the most, since they're the most isolating and most comfortable, though I feel the XD100 has the best sound of the lot (still pretty terrible). These would be stored in the outside pocket my messenger bag, so I'd love a pair that is flat folding and/or comes with a protective case. I don't want to spend too much, since the headphones would be more prone to accidental breakage, but I don't want to spend too little and get bad build quality.
I'm looking for a good-sounding headphone under $50, and I've come up with the following but I'm open to suggestions:
Incipio f38 (aka Brainwavz M3/Fischer Audio FA-004) - $29 on Amazon new
Sennheiser PX-200 II - $29 on Amazon refurbished (from adgtron)
Beyerdynamic DTX300p - $17 on Amazon refurbished (through Warehouse Deals)
JVC HAS160 (aka "Flats") - $12 on Amazon new
I would only go with the latter if the former 3 are really fragile and get these for a "beater" pair.
Isolation is a fairly high priority, as is drivability, since I do not have nor want a portable amp for the time being.
I am not a basshead, but I listen to a lot of bassy music (post-dubstep, DnB/jungle a la Squarepusher, house), so some presence of bass would be nice.
As a sidenote, I am getting the MDR-V6s for home/production use (amped by an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro), but I would not consider those portable by any stretch of the term.
Thank you in advance
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