1. swaffleman

    JVC HA S650-carbon diaphragm?

    I just got these a couple of days ago. I'm very impressed by both the sound quality and the design/comfort. The case says that they use carbon fiber for both the speaker housing and the diaphragm. I was curious if this is a similar design to the so called carbon fiber nano-tubes I've been...
  2. maximax786

    JVC HA-S700 or JVC HA-S650

    Let's make this short and simple :P   1) Out of these two which ones are better overall?   2) Any JVC model better than these two?   3) Any other companies model better than these two within this price range? Thanks in advance!
  3. zen glen

    Help a newbie! Creative HQ 1600 or JVC HA-S650

    Hi, first post and just joined! I love this site. It's amazing to see the amount of knowledge, opinions and recommendations! I owned a pair of Stanton dj pro 60s (enter your '' what's '' and '' who's '' here) and loved them. Great frequency range, solid bass and highs but a bit muddy in the...
  4. swaffleman

    Audio Technica SJ11

    I've had these for a few days since I also bought them at the time I purchased the JVCs I just also made a thread about. I waited a few days before I made noise about them, so I could get more time with them...I had been spending more time with the JVCs.   Well, I think I'm going to be...
  5. scaryweb123

    portable headphones under 60 dollars

    i was looking at the sony mdr xb500. i want good bass headphones that are maximum 60 dollars in AMAZON. the prob with xb500 was that ppl said it was not the best. i certainly think it looks cool and the leaking can be fixed with tape on the holes of the headphones. are there are any other...
  6. mistarobotics

    Cheap but Great Sound Quality Headphones

    Well I'm planning on buying my friend a pair of headphones for her birthday. I don't want to spend a lot of money so probably around $20-$30. She doesn't want Earbuds. She's been mostly looking at on-ear headphones. I want it to have good sound quality and good isolation for the price. Please...
  7. zhecloud

    Foldable headphone, Which to choose?

    Hello how are you?   First sorry for my English.   I will buy foldable headphones but not which to choose.   This are the headphones I can buy:   AKG K-404 Energy Sistem Energy DJ-410 -Sony MDR-V150 JVC HA-S360- - Pioneer SE-MJ511 -Philips SHL4000 -PHILIPS SHL9600...
  8. waynes world

    Is it okay to like the portapro driver more than ksc75 driver?

    This is essentially driving me nuts. I have both. I plan on keeping only one set. For reasons of personal preference, I am getting the cheapo part-express headband for whichever pair of drivers I keep. I am holding both sets of drivers to my ear with the same amount of pressure (the amount of...
  9. Syvere

    Any good on-the-ear headphones for under 80$?

    Are there any good on the ear headphones that can rival the porta pro and bose OE2 for under 80$? I'm looking for a new mobile set to go along with my new iPod Classic. I listen to all variety of music but I prefer clean sound and detail over boomy bass. I havbe zero tolerance for sibilance as...
  10. metllicamilitia

    Looking for headphones now

    Up until recently I've been using IEM's but now I want some headphones. I listen to metal, using a Cowon C2. I've always used colder more analytical earphones but I want a warmer headphone, I want the music to be fun. Any suggestions? All price ranges please. Aus dem geist der geisterkranken
  11. hallucynogenyc

    Bang for the buck portable headphones at 50$ max

    Hi.   I've always used in-ear headphones because I mainly listen to music on the subway etc and they seemed the only option. However, a friend of mine bought a pair of JVC HA-S600-R headphones. They are very comfortable, when they are folded they take almost no space and they sound way better...
  12. swaffleman

    Retro review: Original PX 200s

    These never really got a fair shake. Most audio sites and reviews that cover the new PX200s (the PX 200 IIs) will say that they were an improvement over the original. As far as design goes, they are correct. However, the original PX200s are much more enjoyable to listen to. IMPORTANT: Many...
  13. Bahamut2

    PX100-II vs AKG K420 vs AKG K430

    OLD thread name: PX100-II vs PortaPros (now i changed my mind)   Haha.. hello boys, it's my first post, i know you are all going to say this is an ultra repeated post but oh well, i have searched arround the forum and can't get my personal answer, so i will ask it again with my point of view...
  14. arbwar

    Shoud I buy JVC Ha-S600 or JVC Ha-S650

    I really can't decide between JVC ha-s600 and 650. 600 has 40 mm driver and 650 has 36 mm driver. 650 is only 8 pounds more expensive than 600. They both are stylish to my eyes. I have read their reviews on head-fi. But still can't decide. I mostly listen to metal,rap, pop and electronic...
  15. jant71

    JVC "Black Series" (New Portable Phones)

    The Black series( M750 and S650) are slated to be in stock 9/3. We already have the S900 and S700. NEW JVC BLACK SERIES FOLDABLE HEADPHONES COMBINE PERFORMANCE AND STYLE Photo of the M-750...http://resources.jvc.com/DocumentImages/00/00/10/52.JPG Photo of the...
  16. mistykz

    Need some advice on buying new cans

    I'm looking to buy a set of portable headphones (cans, not in-ear) with decent sound quality to wear on the way to school and walking around campus, studying in the library, etc.  so I obviously would like them to be portable, and folding would be a plus (but not necessary). Comfortability is...
  17. JVC HA S650

    JVC HA S650

    The HA-S650 is a flat-folding model so it’s easy to pack, and light weight so it’s comfortable during extended use. The slim design does not compromise on sound quality, with a 1.42-inch (36mm) driver unit providing deep bass and the 3.94-foot (1.2 meter) pure copper cord minimizing friction...