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The HA-S650 is a flat-folding model so it’s easy to pack, and light weight so it’s comfortable during extended use. The slim design does not compromise on sound quality, with a 1.42-inch (36mm) driver unit providing deep bass and the 3.94-foot (1.2 meter) pure copper cord minimizing friction noise. It’s outfitted with a slim, gold-plated iPhone-compatible plug

Latest reviews

Pros: Compact. Tighter bass and better sound than the HAS600. Very comfortable
Cons: Headband doesn't fold. Dual entry cord.
When I first started listening to this, it reminded me of the Sennheiser PX100. While the PX100 is open and this is closed, the warm detailed sound and  tight bass seemed similar(but of course more bass on the HAS650 since it is closed). I don't have the PX200II(a closed version of  the PX100) to compare it to. The sound on the HAS650 also reminded me of the HAS600, so I compared the two. The bass seems tighter on the HAS650 and there is also more detail. I guess since this is  cheaper than the PX200II, and it is also more efficient, some people might want to compare these directly. That would be an interesting contest.
This is so much more compact than the HAS600. It is only slightly larger than the HAS160. For the price, the HAS160 still seems like a better value. I was hoping this would be like the HAS160 but more refined. Instead it is a warmer headphone. This is around $20 less than the PX100II, and I prefer the sound on this to the PX100(I have the original PX100, not the PX100II, although they are said to be similar  enough).
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