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Bang for the buck portable headphones at 50$ max

  1. hallucynogenyc
    I've always used in-ear headphones because I mainly listen to music on the subway etc and they seemed the only option. However, a friend of mine bought a pair of JVC HA-S600-R headphones. They are very comfortable, when they are folded they take almost no space and they sound way better than any in ear I've had. I'm thinking in getting a pair of these, but, those being the first ones I've tried, I feel like there might be better deals. So, is there any better option for the price? 

    Thanks in advance
  2. soundstige
    Brainwavz HM3, from what I read, are supposed to be new top contenders in this market.
  3. hallucynogenyc
    Thanks for the input. I'm looking at reviews of those and they look good, however I can't seem to find anyone selling them at a decent price with shipping to Spain :frowning2:
  4. JK1
    The JVC headphones are good. The best deal seems to be the HA-S160. I also have the HA-S600 and HA-S650. The HA-S600 and HA-S650 are a bit dark sounding. The HA-S160 is much more neutral. The new JVC HA-FX40 IEM has great detail. See if you can find the new JVC HA-S200 headphone. The HA-S200 and HA-FX40 have carbon nanotube technology for amazing clarity and detail. I have the HA-FX40 and love it.
  5. KneelJung
    Koss Porta Pro th_ok.gif
  6. rajendra82
    AKG K-518LE. I got the red ones in the US off of Amazon for $33.

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  7. Youngblood
    +1  from what I've read the FX40 are some pretty great buds for the price. You may also like to look into Xear buds too, I think they can be had for $50
    Good luck on your search OP
  8. fatcat28037 Contributor
    Koss Portapro   [​IMG] or the iGrado, [​IMG] each is less than $50 on Amazon.
  9. JK1
    Why do some love the Portapro? I had mine over 10 years and liked it when I first got it, however now I like the JVC HA-S160 so much better, and no longer use the Portapro.
    The Portapro and iGrado offer no isolation.
    The JVC HA-S600 does offer more isolation than the HA-S160, although I like the HA-S160 better. I wonder how well the new JVC HA-S200 isolates. It has carbon nanotube technology for amazing clarity and detail.
  10. Youngblood
  11. hallucynogenyc
    Hi again. I've been looking at all your suggestions, I'm a bit surprised that noone agrees on any specific pair of headphones btw

    Hate the portapro look, those iGrado behind my head don't look good to me either. The Brainwavz HM3 look nice, but as I said I kept looking and still can't find any seller on Spain or with international shipping.

    Then, about all those JVC suggested by JK1: arent the has-160 way too cheap? they are barely 15$ with free shipping on spanish Amazon! Are they foldable?

    All the JVC I can get here are, the HA-S160, HA-S600,  HA-S360 , HA-S650.

    Also, on the AKG K 518, I like those, but while they are 28$ on amazon.com, they cost almost 60$ on the spanish amazon >.>

  12. Youngblood
    If you liked the sound of the HM3, and if you feel comfortable paying for it then I would say go for it.
    The jvc has-160 is supposed to be a great bang-for-buck headphone. I'm not sure on the foldable headband but from pics I would say they can't lol
    If you have any electronic stores in your area that may be cheaper than purchasing online.
  13. hallucynogenyc
    Nono, I never tried the HM3 or any of those except for the HA-S600.
    At the end, in a not-normal-on-me impulse, I bought the AKG K 518 on amazon.es for 55$. They are foldable, they have very nice reviews everywhere, and they cost 70-80$ on the only local shop that sell them. There were only 2 in stock on amazon.es so I just went for them. Hope they are worth it, I've never paid that much for any headphones :)
  14. Youngblood
    Good to hear! hope you enjoy them man. Don't feel bad about spending $55, some people on here have spent in the thousands lol, just a wallet killing hobby [​IMG]
  15. JK1
    "Then, about all those JVC suggested by JK1: arent the has-160 way too cheap? they are barely 15$ with free shipping on spanish Amazon! Are they foldable?"
    The earcups rotate to the flast position, but the headband doesn't fold. It is very compact though. Don't let the low price fool you. It is a great headphone. Search this website for it, and you will find a number of positive posts about it. Search under HAS160 and also HA-S160.

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