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  1. Madoo TYP512

    Madoo TYP512

  2. Truthear HEXA 4 Driver Hybrid IEM

    Truthear HEXA 4 Driver Hybrid IEM

    Specification Driver: 1DD+3BA Diaphragm of dynamic driver: PU + LCP Impedance: 20.5Ω土15% @1kHz Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms @1kHz THD: THD≤1% @1kHz (94dB) Frequency response: 8-40kHz (IEC61094, Free Field) Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
  3. LETSHUOER Z12 Magnetic Planar IEMs

    LETSHUOER Z12 Magnetic Planar IEMs

    - Z12 tuning suggestions by Zeos, Only 500pcs limited worldwide - Sub bass is raised 2dB for the Z12 - Unique number from 001-500 etched on each set " LETSHUOER stormed the IEM market with the S12 Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs, bringing an impressive performance at a pocket-friendly price. The...
  4. Sennheiser

    Exceptional in Every Detail: Say Hello to the IE 600

    Hello Head-Fi! Today is an exciting one as we officially unveil the IE 600—the third family member of our audiophile in-ear range. With a housing crafted from NASA-grade materials and sonic lineage to the IE 900 and IE 300’s TrueResponse transducers, the IE 600 brings audiophiles a lifetime of...
  5. KBEAR Aurora

    KBEAR Aurora

    KB EAR's latest single dynamic beauty, the KB Ear Aurora. Being a fan of their BElieve, I am excited to try this one. Anyone has hands on it yet, please share impressions. Features:- >10mm Titanium diaphragm dynamic driver. >Bright Aluminum ear cavities depicting the aurora lightning...
  6. Acoustune HS1300SS

    Acoustune HS1300SS

    Specifications: Housing: Stainless steel cabinet made of CNC technology with stainless steel inner casing Connector: Pentaconn Ear Driver: 10mm D3.5 generation 10mm Myrinx dynamic driver Frequency response: 10Hz – 25kHz Sensitivity: 110dB/mW Maximum input: 100mW Impedance: 32 Ohms Weight...
  7. H

    Need new IEM

    My old final e2000 broke so I need something new. I found tin t4 (65€), tin t2 plus(40), fiio fh1s, fd1 (75€) and fiio f9(80€). I am open to new suggestions as well.
  8. P

    New audiophile & (Possible) first audiophile gear!

    Hello Guys, I am a new member in this amazing community. Although I am new here, I have been reading Head-Fi post for months and now, I decided to be part of that family! Also, I will start buying my first Audiophile Gear. I was thinking of Dragonfly Red or ifi hip dac + Final audio B2 or...
  9. Guideray gr-t20

    Guideray gr-t20

    driver configuration: 2ba + 1dd. Impedance: 19 ohms
  10. fastgoose

    Selling RHA MA750i in-ears almost new

    I am selling my in ear monitors form RHA because I don't use them anymore because I dont listen to music when i am outside. I bought them on 19 march 2019 and have 2 yeers of waranty left, but rarly used them. I have desinfected them and they are complete. Only one comply foam eartip is missing...
  11. iBo0m

    What are some favorite IEMs in Asia (not so well-known elsewhere).

    Hello to Asia! Being aware of multiple audio sessions during every year in Asia and browsing through, I've noticed many models that are rather rare here in the Europe, but based on the number of reviews popular in Asia. For example local brand's model Sony IER-Z1R has 221 reviews...
  12. V

    Looking for in-ear headphones under $30

    No amp, source will be my phone, usually Spotify on high/very high quality, also Youtube videos ofc. I listen to all kinds of music: metal, rock (mostly alternative/indie), bit of jazz, hip hop (lo-fi too), rap, pop and electronic. Would be really good if they have a microphone (+ a button)...
  13. H

    Looking for an iem upgrade from tin p1.

    Hi. Newbie here and first time post here. Looking for an iem with great mids and highs. I got too used to the p1s highs and recessed bass so i plan to get something with a better emphasis and power on the mids. My budget's around $200-500. My main use for the iem would be for listening to jazz...
  14. Sound N00b

    Dirt cheap earbud advice?

    As much as I would like to have some really nice earbuds to compliment my nice headphones but I lose/break them way too often. I am looking for a nice pair of earbuds suitable for a wide variety of music (but especially indy rock). I understand that there are some nice earbuds at the $40 level...
  15. TRN-V90 Earphone

    TRN-V90 Earphone

    SPECIFICATIONS Brand: TRN Model: V90 Type: In-ear Driver Unit: 4BA+1DD hybrid Impedance: 22 Ω Sensitivity: 110 dB/mW Frequency range: 7-40000 Hz Plug Type : 3.5mm straight plug Cable Length: 1.25 m Colours: blue, black Earphone interface: 2-pin connector
  16. TENNMAK BT608


    TENNMAK BT608 | 1*DD Brand Name: TENNMAK Model Number: BT608 Time to market: 2019 Vocalism Principle: Dynamic Sensitivity: 105±3dB Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz Resistance: - Ohm Style: In-Ear Connectors: BLUETOOTH 5.0 Line Length: 0,28m Active Noise-Cancellation: No
  17. Eternal Melody EM-5H

    Eternal Melody EM-5H

    The EM-5H has a different setup of 5 BA drivers compared to the EM-5. The EM-5 has Two BAs of bass, Two BA for mid range and one BA for Treble. The EM-5H has One BA for Bass, Two BA for Mid range and Two BA for Treble. Specifications Drivers Configuration: 5 Balanced Armature Drivers (one...
  18. NymPHONOmaniac


    Hi All! As a big fan of Alpha & Delta D6, i follow closely the lauch of their new top of the line model call the KS3. So I decide to create this thread to share info and impressions, and answer questions you might haveabout this nice 3D printed earphones. You can look at some reviews here...
  19. Lker i8 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphone

    Lker i8 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphone

    Specifications Brand: Laker Model: i8 Drive Unit: 10 mm dual dynamic driver unit Type: In-ear Impedance: 16Ω Earphone Sensitivity: 98 dB Frequency Range: 8 – 26000Hz Earphone Plug: 3.5 mm Cable Length: 1.3m / 4.2ft Weight: 18g / 0.56oz Available Colors: Silver, Red, Black Plug Type: straight...