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  • TENNMAK BT608 | 1*DD

    Brand Name: TENNMAK
    Model Number: BT608
    Time to market: 2019

    Vocalism Principle: Dynamic
    Sensitivity: 105±3dB
    Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
    Resistance: - Ohm
    Style: In-Ear
    Connectors: BLUETOOTH 5.0
    Line Length: 0,28m
    Active Noise-Cancellation: No


Recent Reviews

  1. DallaPo
    TENNMAK BT608 | 1*DD | Rating: 7.3
    Written by DallaPo
    Published May 10, 2019
    Pros - driving bass
    long playing time
    good workmanship
    wearing comfort
    no peaks
    Cons - sound to warm
    Bass not always clean
    strongly reduced mids
    Once again I dare to use a pure Bluetooth In-Ear and this time it's the TENNMAK BT608 with BT5.0. TENNMAK has become quite quiet lately, respectively the company was never known for releasing new In-Ears every minute as we know it from Knowledge Zenit for example. With the TNT, Orca, or the BT608 they have now again relatively new products on the market. I'm still not really convinced by the pure Bluetooth in-ears, as the tuning is usually too bass focused for me, but see if the BT608 also falls into this category.

    The BT608 comes with an extensive set, including a carrying box, three pairs of silicone tips, a charging cable, silicone earhooks for a better grip in the auricle and a cable organizer, which is a bit fiddly.

    The ergonomics and the wearing comfort are very good, but unfortunately, cable noises are quite present, which can be annoying while running.
    The isolation is excellent, so you can fully concentrate on your workout. In addition, there is the waterproof construction, so even heavy sweating or rain can't harm the BT608.

    10m transmission range, 8 hours playing time and BT 5.0 for high-resolution music playback are already remarkable for just 20 €!

    We get exactly what I expected from the BT608 in terms of sound. A warm, bass-driven sound that is reflected in a strong V signature.

    The bass is rather sluggish, not very precise and tends to boom due to its soft attack. It covers the whole sound like a lurker, but it doesn't overshadow it completely, so that you can still get something out of the midrange and treble. However, it clouds the overall presentation, as it makes everything seem a bit dull and too warm. Nevertheless, he can provide the necessary impact to stay motivated during sports.

    The mids are solid. They are quite reserved and don't exactly spray with joy and clarity. Voices sound somewhat unnatural and lack assertiveness. Some may even like that when voices don't jump right in your face, but I like it a bit more direct. The bass makes the mids quite warm overall, but it doesn't inflate them unnecessarily, at least that's not too much. Unpleasant peaks are not to be expected here and listening for a long time doesn't cause any problems. You even get used to the signature and after some listening time, you can even live with it, especially when it comes to the musical accompaniment during sports.

    The highs are a bit raised and can even let some details shine through unexpectedly in the upper range, but the rolloff is comparatively early. However, I would say that the treble has the strongest argument on its side when it comes to the BT608's sound. They are peak-free, not the brightest, but also not too dark. They play soft but accurate and give the BT608 some airiness and lightness at the top, which the BT608 desperately needs.

    You can't expect miracles from the stage and the separation, they're average at best, everything sounds a bit compressed.

    The TENNMAK BT608 is a solid performer designed for sports use. This reflects the good workmanship, the ergonomic fit and the bass-heavy, driving signature. If you are looking for waterproof Bluetooth In Ears for the sport, you can be happy for the price here. You shouldn't expect too much from the sound. Nevertheless, it is quite acceptable and will fully satisfy many. The bass adds energy to the training, the mids just manage to hold against it, the trebles loosen up the whole thing a bit and can even tickle out a few details. In addition, there is a long playing time, which is in a very good range with 8 hours. Connection problems don't occur either.


    More reviews: https://david-hahn.wixsite.com/chi-fiear
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHIFIEAR/


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