1. Taz777

    Jabra Elite 85t Impressions Thread

    The Jabra Elite 85t wireless IEMs haven't got a thread of their own and are mentioned quite a few times in the 'Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too Soon?...' thread here: Some of...
  2. XGeneX88

    Bucktown Cables Impressions

    Hi Everyone, I recently discovered a new and upcoming cable maker based out of Chicago. Chris @ Bucktown Cables. This gentleman made me a fantastic balanced XLR4 to Dual 3.5mm cable which I use with my Hifiman Arya and wanted to share my impressions. I was charged under 100$ for this cable and...
  3. admaciaszek

    Good Ear Impressions Massachusetts

    I got my impressions done with my local audiologist in Chicopee Massachusetts and I'm less than thrilled with the result and they were acceptable for ciems. Does anyone know of good audiologist in western mass I only seen 1 or two in boston ever mentioned.
  4. glassmonkey

    AME Custom: Argent, Radioso, Gravitas impressions thread

    AME Custom is a new South Korean company specializing in electrostatic (e-stat) hybrids. They've got two electrostatic hybrids, including the first-in-the-world quad electrostatic, balanced armature, dynamic driver hybrid (as far as I know, released in August 2019, officially). Their other...
  5. M

    Bang & Olufsen H9 (3rd Gen) vs. Sennheiser Momentum 3

    Currently deciding between these two for the holiday season. If any of you have tried both or at the very least one of them - let me know your thoughts on comparison. Thanks!
  6. dasmodul

    Meze Audio Empyrean Impression vs reference sample

    I don't do many of these written impressions (do I do any? :beyersmile:) but as a promise and thank you to Todd from TVVJ for loaning out these new reference headphones to me and Meze Audio for creating such a beast, I'm going to share what my impressions have been over the last two nights. I'm...
  7. aminus

    Aminus hates everything (Or, Aminus rants and reviews stuff)

    This will be a little containment thread of sorts for myself to function as an outlet for me to talk about some things on a regular basis. Most of my reviews will be centered around portable gear, namely IEMs. DAP and cable reviews might come in the future. Index: Sony IER-Z1R review Deprecated...

    Washington, DC./Maryland/Virginia Head-Fi Meet - May 18, 2019 - Gaithersburg, MD

    This is the IMPRESSIONS discussion thread, we welcome you to post your evaluations and comments now that the meet is done! A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT CAME AND ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO HELPED FUND THE COSTS, BROUGHT GEAR SO THAT WE COULD EXPERIENCE THE VERY BEST IN AUDIO AND THEN FREELY...
  9. toranku

    Toranku's Thoughts and Reviews (and target EQ filters!)

    Subscribe to the thread for updates :) ~CTRL+F to search up specific brands/models~ Toranku Target v5 & Explanation (includes raw .txt file download) Toranku Target EQ Filters Master List Audio Content in Audio Discourse Personal Favourites Definitive CIEM Brand List Guide Brand Overviews...
  10. ggibby

    Master & Dynamic MW07 connectivity

    Hey Y'all, I searched the site several ways and did not find a thread dedicated to these, apologies if I missed it. SO, I have a fairly good collection of over-ear and IEMs, but resisted the Truly Wireless because Bluetooth. Black Friday changed my mind and I picked up the Master & Dynamic...
  11. NymPHONOmaniac

    BEST VALUE ''around 100-300$'' CHIFI & NEWCOMERS IEM with REFERENCE List (no BIG brands here)

    As I was working on the best sub 100$ chinese IEM list, I feel always frustrated to not be able to include 110$ gems that lot of headfier praise, I even try to change title of my other sub-100$ thread but it do not make sens and would have been more confusing for headfier that have real limited...
  12. ryanjsoo

    Dunu Falcon-C Flagship Dynamic Driver IEM - Discussion and Reviews

    Introduction The Falcon C is Dunu's flagship dynamic driver in-ear. It features a new design (that sets them apart from the DK-X earphones), a diaphragm constructed from ultra-rigid carbon nanotubes and liquid metal housings not unlike the dynamic driver Campfire in-ears. In addition, Dunu...
  13. Zoom25

    Audeze LCD-2C (Classic) Reviews + Long-term listening impressions ONLY

    Hi, I wanted to create a thread where people can post their full reviews and listening impressions of LCD-2C based on long term listening (at the very least 2-3 weeks). If you want to post brief and initial impressions, please use the following thread...
  14. Mobat

    ZMF Vibro MKII Review (A New King has been Throned)

    Before acquiring the Vibro’s my previous favorite headphone was the DT990’s. I've owned a few higher end headphones such as the Denon D5000, Sony MDRZ7 and HE 400’s but the DT990’s always came out as the king for me. They were supremely comfortable, well built and had what I had always pictured...
  15. HiFiChris

    Stoner Acoustics UD125 AKM AK4490 USB-DAC & UDX & UDXA Thread (Impressions, Discussions etc.)

    Have you ever heard of Stoner Acoustics? You haven't? Well, I haven't either before 2012 when they were mentioned in a German audio community I was active in at that time. 2012 is also the year they were founded. If you are wondering about the slightly inappropriately seeming name - according...