1. SpringBiscuit

    Hippo Pro One, the first Balance Armature from Hippo

    Not sure anyone has seen it, recently just launched, it is the first single Balance Armature from Hippo, design is inspired by Westone UM1, priced at a competitive range in the market.   Tried it and they sounded great, with USD128, it really does able to perform, signature learns...
  2. ostewart

    Review: Hippo ProOne - a great new single BA IEM

    Hippo ProOne Review:   I would like to thank Jaben for sending me a sample of their first BA IEM, I will write as honest a review possible.   They have had well over 50hrs of burn-in and no differences were noticed.   Gear Used: IPod Classic 160gb (rockboxed) > Hippo ProOne (shure...
  3. 12345142

    New Miles Davis Trumpet (not Tribute) earphones

    Seems like nobody beat me to this, so here's a blog post from LaptopMag: http://blog.laptopmag.com/monster-unveils-miles-davis-trumpet-earbuds-with-worlds-smallest-audio-drivers?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=ces#axzz1ACgWx1tv These seem more dedicated towards...
  4. CLock3

    Replacement Silicon Tips for Hippo 10EBs?

    Hello, how's it going? I recently got a pair of Hippo 10EBs, and unfortunately the medium sized red tip that came with it had a slice or rip in it. Does anyone know where I can get replacement tips for it? It still works alright like it is, but I'm worried it'll come apart upon further use. I...
  5. wjat

    my me-11's lost sound in the right ear (rec similar iem w/ better cable)

    i'm 90% sure it's due to the cable messing up. it started going last week, and messing with the cable seemed to fix it. when i tried them yesterday, the sound was completely gone in the right ear so now im back to ksc75's for a little while. can i get some recs for an iem under $50 that's...
  6. frogears

    Can't decide which earphones to get

    Hi, my Westone UM1 just broke and time for me to replace it to use with my iPhone (No Amps) I listen to all sorts of music, but would preferably have an earphone which is more analytical with good emphasis on clarity of singer's voice. After many hours spent on reading reviews and surveying, I...
  7. msportr430

    Nuforce NE-700m vs HIppo HB vs Klipsch S4/5

    Hello I am currently in the market for a quality pair of in ear monitors.  I am looking for something that is bass heavy but still covers the rest of the spectrum as well.  I have done quite a bit of research and I think I have narrowed it down to the Nuforce-700m, Hippo HB, and the Klipsch S4. ...
  8. mp3

    My review of the Hippo 10, Hippo Groove and Hippo White

    Hippo 10   Specs. Single dynamic driver, 10mm Frequency range: 20Hz – 23KHz Impedance: 16Ohm Sensitivity:110dB/mW RRP: $70   Build quality and accessories. Build quality is good. The housing is made of high quality plastic and the cable is 130cm, with a 90 degree jack. The...
  9. Barristan2

    Hippo-10 trade

    I have a pair of Hippo-10s that I am looking to trade for something for a bass-head. I would like a pair of Sony MDR-XB500, but will consider anything you got. They are in excellent shape. I can post pics if interested. For some reason I can't post in the for sale/trade forum
  10. meltie

    Red and Blue silicone tips for inears

    Hi,   since I bought some red and blue colored comply foams I wanted to get some colored silicone tips as well. I've seen some Hippo earphones come with red and blue tips, but where can I get just the tips?   Does anyone know a shop?   Thank you,   meltie
  11. souperman

    Hippo Headphones Review - Finally!

    I'm finally getting around to review Hippo headphones, the Shroom and the VB. Just FYI, I love hippos, and I love the company's name! I give all headphones I review at least 50 hours of burn-in before I listen to them closely. I use three pieces of music at V0 variable bitrate to test my...
  12. pudim

    M9, PL21/30, Hippo Pearl? Help, please

    Hi,   I've got 30€ to spend on IEM's, since my (fake) EP-630 broke a while ago.   These are the options I've seen so far: Meelectronics M9, Sound Magic PL21 or 30 and the Hippo Pearl.   I don't have any particular demand on characteristics; I use Alessandro's MS-1i for home listening...
  13. amitlnd

    Hippo 10's and Hje900's

    Hey guys so I can get either the Hippo 10's or the Hje900's at great prices and I was just curious to which one phones are better. I heard a lot about the hje900's but not so much about the Hippo's...   Thanks!
  14. subxero

    Head-fi help me (Hippo Box or Hippo Gumstick)

    okay so i'm deciding if i should get the hippo box or gumstick i want hippo box so in the future if i buy any mp3 player i can amplify it with this, but i don't know how good this amp is i want the gumstick because i've read alot of reviews about it and it has a built in amp and sound...
  15. Andyzz

    Linearossa W1, iBasso D2 or fiio e7?

    I recently bought a fischer audio Silver bullet and i also had a hippo amp before. when i pair them together, it actually sounds worse then conecting the SB directly to my itouch. So plz help me find good Portable amps to pair with it in the price range of $150.   which of the amps do u...
  16. swbf2cheater

    Need 2 recommendations

    Im looking for small IEMs similar to the hippo sparkles, they are pretty small but have a very fat and large tube allowing for a great sized stage.   anyone know of any other iems that are similar? Im having trouble finding iems that fit, my right ear is a little off apparently rofl and...
  17. bloosnail11

    Purple hippos? Pink platypuses? Need new IEMs NOW

      Hello, I was thinking of buying a new pair of IEMs. I want ones that are around the $100 range and are well balanced. I want them to have a big sound stage and pretty good isolation. Clear highs aren't really a necessity, because I heard that they can fatigue. I want ones with good mids and...
  18. swbf2cheater

    Review: Hippo EPIC Sparkle

      I received this set of Hippo Epic Sparkles as a gift with my purchase of a used set of Silver Bullets ( ty jorge you rock ).  When I first opened the bag up I saw them and said to myself " what on gods green earth are these"  They must be Hippo...but what the hell is their actual name?  I...
  19. Alc Jr

    Hippo VB vs Monster Turbine

    Hey all, considering these two IEMs are now similarly priced bass "monsters" (no pun intended), I was wondering we could have a discussion on which one is better? I've only been on one half of the discussion being a Turbine owner myself and I found not only the bass but the phone itself to sound...
  20. Music-etymotic

    Best boom boom iems under 150??

    i need some iems cuz i broke my klipsch s4 and i didnt like it when it comes to bass then i bought shure se115 didnt like it too much either so i returned it. can u guys share what are some good iems with good bass and blocking noise if im on bus or train.
  21. swanlee

    Hippo VB VS Monster Turbine Pro Gold?

    So about a month ago i got some Hippo VB's just on whim from some good reviews I saw here. To put it bluntly these replaced my Atrio M5 within a few mins and I have really enjoyed them since. Best sounding IEM I have owned and for only 80$ they are a steal. The IEM's I have used over the...
  22. x3dnd3x

    E5 + Hippo VB ?

    I currently have a Clip+ paired wif E5 and CX300 . I listen to RnB and also some jazz ( like only 4 tracks of it ) . The problem now would be i need to source for another bassy IEM but under the budget of $100 as the right side of my current CX300 is spoilt . Has been with me for ard 2 yrs + ...
  23. manugeorge

    amp for hippo vb

    my player is sansa clip+ and I am using vb with it, nice sound but I want a bit more sound stage. please suggest a good amp for wide sound stage.budget under 50$                                                                               advanced thanks
  24. Shizdan

    Bought New Ipod Touch. Need IEM's!

    I just bought a new Ipod Touch 64GB 3G and need recommendations for IEM's......My home setup is HD600 so I'm looking for something with good bass, non fatiguing highs and must be comfortable. I'm not sure as to price range but would like to keep it under $100 if that's possible. Also, I have no...
  25. kaimon96

    Looking for some new headphones under 80$. Any ideas?

    I'm buying a new mp3 player since my old one broke, and I'm planning to get some new headphones as well. My budget is 80 bucks or less (preferably less) and I'm looking for some portable, comfortable, durable headphones with the best quality I can get with that sort of budget.  Supra-aural...