1. peekay

    DAC + Amp for Nexus 7 and iPod

    Hi All   My first post and a 'heads-up', I really don't know much about what I'm talking about here so forgive stupid questions.   I listen to my iPod and my Nexus 7 a fair bit at work. Generally, I stream Spotify from the Nexus but also some stored music and the iPod is, obviously, used as...
  2. Toe Tag

    USB hub problem. Help!

    When I plug my Nexus 7, running USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP), into my ODAC, then onward to my Tralucent T1, it works great.   But when I plug the Nexus 7 (same cable) (mini-USB on end, into my hub, and then the hub into the ODAC, I get no music. UAPP seems to recognize that there is a DAC...
  3. ultimoamore

    Best android phone for audio: Wolfson DAC only?

    I'm looking for an android phone to upgrade my old Huawei Sonic. I'm upgrading for "regular" phone performance (CPU, RAM, display) and audio performance.   I'm not an audiophile by any means, but my understanding is that only the phones with the Wolfson DAC are worth buying if you really want...
  4. GrayKay

    Amp with clear bass?

    I personally find the frequencies outputed from my devices dont produce clear, rich enough bass and am interested in buying a portable amp. I'm currently using my V-moda crossfade LP2 headphones, using my iPhone and nexus 7 tablet as a music player and usually listen to EMD, prog. House and rap...
  5. jenriquenunez

    sound quality on tablets (need opinions)

    hello i know i may not be in the right place since this is a forums for headphones but, I'm interested in buying a tablet and I'm deciding between nexus 7 and galaxy tab 3 8.0, i have the v moda crossfade lp so i want to know which tablet perfumes better soundwise. if this is not where this post...
  6. sanity8me

    Nexus 10 2nd Gen

    Anybody else anxiously awaiting the release of the "potential" Nexus 10 2nd generation?  It's been a pretty painful ride so far with no shred of legitimate information thanks to Google being uber-secretive.   Anyhow, I'm really hoping it'll come with a way above average clean, noise-free sound...
  7. cel4145

    $150 Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet supports USB digital audio out

    As of today, Walmart is selling the new Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet that is similar to the Nexus 7. Same Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.2, same screen resolution, but only 8GB additional internal memory (N7 has 16gb and 32gb versions). However, it does support HDMI out, has a micro SD card slot...

    M-Voda M100's on Nexus 7 v2013

    Hello everyone!!   I just changed jobs and my journey's to get home have got a lot longer and I been hunting for a nice powerful tablet (already found) and with that I am after decent pair of headphones and all I been reading about is the V-moda 100'S.   I am in a bit of bother because of my...
  9. tostada

    Android Bluetooth DAC advice

    I'm not really the world's most passionate audio connoisseur, but I listen to podcasts and music 8 hours/day, and I'm a geeky developer who has to over-research everything.  Lately I'm taking a Nexus 7 to work everyday and listening to stuff that I pre-download on Play Music All Access.  It's my...
  10. AudioLost

    advice on amp for nexus 7. music and movies.

    From what I have gathered getting a DAC/amp for my nexus 7 or s2 phone is not possibly. So for now am looking to buy a amp that works with grado sr80 or audio technica ath m50. So I at least watch movies And play music with good volume. I am using MX player for video. And demoing poweramp and...
  11. Hybred

    Recently picked up an FiiO E7 for Nexus 7 Tablet car install, poor audio quality?

    I recently installed a Nexus 7 2013 into my Altima and everything is working great... except the audio. Before the audio in my car was pretty good, even with stock speakers and a mild EQ in the old Kenwood (HX418) radio that was installed previously. Right now the routing is as follows   Nexus...
  12. fcpchop88

    New Google Nexus Q

    So what do you guys think about google's new toy the Nexus Q?   300$ seems a bit steap, but it seems pretty cool.
  13. yashi

    Help. Looking for a news portable player

    Hi,   im looking for a new portable player. I will use it on the bike, while running and to listen to audiobooks in the bed.   My main concern is: I need very quiet audio output when listening in the bed. Atm im using my nexus7 for that, and my ears are bleeding :/. Its much to loud. I'm...
  14. Deltaechoe

    Use a standard USB DAC with a Nexus 7 (step by step guide)

    I know this is covered in other threads, but it is so buried that I'm going to make a thread dedicated to it Anyway, so you just bought a Nexus 7, congratulations, you actually got a device that will make your ears happy.  There is one caveat though, you do need to do a bit of work to get it...
  15. dana789

    Nexus 7 2013 model with Fraunhofer Cingo, audio quality?

    I have seen no mention of the new Google Nexus 7 and its Fraunhofer Cingo audio capabilities on head-fi. I did a pretty thorough search using the head-fi search and google as well. I have the original Nexus 7 model, it's a handy tablet but a mediocre audio source at best. Adding an external DAC...
  16. kskwerl

    Anyone else curious/worried about the upcoming generations of iDevices?

    I ask this because as some of you may have heard the rumor of Apple switching from the 30-pin connector on all devices to a 16-pin connector on the iPhone 5. Makes me curious as to if the LOD will be compatible with devices like the CLAS. This would only be a problem if future generation...
  17. misterfresh

    Fischer audio Eterna vs Klipsch S4i vs Google Nexus 4 stock headphones

    A quick subjective opinion :   Nexus 4 stock headphones : they are good because listening to them once in a while makes you realize how lucky you are of owning other headphones, and validates your purchase, no matter what other headphones you bought. The voice is ok, but the bass and low mids...
  18. openwheelracing

    Google Nexus 7 Tablet (Tegra 3)

    Hi I'd like to start a discussion about this device. Specifically the headphone out quality. Has anyone tried similar Tegra 3 devices? Will this device provide good sound quality with good DAC? Let's talk!!!
  19. ostewart

    Review: Spider Surround Pro headphone amp/Dolby converter

    Spider Surround Pro headphone amp/dolby surround decoder review Firstly i would like to thank Spider for sending me this amp to review, I will write as honest a review possible. This amp received over 50hrs of burn in, no changes were noted. Gear Used: IPod Classic 160gb (rockboxed) > Standard...
  20. bubbletea

    Car Audio, USB DAC recommendation, 24bit/192khz <$150

    I'm currently installing a Nexus 7 tablet (USB audio out) into my car, to use as a head-unit. Given that DAC technology seems to be constantly changing, I feel overwhelmed when selecting a USB DAC to input into my signal processor / amps. -Audio files will be 24 bit, 192khz. -Drivers will...
  21. Loque

    New Portable Setup ideas

    Hi all,   I've taken a bit of a hiatus from portable music due to the fact I've been taking the car everywhere rather than walking. However I now find myself taking the train to work every day, which means that it's time to take another look. I previously had what I seem to remember was called...
  22. Google Nexus 7

    Google Nexus 7

    THIN, LIGHT AND PORTABLE Nexus 7 is a no compromise Android tablet that’s designed to go where you go. With a stunning 7” display, powerful quad-core processor and up to 8 hours of battery life during active use, Nexus 7 was built to bring you the best of Google in a slim, portable package that...