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Nexus 10 2nd Gen

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by sanity8me, Dec 17, 2013.
  1. sanity8me
    Anybody else anxiously awaiting the release of the "potential" Nexus 10 2nd generation?  It's been a pretty painful ride so far with no shred of legitimate information thanks to Google being uber-secretive.
    Anyhow, I'm really hoping it'll come with a way above average clean, noise-free sound output that'll make me and my JH-16's happy campers.
  2. ArthurPower
    Yes, I am anxiously awaiting the second gen Nexus 10 tab. I recently got the new Nexus 5 phone. Beautiful display and insanely fast. The new Nexus 10 tab has got to be as good or better. What is taking so long!
  3. sanity8me
    I'm reading that the Nexus 5 has pretty good SQ.  So hopefully the Nexus 10 will either surpass it or at least be on par, especially since the rumor right now is that it's going to be made by LG as well.
  4. ArthurPower
    The Nexus 5 does sound very good for a mobile device. I was surprised how good it sounds compared to other models. I can actually listen flat with no EQ and it's enjoyable! The headphone jack on some phones and tabs is unusable IMO. With my JVC headphones I need to turn the volume up almost all the way which bothers me but, it still sounds clean.
  5. Change is Good
    I had the Nexus 7 2013 but gave it to my niece after I bought the Nexus 5. The two inch difference in screens between the two made me want a bigger tablet. These two devices really made me fall in love with Google's stock experience.

    I was then anxiously anticipating the new Nexus 10 because of so... until I recently caved in and bought the LG G Pad Google Play Edition. I still wanted my tablet to be portable in one hand.. hence why I chose the 8.3 inch screen rather than the 10 inch screens of the Nexus or Galaxy Note 10.1 2014.

    Having stock android really makes it feel like a Nexus device. I may regret not waiting for the 10 and it's anticipated specs, but I'm quite happy with my choice... for now :p
  6. sanity8me

    Sounds like a good move. How do you like the sound?
  7. sanity8me
    This may also become an interesting option:

  8. Change is Good
    I saw some videos of the tab pros from CES and must say I was intrigued. Still, I'll be opting out on those because I much prefer the simpler stock android experience. Those specs sound real nice but I know very well I will be waisting money on extra features from Samsung that I will never use.

    That is why I, also, was eagerly anticipating the new gen Nexus 10... until they started prolonging with no announcement at all about it. So, I chose the G Pad 8.3 GPE and have been happy so far. It reminds me a lot of the Nexus 7, with a bigger screen, a much better headphone out, and an SD card slot. All pluses that outweigh the slight minus of having a slightly darker screen texture than the Nexus 7. I hope it has native USB support like the G2, but have no way to test it ATM.

    I'm still on the fence on whether I'm keeping it, however. I have until the 21st to return it... so I guess it all depends on Google and whether they release the new Nexus 10 by then.

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