1. d3njiR1

    Choosing some "nice" cans under $100.

    I would like to buy a nice (at least as nice as you can get <$100) set of cans. I don't really care whether in-ear or over-ear. I mainly listen to instrumental/classical music (ex. ThePianoGuys, Beethoven, Mahler). Right now I am using a pair of Apple earbuds (ick) and I am really getting tired...
  2. Xarmydis

    Advice for new tips + portable amp?

    I have a pair of westone 2's, which I gleefully purchased after being satisfied for a year or so with my W1's, and can't be happier. It's about time for new tips. My comply foam tips are pretty worn out, and I need to go ahead and order some new ones. So my first question is: are there any...
  3. Phoenix07013

    Finally! I've officially upgraded, burn in q's

    After stalking Mr. UPS man electronically for the last couple of day he arrived bearing my latest lifestyle upgrade, Beyerdynamic DT770 LimitedEdition 32ohm and Fiio e17 alpen and L9 LOD I settled on this setup after two weeks of exhausting research First impressions, out of the box, sans amp...
  4. S

    Lawton Audio modded, Denon AH-D2000s!

    First post! Hi my name is Troy. Title describes the cans in my current "portable" setup.   The setup being: 5(.5)th gen iPod Fiio L9 (or L11 for charge and play) pa2v2 (Thanks Gary!) LA M-D2ks (Thanks Mark and Lawton Audio Team!)   Not that I actually listen to the huge cans...
  5. BL33DnEaRs

    LOD for C5

    I see alot use a Fiio L9, this LOD seems to cover up the volume switch.  I want to keep things tight and neat, but dont want to spend more for the LOD then the rest of my gear.  They make a LOD thats 90 degree that exits to the left?  Or can I just flip the C5 so the cable doesnt block the...
  6. Magnetbrain

    Amp/DAC combo for HD650 + iPod Classic 7g?

    Hey guys, I'm considering buying a set of HD650s, and I'm wondering what my best bet is for an amp/DAC combo with my iPod Classic 7g (Rockboxed)? I'm considering getting a Fiio E17 & L9... According to other posts here, the E17's DAC won't work with the iPod Classic - how much am I missing out...
  7. Fungus

    opinions needed for better portable setup

    Which combo would be better suited for iems? Don't necessary require a lot of power.   My main priorities is to have no background noise/hiss at any volume, channel unbalance (at low volume) or IF interference when outdoor.    I already own the Fiio E11 and using it with a L9 LOD to my ipod...
  8. tyler3696

    fiio l9

    Im thinking about getting the fiio e11. I've seen the fiio l9 and it just looks like it plugs into the charge port instead of the headphone jack. What's the point? And is an l9 necessary?
  9. crazysgt

    Little help

    After much reading, I am more confused than informed. My son is wanting an amp for his 7th gen 160gb classic ipod. Can some of u recommend some equipment. Do I need to be looking for usb dacs, lod, or what? Dont need anything costing thousands of dollars. Just nice sounding stuff. Thanks for all...
  10. In Limbo

    So I had my Grado SR325i's repaired and the sound signature seems to have changed . . . Any similar experiences?

    Hello my fellow Head-Fi friends,   I sent in my Grado SR325i's to Grado Labs in New York about a month ago. The cord had lost contact in the left side of my headphones and I believe there was also an odd rattling noise that had began to plague my headphones (Grado Grattle?). From what I've...
  11. Paul Graham

    HELP! Please... Advice needed.

    Evening folks,    I need some assistance.   As for Desktop/Home Head-Fi I have things pretty much worked out. I have a few DAC's and head amps on the way to try out with various Sennheiser's until i upgrade my cans.   But as for portable I'm just totally stuck.   The portable...
  12. devilmonk

    New to AMP's, Need Help. (Fiio products)

    I've decided to buy the Koss ProDJ100 with an amp after researching for an extremely long time. I'm considering the Fiio E6 as an AMP. I'm not only going to be using this for portable usage, but also for my desktop, that being said, the E6 comes with a L8 cable (which is $10 on amazon). The L8...
  13. Andy Abbott

    DAC / AMP for iPhone 5s - Newbie Question :)

    Hi all, first post here.   If somebody could help that would be great, I used to use an Fiio L9 & Fiio E11 amp with my old iPhone 4s, I have now upgraded to the 5s, but I feel that I have gone backwards.   The only solution I have seen is to use the lightning - 30 pin connector,.   Is...
  14. Ruby2

    Compatible mobile Amps/Dacs for the iPhone 5

    Hi All Could anyone advise me with compatible amps/Dacs for the IPhone 5? Many Thanks Richard
  15. jonnyp11

    Audio Technica ATH-A900X vs A700X??????

    Been on here for a few days trying to pick my next set, and have now settled down on one of these 2 (although the DT770's are still in my mind). I have tried to find a comparison between the 2 and just can't seem to. I can get the 700's on Amazon for $130 or the 900's for $200, so I really want...
  16. ruthieandjohn

    The Fiio, the Grado, the iPod, and the Emperor's New Clothes (iPod Touch 5G -> Fiio E12 -> Grado PS500)

    Bottom Line Up Front... I hear NO difference with vs without amp!  Sound is indistinguishably excellent either way.   I just received the Fiio E12 (Mont Blanc) headphone amplifier, which I ordered for use with my iPod Touch 5 (and iPod Classic 7) and my new Grado PS-500 headphones.   The...
  17. WhipeeDip

    What's the point of LOD's?

    What are the point of the LODs? Is there any difference vs the audio jack? I'm talking about something like the FiiO L9, L11, etc.
  18. audiocookie

    Help with my new setup :) / fiio lod

    So a few months ago I began my audiophile collection with a pair of sennheiser hd 380 pros to go with my ipod/ ipad and home theater. I recently bought a fiio e11 amplifier and fiio l9 lod and just yesterday I got a pair of Sony mdr xb500s. I've been experimenting with what sounds best and I...
  19. Braden

    Rather new to forums and high quality headphones altogether, looking for amp suggestions!

    Hello! I recently got my hands on a pair of Sennheiser 25-1-ii headphones for Christmas after much begging and offering to reimburse some money and I'm just wondering if there is a cheap amplifier that would be around 100-150 dollars that i could plug into my headphones and ipod/iphone into...
  20. jobryan

    Help me out, need some new headphones

    So, Im in the market for some new headphones, but I need some advice. I don't know much about headphones, but I like my music to sound good. I have a set of Koss Pro DJ 100s that I like a lot, but now Im in the market for a better set. I mainly listen to indie folk (Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes...
  21. Wyatt Barger

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 (600 ohm) driving help?

    Hey everyone im new to the world of audiophiles (but i am REALLY into it) and i need some help. For christmas i am getting the Audio Technica ATH M50's, FiiO E7 portable headphone amplifier, and the FiiO L9 line out cable. I also plan to buy the FiiO E9, as it my FiiO E7 will dock with it and...
  22. fatmboy

    Portable Amp Recommendations

    I just got a pair of V-Moda LP2's and I was looking to get my first portable amp. I listen to Trance, House, Techno and occasionally Rap. I was looking for an amp under $125. I want the amp to make the music have better quality not to make it louder.I will be using with an IPod Nano 4th Gen. I...
  23. iamaustralian


    Hi Head-Fi, I'm rather new to the audiophile side of the web and after much browsing and consolidating, i decided to buy the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm. So my question is "what is the best headphone amp for the DT770" If required i listen to mainly RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Soft Rock, Pop...
  24. popcorn

    THIS NOOB GOT A HEAD-FI SHOCK (+ amp question)

    Shock I say....   After years of using generic earphones I decided to ask a few questions/read a few reviews and bought myself a pair of JVC xtreme xplosives -FX101.   I first tried them on my iPhone the only album I had on their was Selena Gomez (blush) the track was 'who says'.  ...
  25. Kizatsu

    Would like some advice on choosing a portable amp. + DAC [single unit]

    Hello, everyone;   First and foremost, I'm quite new to Head-Fi. I had an old account - which I need someone to close; so if an admin./moderator can send me a PM on this account, I will send a PM to you, with the relevant information regarding the other account -, but had hardly posted in...