1. Ince

    Deep, Deep Bass DAP

    I am looking for a DAP that can produce very deep bass.  The bass that shakes my earphones and sounds likes echoes.  I have a Denon C751 earphones and a Sony S739 and I find Clear Bass to over power everything when turning it up.    I am looking for a DAP where I can increase the deep bass...
  2. SoSpecial

    This is going to be a weird question.

    But is there anyway to use an ipod as a dedicated DAC for a computer?   I want to know if I can push digital audio through it and into my amp. I'm sure I'd need some other software for it but I just need to know what to look for.
  3. tufflitestudios

    DAP Repair

    As of yesterday I have three portables with loose headphone jacks.  I have a 30 gb ipod video, 60 gb iaudio x5, and a 8gb sansa clip +.  Just can’t stop using full sized headphones and sooner or later it strains the headphone jacks and they stop working rite.  You know what I am talking about...
  4. monkseatcheese

    Amp, or better headphones?

    Hi all, new here. I am just getting into higher end audio stuff. I already have a CD player picked out as a source. My main question is this: I have ~300 or 400 bucks to spend on headphones + an amp. I listen to 99% metal so I have decided that I want Grados after a bit of research. Would I be...
  5. spore

    V-dac modifications

    This thread was created to share MF V-dac modifications, be it upgrading the supplied default stock power supply or changing of capacitors and op amp. The V-dac by itself is pretty good out of the box. However, with a little bit of modifications, the v-dac can be greatly improved. I wont...
  6. raymondu999

    How good is my rig?

    Hey all. I just recently inherited a home theatre audio rig. It consists of:   Marantz SR-96 receiver Marantz DP-870 processor A few power amps, branded as "Bryston" (I'm not sure what model) 4 Vandersteen Model 1's 4 Vandersteen Model 3's   I just wondered if these were...
  7. scootermafia

    Coming Soon: Audio-GD Reference 3 USB>SPDIF converter/wonder-box

    BEFORE YOU READ THIS - THIS IS NOT A DAC. IT DOES NOT CONVERT TO ANALOG. Update - I'm waiting to hear what this thing is capable of before I become truly interested in it. I need to know that it is a significant improvement over the PCLinkII that I have. Well, I've got the makings of a...
  8. chesebert

    random irresponsible impression of SD Transporter

    When I first got the Transporter I thought it sounded rather cold, good bass, not great midrange, messed up timber, overly aggressive leading edge. Thought I made a mistake, but figured hell with it I am gonna burn the hell out of it. Its been over a week now and things def mellowed out...
  9. krohm

    digital v dedicated source component...

        new to the forums been reading a bit about the imod for the ipod,    read on red wine audio the makers of these imod cables;   "We take the analog output (line out) signal off of the Wolfson DAC chip and send it directly to the internal 1/8" headphone jack (converting it into a...
  10. terjer2

    Dedicated amplifer for my Stax SR-5/SRD-7. Suggestions?

    I recently purchased the Stax and was planning on hooking them up to a Nakamichi SR-2, but discovered to my dismay that the receiver had died. I`m therefore looking to buy an amplifier or receiver that will only be used for the Stax. No speakers will be hooked up to it. I`m hoping to get away...
  11. slim.a

    Review of the Audio-gd DAC-19 DSP & C2 amp - The ACSS connection

    Review of the Audio-gd DAC19 DSP & C2 amp - The ACSS connection For those wondering what ACSS means it is the acronym for Audio-gd Current Signal System which is similar to Krell’s CAST system. What it means is that when you connect your whole chain in ACSS, there are 2 interesting...
  12. Pricklely Peete

    Audio-gd Reference 1 DAC (56 K warning)

    Just got this in the today from the DHL man......(along with a C-2C headphone amp, pics is Amp forum later) Sorry about the pic quality...... Peete.
  13. ztsen

    Onkyo Digital Media Transport ND-S1 alternative to Wadia 170 iTransport

    Finally another alternative is out. Onkyo Digital Media Transport ND-S1 KEY FEATURES -Digital Outputs (Optical/Coaxial) -High-precision Clock Reference to minimise jitter -iPod video playback -iTunes Sync/Unsync switch -Audio Selector (iPod/PC) -Resume Music and Video Playback Function...