1. Robs Ears

    Headhones only small SACD/high quality player, budget around £300-£400?

    Hi, Noob here.   I suspect I may be well off the mark by posting on this forum given the level of kit a lot of you guys have and the layout of the place, but Ill give it a pop anyway now Im signed up.     My current relevant gear is a pair of AKG 701s, AKG 272HDs, a Lehmann Rhinelander...
  2. Willanhanyard

    Are modern CDs still lossless?

    Since now a days the majority of people don't care about audio quality (iphone + apple earbuds :)) I am wondering if modern songs are still lossless, or do they just put an mp3 on it?   If anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks!
  3. yops

    Marantz SACD KI Pearl Lite doubts!!!

    Hi all, if anyone has this CD repro or has been enough testing, I would like to know:   1-The headphone output is good? It would be to move some Sennheiser HD-800.   2-DAC acting only as a result have? I wonder if musical warmth or is rather cold and analytical.   3-DAC mode only: It...
  4. DaniLp

    Entry level CD player

    I need a recomendtion for an entry level cd player, by entry i mean 80-100$
  5. Rocko1

    Help with finding power cable for Cd Player

    I need help finding a power cable for an older cd player I have. It's 110v and has a square/round end on it. I can find tons of ends that have the figure 8 but not too many with the square and round together. Any help would be appreciated.    
  6. Jan Roman

    Entry level CD/DVD players

    Hello,   I am getting into the audio world fairly quickly and I fell in love with sound. Currently, i own DT880s/250 and CA 540A-B apmlifier. The only weak link (at my level) in my chain is the CD player. I use a cheap DVD player made by LG and that's clearly not enough. For over a week, I...
  7. Rocko1

    Are Pre-1990 Sony CD Players any good?

    I had a Sony CD plater in 87' and I recall it being built very well. Are all Japan made Sony's from the 80's decent CD players? Was there a year when things went downhill? Any info would be great thanks.
  8. tojamm

    Cd Player vibrating

    Hello, i have little issue with my Harman/Kardon HD 980 cd-player. The problem is that it vibrates very much when i play cd:s, almost "shaking" and makes a little more noise then it should do. Has anyone else experienced this? and what should I do about the problem. It still plays the cd and...
  9. Zoom25

    Marantz CD5004 Questions (Updated with Review)

    Recently I have been thinking of purchasing a good cd player that has a headphone out. I'm not looking to spend a lot and at the $300-$400 price range, I have set my eyes on the Marantz CD5004 CD player. I have heard good things about it so far from here Stereophile and other review sites...
  10. tintin40

    My front end CD, Power Amp, pre amps & cassette deck

    WIll be replacing the CD player later and buy some Float AV Headphones.
  11. esw1026

    Original (Ladiva) Amadeus 10th Anniversary Edition CD Player... Any experiences?

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent CD Player to upgrade my audio system.   On the Cattylink website, I found this one below, Amadeus 10th Anniversary Edition.     Has anyone experienced this CD player ?   Let me know the sound quality of this player.   If you know better one in...
  12. Sonic Defender

    Audiolab 8220CD in my chain now

    I am very happy to say that I have recently managed to get an Audiolab 8200CD as my source. While I have only had a few hours with this gem, I can tell it is a very good source. My Rega Apollo was a very musical player and I loved it's sound signature very much. For those of you who want detail...
  13. soriginal

    Fiio e7 on home CD player (with RCA->jack adaptator)

    Hi everybody, first of all I apologize for my English as some of the words I'll use may be false considering these are words I don't use everyday in English (I'm French) :/   I'd like to know if I can plug my home CD player on my Fiio e7 (I use it to run my shure SE-215 and Hifiman...
  14. hodgjy

    My mini-review of the Onkyo C-S5VL SACD Player

    I recently took delivery of an Onkyo C-S5VL SACD/CD player.  I didn't buy it for the SACD playback, but more so for the redbook CD playback.  There aren't many reviews out there, or posts here about it, so I thought I would just post some quick impressions.  These are just quick impressions...
  15. Ezer

    Technics SL-P999

    I was rummaging around in the basement the other day and I found a Technics SL-P999 that my uncle left lying around while moving a decade ago. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never listened to CD's from a dedicated source before. So I'm thinking about dusting this thing off and hauling it off...
  16. alxd

    SONY Discman PRD 650

    I purchased this refurbished on ebay since the line output from a coby disc player was not too good.    This is outside the usual. It was designed to interface as a computer disc drive and was a music player as a second thought.  All the computer aspects are totally outmoded so I chucked...
  17. Z06_Pilot

    Does anyone have the new Woo Audio CD transport/DAC?

    Hi folks,   While I have seen MANY threads relating to folks seeing/listening to these at the NYC Audio Show in April, I have yet to locate any info on actual owners and their impressions/comparisons to other products.   Any information would be greatly appreciated.   I do apologize...
  18. BrainBlown

    Sony D 515

    I recently moved and found my very first discman, a Sony D 515.  When I bought it when it first came out eons ago, I used it while walking and even jogging on the beach.  I never had any problems with skipping but since I was new to jogging on the beach, the Unit got pretty heavy after about the...
  19. awolf97

    Built-in CD Drive vs External CD Player for ripping CD's?

    I plan on downloading CD's to my computer, but I realized I have no idea whether the built in CD drive on my Mac is suitable. If I am just ripping CD's does a better CD player make a difference, or does a better drive only help when playing music off CD's? Thanks
  20. esn89

    A dilemna between two sources (Computer VS CD Player)

    I have made up my mind to purchase for myself a v200 amp for myself this fall/summer.  However, upon further reading of the "Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp" (can be found here:, I figured that my sources needed to be upgraded...
  21. Senn-Fi

    Help me choose a disc spinner!

    First a bit about my system:   Source:  PS Audio Perfectwave DAC II with Bridge, or via USB input from computer Amp:  Wyred 4 Sound STI-500 Integrated amp Headphone Amp: WA6SE Headphones: HD-800 Speakers: Revel Ultima2 Studio   I am also probably going to get a Red Wine Audio...
  22. gazar

    Wadia 861 Digital output

    I am trying to implement some digital room correction using a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual conjunction with my Wadia 861.   Athough the Dual core also accepts Analogue inputs, I want to keep all the processing in the digital domain and then go to the Wadia DAC inputs.. I have...
  23. SymphonicTXN7

    Marantz CD6004 and Beyerdynamic T-70

    I have a pair of beyerdynamics T-70 (250 Ohm) and was thinking of getting a Marantz CD6004 CD player. Would the Marantz be able to drive these? I also have a Fiio E17 DAC/AMP. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Podtweaker

    Vintage Sony Discman:Which ones to look for

    Hi all, being new to this forum I was wondering if someone could point me toward which of the older portable CD players to look for with sound quality as my top criteria ? Thanks
  25. CDCollector

    Marantz CD6004 OR any given CD player + Bifrost DAC?

    Hello. I'm looking to set up a modest audiophile headphone system to listen to my CDs. I already own the Sennheiser HD 600, but I've been listening to them out of a Harman Kardon HK 3385 A/V receiver coupled with a Technics SL-PD887 CD player, which doesn't have digital out.   The first...