1. omniskillz

    Question about Denon ADH7000.

    I'm about to purchase a set because i've found it at a pretty low price of $585 US with 9 dollars flat shipping and no tax!. Its a reputable site electronics expo.  I got the price using the promo code LSDA1215 for anyone else interested.   This deal seems too good to pass up and its almost...
  2. DjAmTraX

    Headphone & amp synergy list.

    IMO, synergy is more important than the model you buy. For example, my Denon AH-D7000 sounds great with my Bellari HA540 tube amp (upgraded to Mullard 12AX7 tube), but my Sony MDR-7506 sounds like crap with that amp. The Sony MDR-7506 sounds BEST through the headphone out on my Sony CDP-XA7es CD...
  3. DjAmTraX

    Using an amp is NOT always an improvement. Am I crazy?

      Using an amp is NOT always an improvement. Am I crazy?  I just sat down and gave my newly purchased Sony MDR-SA5000 a listen.  I ran it non stop for over 24 hours with my Bellari HA540 tube amp.  This amp sounds GREAT with my Denon AH-D7000 and it was a nice improvement over using the CD...
  4. USAudio

    Bellari HA540 ?

    Has anyone heard the Bellari HA540 tube headphone amp?   It's an affordable tube amp and is made in USA but I haven't heard much about it.  Stereophile has raved about their phono amp. I did however find a YouTube review here: ...
  5. emin007

    Anyone have a any experience between Bellari HA540 Class A Tube Headphone Amp or the Schiit Asgard??? down to these two amps help me choose

    Anyone have a any experience between Bellari HA540 Class A Tube Headphone Amp or the Schiit Asgard??? down to these two amps help me choose
  6. AudioGlow

    HD600 vs. HD650's Listening impressions? Preferences?

    Hi, I just want to hear from some owners of either of the above Sennheisers on their thoughts or listening impressions. I have the AKG 702's for my super detailed set of phones, but I'm looking for a good upgrade to my HD555's to have that nice laidback Sennheiser flavor for variety, but...
  7. adrockthewalrus

    Recomend me a 'good' entry level tube headphone amp.

    I'm looking to add a tube headphone amp to my vinyl listening. Current setup is/will be:   Project Essential 2/Debut 3SE/Rega RP1 (imminent purchase to be based on previewing where possible) NAD 3020i (I've tried various other lower end amps and I just prefer this one for the phono stage)...
  8. jtpwils

    Amp choice for Wavelength Proton DAC and Senn HD650s

    I'm looking for input on amp choice for the Proton and HD650.  My main stereo is the proton or Rotel CD player for source with a PrimaLuna Classic integrated tube amp and Totem Arro speakers. I listen to mostly female vocals and jazz, instrumentals and blues - in short,a large variety of music...
  9. TeknicalXtacy


  10. Bellari HA540

    Bellari HA540

    Bellari has done it again! They’ve released another true audiophile gem that sells for a budget price. This time it’s a lush sounding pure Class A tube headphone amp; the ha540. The ha540 is a real hi-end piece with plenty of gain that is uniquely capable of driving headphones rated from 16 –...