1. quangbuk

    looking for help with painting an Audio Technica ATH-WS55

    Hi there people. I want to try painting/drawing on mine WS55 as a summer project. But the housing of the can is made of aluminum and, obviously I have never tried painting nor have any idea on how to paint on aluminum surface. Can anyone with experience give a guide on how to customize headphone...
  2. M

    Audio-Technica ATH-WS55BK vs Ultrasone PRO 900

    Hello everybody.   I want to buy a new pair of heaphones and in can´t decide between the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55BK and the  Ultrasone PRO 900, I really can´t decide between these two. Even thought they are quite different the description say that the bass in both headphones is pretty good, I...
  3. Morbo10

    Audio Technica ATH-WS55 vs Sony MDR V6

    I listen to Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Rap, so should I get the Audio Technica ATH-WS55 or the Sony MDR V6?
  4. flamel

    Quality headphones under $80

    What I'm looking for: - costs less than $100 - Decently stylish, but not necessarily glamorous (used both in public and in privacy of home/room, so willing to sacrifice some sound quality to get decent style) - Great overall sound, with emphasis on bass (non-muddy) - Decent sound leakage...
  5. kwohy233

    DTX 501p vs ATH WS55 anyone?

    Hi there, I'm in the market for portable closed headphones, and have narrowed my shortlist to the above two. Does anyone know how these two compare?
  6. MadPawel

    Closed bass headphones

    Hi, I'm looking for closed back bass headphones for around 100$ not more then 120$. I'm thinking of getting audio technica ws55 but I'm not sure if they are the best I can find for that price. I would like some suggestions. I forgot to add those are going to be my first real headphones.
  7. Outlaw21k

    Newbie looking for solid advice.

    I work in a moderately loud company. I have a small budget, but I have a NOONTEC Zorro headset and a FiiO E6 amp in my Amazon cart. I am looking for a total of nothing more than $120 total for both (Present,y just under $100).    My question is, are these good together? And is it a good buy...
  8. SSZ3RK4n4tor

    Sony MDR-XB500's Or Audio Technica ATH-WS55

    I have Been looking into the sony's for quite some time but my problem is that they are hard to find online and not be backordered i could get them in a staples 100miles away from me but not sure if it is truly worth the time. The WS55's were a recomendation so im not entirely sure how great...
  9. SSZ3RK4n4tor

    Sony MDR-XB500 or Audio Technica ATH-WS55 Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones

    I have Been looking into the sony's for quite some time but my problem is that they are hard to find online and not be backordered i could get them in a staples 100miles away from me but not sure if it is truly worth the time. The WS55's were a recomendation so im not entirely sure how great...
  10. SoftlySoftly

    Dilemma for a newbie....CAL vs ATH-WS55 vs UR50

    Hi everyone,   First post from a long time lurker....would really appreciate some advice.   I mainly listen House/Electro, mixed in with some classical once in a while. Overall I'd say I prefer a bass heavy sound. My main headphones are Sony 7509HD and the AKG K450...
  11. JohnLD

    Which is better for bass? Sennheiser HD 439 or Audio Technica ATH-WS55

    Which circumaural headphone has the best bass and also the best noise isolation and comfort?
  12. agentsmith23

    MDR-V55 vs ATH-WS55

    I am still trying to find a pair of headphones that I will be happy with. I started out with the Philips CitiScape Uptowns they sounded great but became uncomfortable around my ears after prolonged listening. I returned those for the Sony MDR-V55 and I really like the audio quality from them and...
  13. ddan49

    Case for ATH-WS55?

    I'm thinking of buying the ATH-WS55, but it doesn't ship with any form of case. Does anyone know of any hard cases that would be okay for this headphone? Preferably $20 or under. 
  14. Electroflux

    ATH-WS55 Solid Bass Audio Technica are absolute junk

    Who in the world thought...   Was good.  I've read countless reviews online for these and was determined that they were going to be an...
  15. milisav

    NEW Headphone advice? Denon HP500 upgrade

    Hello all, i'm trying to find some ~100e headphones that would be considered as an upgrade to my denon hp500 (which i like). They should be portable and have a good bass like the hp500 but keeping them as much neutral as possible , if there even is something like this for ~100e. i was looking...
  16. tacobff

    Question about the term basshead headphones

    What differentaites a basshead headphone from a really crappy bass heavy headphone? Like what am I supposed to be listeninig for?
  17. AudioSki

    Hear me out here

    Alright now before you guys freak out, just take a second to cool your jets before you reply to my question. I have been looking for portable on ear headphones for a while to use when i'm out of the house and mostly at school. I have my m50s for at home but they are just too bulky and do not...
  18. Azraman

    Looking for headphones, portable use for iPod between £50-100!

    Hi guys,   New to the forum, as the title says I'm looking for a pair of headphones within the 50-100 price range with nice, crisp sound range, these are for portable use for my iPod as well so I'm assuming the best ohm is 32 for this use? I'll leave that up to you guys.   Main thing...
  19. headphonemania7

    please help me in buying a good bass headphones in and around 150$=almost 8000rs ......

    i'm a music lover but my budget is 150 $ and i need a good bass headphones please help me..... 
  20. el3xtrosky

    List of Good, balanced highs and lows Audio Technica earphones or headphones!! HELP ME PLEASE!!

    Hi there, I'm still new in this audiophile biznizz. My friend asked me which AT that has the above feature. Figured out maybe you guys sifus can help me to list a few good, or balanced-highs and lows AUDIO TECHNICA. Doesn't matter whether they are new or old models, headphones or earphones.. ...
  21. blue5

    Buying new headphones

    Right so, I'm planning on buy some new headphones as my current one are broken as they only produce sound to one ear. My current ones (that are in a sense, broken) are the Audio Technica WS55i, these in my opinion produced amazing sound quality in the lows, mids and highs. Anyway since these...
  22. marky2299

    Headphones for Dubstep/House?

    Hey, im new here, just a heads-up lol. Anyway, im looking for a pair of headphones, not earbuds, that have great bass and look stylish too. I also ask that they be no more then $150. Right now, i have a pair of skullcandy hesh, and they suit my needs, but im looking to step it up a notch...
  23. beaker1977

    On Ear Headphones with iPhone Remote - recommendations?

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to this forum and was hoping I could get advice. Basically, I'm looking to get a replacement set of headphones for my iPhone for commuting to and from work. I'm using some Audio Technica ATH CKS55i in-ears at the moment and although they are quite nice, overall I'd...
  24. kristov143

    Audio Technica WS-55 vs AKG K518LE? Which one's better?

    I'm wondering which of the two has better overall sound quality which is really fun to listen to? Let me know your thoughts! :D Thanks!  ...
  25. ilikedonkeys39

    best headphones for a school bus

    hey im thinking of getting some cheap headphones for the school bus ride. Here is a list of what im looking for.   Portable Comfy enough to wear for like 30 minutes cheap, under $70 about good for pop, r&b, little rock, alternative, and hip hop preferabley on ear so its smaller...