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List of Good, balanced highs and lows Audio Technica earphones or headphones!! HELP ME PLEASE!!

  1. el3xtrosky
    Hi there, I'm still new in this audiophile biznizz. My friend asked me which AT that has the above feature. Figured out maybe you guys sifus can help me to list a few good, or balanced-highs and lows AUDIO TECHNICA. Doesn't matter whether they are new or old models, headphones or earphones..  Price range not more than 70 bucks..Thanks.
  2. Sycho
    If you are limiting yourself to $70, maybe the Audio-Technicas are not the right headphones at the price range for you. The Sennheiser PX 200-II are pretty balanced.
  3. el3xtrosky
    thanks pal. really helping us here..
  4. RoMee Contributor
    Look into the ATH-WS55 great bass nice mids and highs. Shop around for deals and you might find them for around $70.
    Amazon has them right now for $79 shipped but once in a while they'll lower the price for a day, you just to keep checking.
  5. el3xtrosky
    thanks RoMee..
  6. el3xtrosky
    price range: $100
    is it enough?

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