1. sltl

    Audio technicas

    Hi i posted this in a seperate topic but from the automated private message i have a feeling this is where i should have posted this ..apologies.   I was looking into purchasing a set of headphones and had narrowed it down to either the Ath-es55 or ATh-WS55(i) and have read many separate...
  2. curteh

    Need some advice on new headphones

    Hi guys, Basically I'm looking for a new pair of headphones, I'm going to be using them on the go a lot so ill need them to not leak a lot of noise, pref over ear headphones. My budget is around £70-80, I listen to a lot of electronic music, Dubstep, electro house etc. I'd like a pair that...
  3. LoSt IN Hifi

    Recommend Headphones for travel?

    Hi everyone   This is my first post and glad to finally join the forum after years of reading   I was wondering if some people who are more knowledgeable than me could help me in choosing a headphone that I will use ideally at work and for travelling to work.   I need a closed back...
  4. sammyboy2701

    Noob budget-fier with a couple of daft questions!

    Hello all, I've just joined after lurking for a week or two. Found the forum after searching for headphone reviews when looking for a decent-quality set of portable over-ear cans. After reading quite a few reviews and a visit to my local Richer Sounds hifi store I got myself a lovely pair of...
  5. sagiweis

    Need help choosing

    Hello, Im looking for a set of portable headphones for bus rides and etc., that im also gonna use in my pc. i narrow the list down to 3 models: AKG K81dj, AKG K450, Audio Technica ATH ES55. I need your help choosing between these 3 (of course if you have a better suggestion, im open to it -...
  6. SpyCam

    Portable over-the-ear headphones recommendations needed

    Hi, few years ago I bought my wife these: Audio Technica ATH-ES55 Type: Dynamic Driver: 40mm, Neodymium magnet Frequency Response: 10-25,000 Hz Maximum Input Power: 1,000 mW Impedance: 34 ohms   She's using...
  7. Scottie1

    New cans for LG G2

    Hi, new to these forums and looking for some advice - just bought an LG G2 phone and have Deezer premium+ app so I'm looking for a new set of headphones, pref on ear, which will mainly be used at home and around house but work away quite a bit so they'll come with me 'on tour'. I listen to a...
  8. markl

    REVIEW: 3 Closed Portables Compared—AKG K81 DJ, Audio Technica ES5 & Sennheiser PX200

    REVIEW: 3 Closed Portables Compared—AKG K81 DJ, Audio Technica ATH-ES5 & Sennheiser PX200 Pricing Sennheiser PX200: Street Price: ~$50-$60. Audio-Technica ATH-ES5: List Price (in USA): $169. Street price (imported from Far East): ~$90-$110. AKG K81 DJ: List Price: $99. Street Price...
  9. KT66

    Audio Technica High End Portable On Ears - what is going on?

    Hi, living the UK AT seem to think we either don't like headphones  or are super rich! ES10s are £500 ($750) ESW9 and ESW11 are not available in the UK.   The 9s and 10s seem quite old now is this fast paced market, and I know the ES55 and ES7 have been replaced by newer models.   So are...
  10. barrist

    AT ATH-ES55 vs Beyer DTX501p

    Hi all, Looking to get a pair of new headphones for my gf for her birthday. Looking at these two portable closed-backs. They're both around the same price from my research.   She listens to all types of music (rock, hip-hop, acoustic), and imo would probably prefer a livlier headphone to a...
  11. sltl

    Ath-es55 vs ATh-WS55(i)

    Hi guys, Firstly I saw the sticky about posting for suggestions in the other thread however I thought that this is more of asking for a comparison of two headphones rather than asking for suggestion so started another thread (apologies if this was a bad assumption). Anyway, I was looking into...
  12. erics75218

    Audio Technica ATH ES55 cheap and awesome

    I just pulled the trigger on these little guys.  For under 100£ I love the sound.   I was finding most of the headphones I tried super bass heavy, which since so MANY seemed this way to me, I guess is a desirable quality. I prefer a warm, clear balanced sound.   These dont...
  13. JPeck

    Has anyone compared V-Moda M(V)-80 and Audio-Technica ATH-ES55 ?

    I have the ES55, and I think it's an awesome pair of headphones for portable use (with direct output from iPhone/iPod). I feel like it's ever so slightly veiled, and doesn't extend to my liking at highs.  No complaint about its bass performance, though.   Has anyone listened to both ES55...
  14. KT66

    Step up from ATH ES55 - looking at DT1350, T50p, HD-25ii1

    Hi, looking for an improved portable headphone to use with my HM-601 and Voyager, must be closed.   Aside from DT1350, T50p or HD-25ii, should I be looking anywhere else? ATH-ES88?     and what is it that everyone hates about the T50P,????   is there anyone who likes them?
  15. Phono Groove

    Audio Technica ath-es55 clamping force

    Im looking for a portable headphone that has a strong clamping force. I have a rather long square face and I have trouble finding a headphone that stays tightly in place.  I like the clamping pressure tight, anyone comment on the es55's clamping force?
  16. gideonMorrison

    I got stung by the HF bug, yet again: New HP needed. ES55, S500, S400?

    Ladies and gentlemen it is time again, for a new one! After the RS2, SR80, ESW9, ESW10jpn, M50, PRO900, SHP9000, SHP5400/1 etc I'm keen to get my hands on a new portable HP. I have my eye on the heavily praised ATH ES55, it seems perfect for my needs. However, I wonder how it would hold up...
  17. Bill-P

    Audio Technica ATH-ES55 Review

    Introduction:   I have heard rumors about these for a long while, but never found them for sale at a reasonable price point. So when they showed up for $70 on eBay, I though... "no brainer!" and placed the order.   Comparison:   I would love to do a comparison between these and the...
  18. Gabrilos

    ATH-ES55 and where to get it?

    Hello everyone, im new here.... ye :D So, Im not very "audiophile", but really enjoy hi-fi headphones, last year i got the Samson SR850 and i'm lovin it! But now i want a portable headphone, to use it on school etc... and im looking the ES55, because of the size and the price, i was looking...
  19. shaun_g

    Audio-Technica ATH-ES55 Headphones - Review

    Summary Verdict - Good for pop, great with hip hop and dance music. Pro’s - Big contemporary warm sound from these lightweight but sturdy on ear headphones. Perfect for commuting or travelling. Cons - On ear headphones just do not work for some ears - they can become painful after...
  20. unita

    Suggest on-ear with OK isolation

    Looking for:   - OK or better isolation (passive or active) on train/plane - On-ear  - Lightweight very portable (for travelling) - Good price ($100-$200 or so) maybe a litte more but I'm not thrilled about it ;)   So far I've been looking at the following models:   V-moda m-80...
  21. three4me

    Best headphones for a 13 year old?

    I want to get my son headphones for Christmas for under $100. He will use them pretty much for his ipod to listen to music and ipad to watch movies. The ones I have looked at are Sony MDR-V6, Sennheiser HD-280 pro headphones and Sony MDR-XB500. Which one of those would be the best fit for him...
  22. Ruron

    my 4 year old grado SR60 sounds much better than my new SR80i

    hi everyone, i want to be careful before judging but today was my first day with sr80i and when compared against my still functioning four year old sr60 it just sounded considerably worse: harsh trebles, lower volume, overall flatter sound, and a smaller "stage". I don't know if the...
  23. rpganzen

    looking for opinions on long list of headphones feel free to post anything you might find better

    i have bought a good amount of headphones so far and have read reviews on this site for all these headphones for the most part and have used this site often in making choices for headphones now im stuck with a long list of phones and decided to finally make a post to get opinions on which would...
  24. unita

    ATH-ES55 vs Harman Kardon CL

    I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD25-1 II Basic Edition. I'm not a big fan of them, and even though I've been using them on and off for a year I still find them uncomfortable and hard on my ears.   I'm looking for a new pair, I will mainly use them with my laptop, sandisk fuze and while...
  25. KT66

    Black Stainless Steel - ES55 and Studio-V , a great looking and sounding personal audio system

    I quite like having matchig DAP and Cans , esp in black brushed steel finish.   I love the look. Simple, classy and not an Apple in sight     and superb sounding too, a real good match in every way.