Audio-Technica ATH-ES55 Headphones - Review
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Aug 14, 2008

Verdict - Good for pop, great with hip hop and dance music.

Pro’s - Big contemporary warm sound from these lightweight but sturdy on ear headphones. Perfect for commuting or travelling.

Cons - On ear headphones just do not work for some ears - they can become painful after long periods but there is an obvious advantage to this smaller style over full size headphones. Not for most Classical music fans unless you like more bass than average.

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Introduction - Audio Technica was established in 1962, Audio-Technica is a worldwide group devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of problem-solving audio equipment. They started out making phonograph cartridges and now create microphones, mixers and electronic products for home and professional use. Winner of numerous industry awards, Audio-Technica manufactures quality products that are used in professional and personal audio around the world.

Description -The ATH-ES55 is available in White and Black and has a closed back design, therefore cutting out external noises which may distract from your listening. Although they have impressive sound isolation this has the effect of reducing the sound stage and stereo image width and gives a slightly warm tone with an elevated bottom end.

Included peripherals - Both White and Black versions come with a carry pouch to help with transporting them.

Application - The ES55 are excellent everyday use headphones. Sturdy with decent sized pads, very comfy for an on ear, these would make sense for commuting, listening whilst working or as headphones for someone who does not like in ear headphones but wants to keep their portable audio small and light.

Describe the sound - Contemporary feel, warm as with most closed backs, they are relaxed but feel detailed and exciting too, the overall sound is slightly laid back but not dull. Nice and easy to power from an iPod/MP3 player or Laptop so no volume problems.

Comparisons - The alternatives to ES55 are other well made on ears like the Beyerdynamic DTX501p, the AiAiAi Capital, the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55i, the RHA SA950i and the SoundMAGIC P30.

[size=medium]Product Information[/size]

Product -Audio-Technica ATH-ES55
Product Type - On-Ear Portable Headphones
Price - £86.95

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