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Suggest on-ear with OK isolation

  1. unita
    Looking for:
    - OK or better isolation (passive or active) on train/plane
    - On-ear 
    - Lightweight very portable (for travelling)
    - Good price ($100-$200 or so) maybe a litte more but I'm not thrilled about it :wink:
    So far I've been looking at the following models:
    V-moda m-80 - would buy but not available in my country. No time to import. Amazon.co.uk wouldnt ship anyway (great price there)
    K 495c - about $270 over here which I think is a pretty good price but I've heard they make noises if you're on a bumpy ride? (read that in several reviews) 
    DT1350 - $338 quite a bit over my budget, otherwise seems good.
    Sennheiser HD25-1 I - need to look into those more, q little more money than I'd like to spend ($261)
    ATH-ES55 - about $170 i'd love to not spend more than this but they might not isolate much and sitting on a train/plane I might kick myself for not buying something with better isolation...
    Any comments or suggestions of models I've overlooked welcome!
  2. CirrusPilot
    Any Shure models. I had been using a SE-115 for the longest time, and I am a frequent flyer. I just bought the SE-215 ($99), and it is easily twice as comfortable and fits flush in your ear, which makes it possible to sleep with them in on a plane/train. The isolation is amazing too. They rival my custom fit in-ear aviation headset that cost 10x as much. Guitar Center is running a $20 off a $99 purchase now, which makes these even more affordable

    The key to good isolation is foam tips. Many IEMs geared towards the general consumer market only have silicone tips, which (n my experience) are useless. They fall out if you even think about moving your head, and they don't isolate well.
  3. rG-tom
    he said ON ear, not IN ear.
    I've not heard a bad thing about the HD-25s, they are the default go to cans for portable isolation in my circle of friends.
  4. xyjames
    how about hd25 adidas version? the sound is pretty nice and looks cool~ :)
  5. CirrusPilot
    I just saw the isolation part. You're probably not going to get ANY kind of decent isolation in that price range with a lightweight on-ear unless it clamps the heck out of your head. I suggest either in ear or a full-sized can. That's the only way to go for traveling/commuting.

    Plus, those Senns are going to be at the top of your price level.
  6. unita
    thanks for the replies!
    edit: ive made up my mind. ill give the hd-25's a try.

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