1. slim.a

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3 Part I : this is my initial review. Part II : this is my updated review (Oct. 09) which includes a comparison between mode A (PMD100) and mode B (DF1704). Part III : this part contains links to impressions/reviews/comparisons of the dac posted in this thread...
  2. tim3320070

    Has anyone received the Audio-gd DAC-19MK3 yet?

    If so, impressions please. Thanks
  3. Vandal

    New amp for this setup

    Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of trolling reading up on a new amp. Still need some advice from my fellow head-fiers. I have an HD650 and RS1i running out of a DAC19DSP/Little Dot Micro Tube combo. I quite enjoy the combo, but am wondering if I can do better? Read up on Little Dots, Schiit...
  4. Vandal

    Last minute confusion related to amp purchase - help needed

    After a lot of opinions, and more than 6 mails exchanged with Audio-GD's Mr. Kingwa, I was about to order an NFB-6 for use with my HD650 and RS1i cans.   While my source isn't balanced (DAC19DSP) Mr. Kingwa informed me that the NFB-6 could output true balanced as it can convert the signal. All...
  5. Nigel79

    Best RCA cables for the money

    I was wondering peoples opinion for the best quality RCA cables for hooking up my Audio-Gd DAC 19Mk3 to my Audio-Gd-C2C amp for the money?
  6. jonta_dj

    Hegel HD11 vs Audio-GD Dac 19

    I'm looking for a new DAC so in the pursuit I've been comparing these two units for a while. I've compared them both with speakers and (mostly) headphones. Head phones Sennheiser HD650 and head phone amps Musical Fidelity XCan V3 and Audio-GD C2. Long story, short. I liked Audio-GD best and on...
  7. Tuberoller1

    DAC Popularity Check (2013 Edition)

    There has recently been a huge increase in the amount of different DACs out there, so I wanted to see which ones are the most popular by a NEW poll.  Personally I have a Metrum Octave, but am looking to upgrade.    So, copy the most updated list, paste it in the reply box and add your cable...
  8. ursdiego

    Audio-gd DACs: DSP1 revisions make a big difference. Characteristics, new revisions, how to switch between revisions and settings

    Hi fellows! Who has tested more than one DSP1 digital input and upsampling/interpolation filter on audio-gd DACs? On some threads we have found, that the revisions DSP1 digital filters are crucial to the "sound signature" of the audio-gd dacs. (E.G. on this discussion...
  9. Disarray

    Upgrading from a X-Can V8

    Time for an upgrade! New tubes/PSU or new Amp?   Imaging is the most important thing..   Setup: Denon LA5000's X-Can V8 Audio-gd DAC - 19 DSP   I was leaning more towards buying a new amp than an upgrade because I'd prefer an amp with two pairs of line-in outputs, but just...
  10. diesalher

    Headphones in physycal store in Shanghai?

    Hi, this is my first post, but i've been here learning for a few months.   Sorry for my English, not my main lang.   Well, my brother is gonna travel to Shanghai the next weeks, and i'm thinking make him buy new headphones.   First assumption: the headphones are way cheaper than here...
  11. Gauss1777

    Gamma2 + M-Stage or DAC19 + C2 or something better than FUN

    I first make a point, Im asking about DACs, Amps and Headphones, I don't see a sense as why to make 3 posts in different forums, I hope I find this forum to be the appropiate one, or could it be simply as to make the question "Matrix M-Stage vs Audio-GD C2 for all-around listening price wise?"...
  12. geek101

    Audio-GD's NFB-10 or ROC + NFB-1 vs FUN

    Hello all,   I am currently an happy Audio-GD camper with FUN and Sparrow. I use the FUN with AKG K702 and quite happy with it. Source is FLAC from my pc connected using M2Tech HiFace. I listen mostly to Classic Rock with some New Age and also enjoy Guitar Instrumentals.   I looked at...
  13. runswithaliens

    How is the Audio-GD C2 amp?

    After searching the forums I'm not really seeing that much about this amp. Yes there is the big " Review of the Audio-gd DAC-19 DSP & C2 amp - The ACSS connection" thread, but that seems to mostly focus on the ACSS connection and wonders of the DAC-19 DSP.   So I am hoping some of the C2...
  14. angelo898

    Question for people who use the acss connection with their audio gd amps and dac

    hi everyone, i have been a long time lurker but now i dont think i can see any point in searching and finding stuff when there is nobody who seems to have the same situation as me heh.   im currently using a relatively crappy setup, so i plan to upgrade. i have some weird things i want to...
  15. TheChoster

    Looking for an Amp/Dac, sorry guys

    Hello Looking to buy a new Amp and Dac for my system, I have a Beyer DT880/600 and on my way to acquire a ATH W5000 I listen to pretty much everything, but I just have discovered classical music and trying to get my hands on every piece possible. However, that being said, I listen mostly...
  16. Nick-firestorm

    Proper AMP + DAC for AKG K701

    Hey everyone, i have a pair of AKG K701 and a Xonar STX soundcard. I'm searching for a proper AMP to power the phones, because i read here that the STX' amp is not enough to drive the k701. I'm thinking of : 1) Buying simply an Amp? audio-gd C2C or littledot MKV? Is the Xonar's DAC enough...
  17. Victorious25

    Multiple Headphone outputs

    Hey everyone,   So as I've slowly been upgrading over the past few years, I've gotten to a point where my system is fairly respectable (At least as far as I'm concerned, being a college student). I currently have a Audio-gd DAC19DSP feeding a Ming Da MC84C07 and have DT 880 600 Ohms and...
  18. tashlin

    Advice please - headphone match for Audio-GD DAC 19 DSP and C2 amp?

    I recently bought the Audio GD DAC 19 DSP and C2 amp combo (connected using ACSS).  I love the neutral, detailed sound but am having problems with sibilance on my existing headphones - a pair of Hifiman HE5-LE, which I usually use with my EF-5 amplifier and a HRT MS2+ DAC running out of my PC...
  19. realmassy

    Looking for a good SE dac

    I currently own a Audio-GD Ref.5, but I'm selling my balanced rig (just sold the HE-5 and I'm selling my Roc) and I'm currently listening through the warm, soft, musical (and dynamic) Earmax tube amp with HD650.   Should I be better off buying a good SE dac, or keeping the Reference 5...
  20. Audio Jester

    Audio GD DAC19(DSP) + C2 vs Meier Concerto + StageDAC vs ???

    As the title says, should I pull the pin on the Audio GD rig or is there something I am missing?   Proposed headphones: Denon D7000 Senn HD650 LCD-2   Musical taste: Bass Head A little sensitive to highs All Genres   Other points: Single ended only Solid State only...
  21. hahahigh

    First HiFi Rig - Audio GD DAC19 + C2 Amp + Denon D7000 Thoughts And Impressions

    Hello everyone! This month marks a very special time for me - the setup of my first non-portable and truly expensive headphone rig. The Denon D7000 came June 30th from J&R, the Audio GD DAC19 and its matching amp the C2 from Pacific Valve a week later on July 9th. Now that they have had an...
  22. sk3383

    Audio-gd DAC-19 DSP vs DF [Is the DSP worth the extra $$]

    Hey guys, I am very interested in purchasing the Audio-gd DAC-19 but I want to know how much better the DSP version is than the DF. Has anyone sampled both? Any comments or suggestions welcomed....
  23. transient orca

    Audio GD Reference 5 coming soon

    н¨ÍøÒ³ 1 I guess I am the first to notice it. It's way out of my price range, but I am sure this is going to be a great thread to read.
  24. alexxfloo

    headphone amp+dac recomandation for denon d7000 for 600$ budget

    Hello,   After a week of reading i am not yet fully decided what to get for an AMP/DAC to drive my future Denon Ah-d7000. My budget is maximum 600$. What do u recommend?
  25. MLJ1764

    DAC to Pair With Burson Audio HA-160 (Or good amp and DAC pairing, in general)?

    Hey everybody,   I'm new to the forum here but have been listening through headphones for several years. Being a grad student (i.e. financially challenged), I find that they are about the best way I can enjoy my music and neither break the bank nor aggravate my fellow apartment dwellers.  ...