1. slim.a

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3 Part I : this is my initial review. Part II : this is my updated review (Oct. 09) which includes a comparison between mode A (PMD100) and mode B (DF1704). Part III : this part contains links to impressions/reviews/comparisons of the dac posted in this thread...
  2. tim3320070

    Has anyone received the Audio-gd DAC-19MK3 yet?

    If so, impressions please. Thanks
  3. Vandal

    New amp for this setup

    Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of trolling reading up on a new amp. Still need some advice from my fellow head-fiers. I have an HD650 and RS1i running out of a DAC19DSP/Little Dot Micro Tube combo. I quite enjoy the combo, but am wondering if I can do better? Read up on Little Dots, Schiit...
  4. Vandal

    Last minute confusion related to amp purchase - help needed

    After a lot of opinions, and more than 6 mails exchanged with Audio-GD's Mr. Kingwa, I was about to order an NFB-6 for use with my HD650 and RS1i cans.   While my source isn't balanced (DAC19DSP) Mr. Kingwa informed me that the NFB-6 could output true balanced as it can convert the signal. All...
  5. Nigel79

    Best RCA cables for the money

    I was wondering peoples opinion for the best quality RCA cables for hooking up my Audio-Gd DAC 19Mk3 to my Audio-Gd-C2C amp for the money?
  6. Zoide

    Audio-GD DAC-19 DSP

    I'm down-scaling my setup (married life!) and this baby has to go.  It's in very good condition and sounds great.   I'm selling it for $525 shipped to the continental US.   You can check out my Head-Fi feedback here and here, as well as my eBay feedback here.
  7. quicksound

    Audio-gd DAC19 DF - Mint Condition

    I will likely be selling this my Audio-gd DAC19 DF within the next week. It has been the one piece of equipment that has remained with me on my entire audio journey so far (dating back to 2010). It is a brilliant DAC, as the following will attest to:   1) I did a head-to-head comparison to...
  8. mk351e

    (WANTED) Audio GD PCM1704 based DAC

    Just like it says, I'm looking to pick up a 120V Audio GD DAC based on the PCM1704.   I'm really looking for: Audio GD, Balanced, PCM1704 gear with ACSS!! Also, please only respond if you're ready to sell right now. If you won't be ready for 2 months, then let me know in 2 months, not now. If...
  9. mk351e

    WTB: Audio GD C2.1, DAC19dsp, Compass 2, or Fostex HP A8c

    Just like it says, I'm looking to pick up a C2.1, DAC 19DSP, compass 2 or a Fostex HP-A8c ONLY ;)
  10. jonta_dj

    Hegel HD11 vs Audio-GD Dac 19

    I'm looking for a new DAC so in the pursuit I've been comparing these two units for a while. I've compared them both with speakers and (mostly) headphones. Head phones Sennheiser HD650 and head phone amps Musical Fidelity XCan V3 and Audio-GD C2. Long story, short. I liked Audio-GD best and on...
  11. lazerboyz

    Audio GD DAC19

    please send me a pm if you have a set of Audio GD DAC19 for sale, or any DAC thats of that price range.   thanks!
  12. oqvist

    Audio GD DAC19 DSP1 v3 for a D7000/HD 800/CD 3000, Keces 131 mk 2

    Audio GD DAC19 with an extra set of RCA outputs. (no ACSS). DSP version 3 installed.   D7000 or markl D7000 or D7000 with J$ pads, HD 800 and CD 3000 interesting subjects for trade.   Keces 131 mk II also looking for a home.
  13. mtntrance

    Audio-gd DAC 19 DSP-1 (original owner)

    DAC 19 DSP-1   $550  USA shipping included and pay pal required. I am the original owner bought direct from Kingwa in January 2010.  Great condition.   Why sell?  Upgraded to a balanced platform.   Domestic - USA shipping included and pay pal required.        ...
  14. csholtmeier

    Audio-GD DAC-19 and Digital Interface

    Audio-GD DAC-19. This is the Non-DSP version. Like-new condition. $400 plus shipping and PayPal.   Audio-GD Digital Interface B Version (USB only). Like-new condition. $SOLD
  15. glitch39

    Audio-gd DAC-19

    I am in conus (NorCal). thank you
  16. glitch39

    For trade : Audiop-GD NFB-3 for Audio-GD DAC-19

    I also have ACSS cables for additional $$ is you need it. This is the DIR9001 version NorCal here.
  17. treal512

    WTB: Augio-GD DAC19

    Title says it all.   I am looking to snag any version of this DAC. PM me with anything you have as my needs are a smooth/analog sound while retaining the details. Thanks.
  18. emak212

    FS Audio-GD Dac-19

    Up for sale is my audio-GD Dac-19 (no DSP).  It's fully functional and is in excellent cosmetic condition.  The DAC has three inputs (toslink, coax, and USB).  It sounds excellent.  I must sell for financial reasons.  I have feedback on both audiogon and ebay under the same username.  Please...
  19. sillysally

    Audio-GD Dac 19 DSP1v5 Sold and shipped

    The DAC 19 DSP1v5 has the very hard to find and best of the best Burr-Brown PCM1704UK's with the latest DSP1v5. I got this DAC brand new from Audio-GD last January 2011, just as they where running out of the PCM1704UK and stopped making these DAC's. I have the original box and everything it...
  20. oqvist

    Audio GD DAC19 DSP

    Selling my Audio GD DAC19 with DSP version 3.    retrofitted with the new ACSS connectors.   Located in Sweden. EU buyers preferred but will ship worldwide.
  21. Tom W

    Audio GD DAC19-DSP

    Price Lowered: $425   Audio GD DAC19-DSP (DSP Ver 5)   I am the original owner and purchased directly from Audio GD in 09-2010. Unit is in the same condition as it arrived from Audio GD. It came with a few scratches on the selector knob.   I will ship in original packaging.  ...
  22. Eunegis

    Audio-gd: DAC-19DSP and NFB-2 - SALE

    Hi Freaks and normal people (;-D),   I need to shrink my Audio-gd "shop" and sell my DAC-19 DSP and my NFB-2. I sell them separately or together. Both are in perfect condition, of course (how could they not). The DAC-19DSP is about half a year old, the NFB-2 about 1 year. So they are...
  23. stainless824

    PRICE DROP: Audio-gd DAC19 DSP 24/96

    PRICE DROP   Up for Sale is an Audio-gd DAC19DSP   The AudioGD DAC19 is a great DAC which has been touted as being worth twice its actual value and is one of those well kept audio secrets. This is perhaps why its a discontinued product, being too expensive to produce for AudioGD with 2x...
  24. tubesound

    Audio GD DAC19 DSP with Upgrades

    This is my first time to post an ad here. This ad is also posted at with pictures.   PCM1704 is kind of a lengendary R2R DAC chip (still in production), unlike most modern sigma-delta chips. It sounds very...
  25. Disarray

    Audio GD Dac19DSP

    I'm Selling my rig, so this excellent Audio-GD Dac's up for sale. Bought this from a fellow Head-fier in Nov. 2010 who only had it for few months. Includes one of Audio GD's power chords ($89 value). Is in great condition!   Asking $519 + shipping, preferably to US. Paypal only.  ...