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  1. U

    24-bit or 16-bit setting, and sample rate switching? (macOS)

    Hey all, Lately, I've been running Apple Music audio from my MacBook Pro 2021 through the Cayin RU6. I run Lossless Switcher in the background since the Mac doesn't auto-switch sample rate (versus iOS). I also have "Bit Depth Switching" on but since this app is still fairly new, I get lots of...
  2. A

    Tidal Master vs Apple Lossless

    Im pretty sure it’s not placebo effects but comparing the master versions from Tidal they sound better than the equivalent lossless version of Apple Music. What do you guys think?
  3. zlayde

    Apple Music + Android ... is it lossless??

    Hi all - I have an iPhone and I'm an avid user of Apple Music with Lossless (got a nice usb dac amp and U12T). Very happy with them but I'm considering one of the higher end DAPs on the market to double as my desktop dac/amp and dap on the go. My question: is Apple Music on Android lossless...
  4. R

    DAPs compatible with Wavelet

    I currently have an Astell&Kern SA700 DAP for my regular commute, but have found it to be fairly restrictive in terms of the built in EQ and achieving AutoEQ profiles. I do have very good IEMs, but I find that for my ears (I’m approaching 50), having the ability to alter the EQ signature makes a...
  5. S

    Need help with choosing Portable DAC that is an improvement over the ZTE Axon 7

    Hello all, So recently i started getting more invested in the hobby and have been experimenting first with getting some budget IEMs before i get something more high end. I wanted to improve my phone's audio by getting a portable DAC/Dongle. However i already know that my phone comes with a...
  6. Calvinyjj

    Apple Music (so near yet so far)

    Recently I am able to subscribed to a 4 months free trial on apple music, tried playing them over my fiio DAP, they sounded better than Tidal app (android), but when i switch over to stream music using a PC connected to an external DAC/AMP, Apple music cannot deliver bit-perfect music given that...
  7. Calvinyjj

    Tidal Music vs Apple Music (Android DAP)

    Hey guys, I have been wondering anyone notice any sound quality difference between Tidal and Apple music? I have been using my fiio m11plus DAP and made some serious analysis and found out that for the same 16bit44k(cd quality) streaming, to my ears: Tidal: More intimate vocals, slightly...
  8. R

    Apple preset EQ parametrics

    Could anyone do like a rough estimate or maybe measure what the different Apple eq presets actually doing?
  9. Lvivske

    Sound Check on Apple Music

    Since there hasn't been a thread on this topic in the past decade (which seemed to be contentious back then), much less since Apple Music existed, just wondering if there an argument against it at the moment, if its detrimental to quality in the least?
  10. Lvivske

    Need advice on an Airplay 2 network streamer

    Need some help figuring out how to go about this getting a streamer for Apple Music / Airplay 2 My network library is all managed through iTunes / Apple Music, and I'd like to stream Lossless to my DAC/Amp from my computers Do I need something like a Bluesound Node / Node 2i; Sonos Port? Or...
  11. FiiO

    Here are more introductions to the hi-res lossless and digital master in Apple Music--From FiiO James

    1. How to tell whether the song is a high-resolution lossless and digital master one? See Figure 1. There are two icons on the playback page. The left one means Apple high-resolution lossless, and the right one means Apple digital master. 2. Where to see the sampling rate and bit depth? See...
  12. FiiO

    How to enjoy master-quality HiFi music on iPhone?--From FiiO James

    After the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS Apple Music has been officially upgraded to support Apple's lossless and digital mastering music. As the world's largest manufacturer of portable amps, the earliest amp/player manufacturer that has acquired Apple's MFi certification, and the...
  13. visanj

    Apple Music HiFi

    Leaks started circulating on Lossless version of Apple Music " The code discovered in the Android app reveals the two choices for lossless playback: "
  14. SoundBytes

    Apple Music, Tidal and The AK SP1000 & Stream Poll

    Ok, I have been wanting to stream Apple Music to my AK SP1000 and my only option for streaming with this device is to subscribe to Tidal. So I put Tidal on all my Apple devices to keep everything synced. The Tidal app is not as well built as Apples now newer app. And many of you won’t believe...
  15. cyberjunkie

    Share your Apple Music profile

    Apple Music recently added a feature that lets users share their playlists. This should be a fun way to explore new music. I'm cyberjunkie - What's your profile ID?