1. Viber

    Can the PX200 pads fit AKG K26P (=AKG K414)

    Hey guys,   So after 7 years the pads on my trusty AKG K26P are completely ruined. I tried to get a replacement pads but the cheapest ones are like 10$ (for a 30$ cans!) and i wasn't so crazy about the original pads anyhow.   Then i came across the Senheiser PX200\100 pads...
  2. mjenabi2

    WTB - HD 202 vs 205 vs eh 150 ? your opinion's are much appriciated!

    Hello there, i want to buy a cheap but quality closed full sized set of headphones, to play around for a while then after i bought a proper player, move on to a better headphones. i recently ordered an HD 465 (hasn't arrived yet) and now i am after a set of closed headphones. within my...
  3. wall000

    K412P with 414 pads vs headbanded KSC75 with K414P pads

    Hi, I've been searching back and forth for the past week and can't find a conclusive answer. I'm searching for sub-$25 portable full-sized headphones and I'm stuck between K412P with 414 leather pads and KSC75 with 414 leather pads and headband mod. I'm basically after the best bang for the buck...
  4. JVineaux

    Confused by Akg names - k81 = 414?

    I've seen some stuff in forums about AKG model names that led me to believe some models have multiple names, possibly in different territories. Can anyone tell me if there's a list of the alternate names for models? I'm interested in the k26, k81, k451 and a few others models, but in researching...
  5. captian73

    AKG are trash

    That should read: AKG is trash   I've just opened my email to find a comment on one of my Youtube clips.     Quote:   Should I dignify this comment by publishing it?  
  6. truckdriver

    I'm looking for an updated version of an old AKG headphone.

    I bought the AKG K26P (some 7 or so years ago) from Headroom for $30. I believe ( a few years later) it was renamed the AKG K414P and was still selling for around $30. A friend of mine really likes the sound so I was looking for a new pair for her. I was wondering if anyone here knows what “AKG”...
  7. lilkoolaidman

    Aerial7 headphones?

    So, first I must say, that I am not a true audiophile as I do not purchase $1,000 + setups and what not, but I do appreciate good sound and I know any input here will be more valuable than Yahoo! answers. Now, I really like the looks of Skullcandy headphones, but they're overpriced, sound...
  8. SoundWhore

    Which headphones?

    I've ordered Superlux HD 681F cans to replace them with earplugs(I use ones that came with samsung kf750 cell phone, they sound very good for me) which served as monitors for dance music production. New cans have a lot clearer sound and better sound space representation, but they have very weak...
  9. Maciek1988

    Are only hi-end headphones faked?

    The title is pretty much the essence in this case. Can you buy fake Porta Pros? K412Ps? K420s? HD201s? And are there any guides on the internet teaching how to tell if headphones are fake? Some general rules?
  10. luizzeross

    Playing Guitar and Bass Guitar: Which one to take? (AKG, Seinnheiser, KOSS o Something Else)

    Hey fellas! I feel somewhat lucky to find out that this forum exists, and the good quality of reviews I'd read here. So, after reading so many things, it seems like the price doesn't pays the quality in all the cases, as for example, the fact that the KOSS MV-1 being an average quality headphone...
  11. KO95

    The ultimate desktop microphone! (250 $)

    Hello Head-Fi-Forum!      On my agenda is a beast microphone for about 250 dollars. The mic will be used on both Windows & Mac for speaking purpose aswell as some singing too.    I've looked at the classic: Blue Yeti micorphone. Looked around at Shure's website aswell as Rhode's. But...
  12. AnnieWylde

    Problems on AKG 414p

    I got and AKG sometime ago... I guess one year... mycat solved to eat the cable and i had to recable... as im not used of it,, I sent to one guy for it...   They came with some weird noise that only occurs with bass peak or high volume and only on right side... left side is ok... Now my...
  13. AKG K414P

    AKG K414P

    The k 414 p is your featherweight solution for days on the road. Chill out and turn up the volume. These high-quality headphones provide fabulous sound and effective attenuation of ambient noise. Using the unique 3D-Axis mechanism, they fold down to a small package that you can take wherever you go.