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Which headphones?

  1. SoundWhore
    I've ordered Superlux HD 681F cans to replace them with earplugs(I use ones that came with samsung kf750 cell phone, they sound very good for me) which served as monitors for dance music production. New cans have a lot clearer sound and better sound space representation, but they have very weak and not tight low end, they sound tiny and most important, they don't have that  big/"on the stage"/fun/"in the club" sounding , which I'm looking for.
    Can you prefer me some headphones (if possible Superlux one, because they're insanely cheap) or earplugs which have that kind of sound.
  2. SoundWhore
  3. kopfmensch
    i am very new to this forum, my english could really suck and budget is really an issue for me all the time:wink:
    what music do you listen to and what source do you have for portable audio?
    2 month ago my akg 414p broke after thousands of hours of listening and i got myself, after LOOOOONG search-evenings, sennheiser plugs, the cx-271.
    i always wanted to try the manufacturer and also plugs.
    i heard very bad things about noises like your breathing, scratching etc. "in your head" in general for cheap in-ears, but these i got have nearly no such issues, but they in fact ARE cheap for the sound they create.
    if you like some serious "boom" in rock, electronic or any other music you like AND if you can stand the optics, these could be for you.
    in germany they cost very few money, i don´t know how pricy they are where you are:
    i listened to some of the akg´s (324p/311) as well but the sennheisers got my heart - ears.
    the 311´s are really cheap and ...german word..."ausgewogen".
    i also got a pair of koss porta pro and that is always an option if you like a fulminant bass area.
    i know, this is far away from a review, just my opinion without expertise but 25 years of intensive music-loving:wink:
  4. SoundWhore

    Mostly I listen and produce house/techno stuff, so it's important that headphones have low freqs on spot.
    As signal source I use on-board ALC888 soundcard.

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