1. Dimension

    Currently using AKG K702 anniversaries, what would be a good upgrade?

    I am specifically looking for another pair of headphones. I've heard the hd800's are comparable with these ones so I was considering that but for audio production I find the open backs are much suitable for non-coloration. Perhaps any of you might have similar experience of switching from...
  2. Aldem

    Headphones for Orchestral/Classical music, 400 $CA or less (Currently looking at the Sennheiser HD600 and AKG K702)

    See the topic ^^   Feel free to offer your own suggestion too !   Thanks all   Alan
  3. TenMoonsNorth

    Mechanical differences between the AKG K7xx series

    Seeing as I can't find any information on this.   What differences are there between each version and most specifically how do the AKG K702s mechanically differ from the AKG K712s.   Does the AKG K702 have a different foam over the driver to the K701s?   What are the AKG K712 ear pads made of?
  4. sarahkho

    Please give me some advice on choosing between some ~500 USD alternatives I researched about

    Hello -   Thank you for opening the thread and looking and my request.   So far I have been using earbuds from Logitech Ultimate Ear and Thinksound and a wireless headphone from Creative, the sound blaster omega 3d. Now I decided to buy a new headphone and possibly a portable small amp. I...
  5. acud1985

    New Iem for jazz and rock around 250-320$

    Hi all, I would to upgrade my Akg q460 with a higher level can or iem. I listen much music and i prefer jazz, vocal jazz, a little bit of rock 70's/80's and a little bit of pop music. I like so much Akg k702/702 annie, but i don't know if it' sa Good choice for me.. I Also prefer a iem setup...
  6. Ratto

    [HELP] Need help choosing the correct Headphone Full-size for me.

    Good morning Head-fiers,   Next month, I'm going to NY and I'll buy my first hi-fi cups, but I'm having trouble choosing the best pair for my taste.   One of the main reasons is that I don't have the headphones on hand to test, so I will have to base on some feedback from you head-fiers =P...
  7. musikaladin

    Toys for Boys

    ...returning home after a long and hard working day you quickly rush to the shrine and ...there it is... your favourite toy...errrr... or second favourite, or whatever...   Anyway... your set-up is more than just about listening music? It is passion for design, fine mechanics, precision...
  8. AKG1vinyl

    *NEWB HERE* AKG k702

    Hello fellow Music Lovers, So I'm pretty new to listening and caring about high fidelity music. It all started back about two years ago when my father bought a Project turn table. I loved the sound, the lush, warm, comforting sound of classic rock coming from those LP's. Since then i have...
  9. deam

    amp for k702

    Hi all,   I am new in the headphone world, and just brought a K702.  Any suggestion of amplifier for it?  I like natural sound only need a hint of warm, and l like classical music but also listen to jazz & pop too.  I have an audio engine D1, do you think it is good enough to drive it?  Or I...
  10. Blackmore

    REVIEW: Sonic Pearl amplifier from Earstream. Geusts: Black Pearl and SPL Phonitor MK1

    It’s been a little over the year that I have reviewed Black Pearl headphone amp from earstream, which you can find here where I also mentioned Sonic Pearl, including the 6moons review, so, that’s how it all began. After I finished my Black Pearl review, I ended up buying one, fully loaded with...
  11. kskwerl

    Headphones comfortable with Glasses?

    I have to start wearing glasses and right now I have the Mad Dogs and they aren't comfy with my glasses at all what so ever.   Can anyone recommend me some headphones that would be very comfortable with glasses? My glasses are thin they are Rayban new wayfayers   Looking for open-full size...
  12. willitblend

    Is anyone here on Head-Fi kind enough to lend me their Low-End open back headphones?

    I want to buy a new pair of cans but I'd rather demo them first. If anyone here would be kind enough to let me demo theirs is would be greatly appreciated! Open Back in the $150-$250 range such as the Sennheiser HD555 or AKG Q702. And I would gladly send a little cash back with the headphones in...
  13. cel4145

    Reveel headphone amp to recreate the authentic live sound

    Just saw this information about the Reveel headphone amp posted on Engadget this weekend: "By using proprietary technology, Reveel adds aspects back into the sound that you find in a live environment (room phase, etc.), but lose in a studio recording." Sounds interesting. Some kind of analog...
  14. Kohli

    Best sound configuration; AKG K702 with Traktor Audio 10. Do I need a headphone amp

    Hi everyone. New here, I am a music producer and dj and as such bought myself the audio 10 interface. This move was primarily for djing, however I have been using this sound card to produce with also. I have recently acquired some Akg K702s and was wondering what I should do. I have read...
  15. miwo76

    Quadtych photo of my current collection of cans

      A couple of these I bought new, a couple used and some modifications thrown in there too.
  16. jhao19

    AKG K702 with Xonar DX

    Hi guys, I just had a quick question.  I am currently running the K702 off of the xonar dx, and was just wondering what the best options were for these headphones?   I am currently using:   Audio Chanel: 8 channels Sample Rate: PCM 192 KHz Analog Out: Headphone SPDIF Out: PCM (checked)...
  17. RainbowTylernol

    Shopping for a jack-of-all-trades open headphone.

    So, I'm shopping around for a pair of open headphones, (preferably in 500$ or less range, but I could stretch it a little), that is a good all-rounder. I need something that will sound great with everything from vinyl records on vintage amps, to guns shots and explosions on my gaming PC. The...
  18. kjrain12

    Recommended amp for AKG Q701s?

    Hey guys, I'm new here and joined because I was thinking about some things. Recently I ordered a pair of AKG Q701s and I've heard numerous reports that you need an amp to "drive" them properly. I decided I'd get the headphones and decide from there. I mainly listen to rap music but I love the...
  19. PurpleAngel

    The AKG Infomation Thread

    AKG K702, Q701, K701, K601, K550, K272HD, H271, K270MKII, K242HD, K240MKII, K240 Studio, K240M, K240DF, K240 Sextett, K172, K171, K170, K142, K141, K140, etc.   As the proud owner of an AKG K240M Monitor 600-Ohm headphone (and soon to add a AKG K242HD to my collection). I think it would be...
  20. DTCM

    AKG K702/1 | Foobar2000 Equalizer settings: Opinion?

    http://www.filedropper.com/akgk702   If you have Foobar2000, and a pair of k701's or k702's, just drop this config into the default equalizer in foobar2000, share opinions and comments.   Thank you,   Dan.
  21. JeanMichou

    Questions about the best solution for PC gaming and Music listenning (sound card, amp/dac, dont want plug&unplug headphone, and keep EAX/CMSS-3D)

    Hi every one,   I decided to buid a new PC and i want the best gaming sound, with CMSS-3D. I play game 70% of time and 30% listen EDM. So i have many questions :   - What is the best actually gaming sound card (CMSS-3D obsviously, in 2013-2014) ?   - Even if the PC sound card has a...
  22. Andru08

    Please ignore this post. I reposted on the help section. thanks.

    I'm still very much a newbie as to what I should get. I'm hoping that someone can pointer me towards the right direction.   Below are the headphones I own.   Sennheiser HD650 <- This is my first pair of good headphones. I use this mostly to listen to music on my iMac. Sennheiser PXC450 <-...
  23. babyoh

    Spanking new AKG K702 burn-in and bass

    I'm pairing it with Cary 300SEI tube amp. There's not much bass to speak of as if everything below 60Hz is rolled off. Is this normal? How much time do I need to put on it to get some bass? Right now the tonal balance seems to emphasize the highs.
  24. davidhunternyc


    After considerable thought and thanks to the input of everyone at Head-Fi, I have made a list of the "most beautiful looking headphones ever made." You may vote for more than one. I have not included "mods" or custom made headphones. I also know there are several headphones that are not on this...
  25. mms6

    AKG Q701 Simple Mod Increase Bass and Decrease Soundstage a little

    This will work on the K701/K702 as well providing that you can make your own foam or buy the AKG Q701 foam found under the "Q" headphone back piece. You also would probably need the Q701 back piece for this simple mod...   (It will NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY from AKG)     1. So get your...