1. thepiper92

    AKG K172HD

    I actually just ordered a pair from Shop.ca, stating refurbished for $70. As I had a $40 Paypal thing with Shop.ca, I went for it. I can't find much on it, and I see a lot of K272 and 271 mentioned. Would the 172 just be an on-ear version of the the 272? I read that they are light on bass, but...
  2. prince_f_swords

    Portable Amp Suggestions for Shure 840 and AKG K172HD

    Posted in Wrong Forum, Please close thread.
  3. Matt B

    Major dissapointment with new AKG phones

    I'm not a very dramatic person but I am really, really upset about this. I spent about 4 hours in Yodobashi camera in Japan testing many, many pairs of headphones with my preferred player and music. Eventually I found a set that really suited me. I am sure they are not everyone's cup of...
  4. S3VBR0

    First time purchasing nice headphones- Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice pair of headphones that: 1. Have nice sound quality (not an audiophile but I have a good ear) 2. Look somewhat stylish (I'm going to be wearing these out and about, and around campus) 3. Cost ~$100 4. Sounds good with indie, alternative, and electronic...
  5. Lwerewolf

    AKG K172 HD Repair Advice

    I'll try to keep it short:   The left speaker of my K172s is basically dead. Sound is way lower than the right one, and after some time it got even lower (I'm talking lower than any reasonable fix via signal levels). Opened up the headphones and checked all the cabling and impedance of the...
  6. Thebrave246

    Looking for good >$200 pair of mostly gaming headphones

    I am currently only really able to buy from www.Tigerdirect.com because of a promotion and returns that are in process for me, so my options are pretty limited. I have seen the Sennheiser 280 HD Pro, 380 HD Pro, AKG K172HD, AKF K142HD, etc. Any of these would be better then a standard generic...
  7. invalid404

    Grado SR80i vs AKG K172HD

    I am thinking of giving the gift of music to my parents this Christmas!    ...Well not really but since these 2 set of cans are similarly priced nowadays (100$ Canadian) I was wondering what pair has better sound quality for mostly softer rock (Sting, The Beatles, Meatloaf, etc.) and across...
  8. evilqwerty

    Sony mdr-v55 or AKG k172hd

    Hi all, I'm buying my first semi-decent pair of headphones.  I don't think I'll use them outdoors.  I like lots of bass, but treble is more important to me.   Due to budget, I'd narrowed it down to   Sony mdr-v55 for $60CAD and AKG k172hd for $100CAD.   Which pair sounds better in...
  9. kevinzone

    Any good 100$ headsets canadian? Good for sound and gaming

    Hi im trying to find some good headphones that sound great for music and have a big soundstage for positional audio. Also it has to be 100$ in canadian because on amazon the a700 are like 120 in usa but in canada it went up to 180. Way too much. Im fine with a bit over 100 but yea. Im a noob :)
  10. Drac

    Narrowing purchase to 4 AKG Headphones: Audiophile's Plea

    I'm sure posts like these have been here a googol of times, but for the past 6 years I've been trying to find a decent headset and looking to get one soon. Narrowed down to: AKG K240 MKII (Semi-Open) AKG K242 HD (Semi-Open) AKG K271 MKII (Closed) AKG K172 HD (Closed) I've heard that...
  11. mackat

    Please help me decide

    Hi peeps,   I need a pair of portable noise isolating headphones   Like: Portapro's, K-702's, ATH-M50's (15mins in GuitarCenter)   Dislike: HD280's, Grado SR-60, Beats, Bose, Skullcrud     I have been decinding between the Beyer T50p for $190, BW P5 for Full Retail, and the...
  12. fir3dp

    d5000 need desktop amp?

    hey! i have a d5000 hooked up to a ibasso d10 and i love it! i did a markl mod to and and there was an improvement... now i just bought a k172hd.. out of the box it was cold and really bright so i added a layer of cotton between the pads and the driver ,making the pad wider ( improving sound...
  13. highlighter

    Help! AKG 172HD Versus DT 770 600 Ohm

    Hi folks, I need some advice on my next headphone purchase. I will be using either cans with a Mini3 amp. I was listening to my buddy's pair of 770s over the holiday break but found them really intense. I do like support in the low ranges because of the music I listen to. But I also...
  14. EhteeUser

    Best Cans for $200 or Less?

    Hello.        I have read recently that IEMs can alter your ear canal in a way that you can lose how well you hear in one ear (or both). So, I think I'm switching to full-size headphones for my Samsung P3 (mp3 player), but unlike IEMs, I know little to nothing about what good cans there are...
  15. DevanF

    Graphic designer with an audio dilemma: Grado sr225i or akg k172

    So just last month my wife left my old cans on the ground for the dogs to eat. But out of impulse and bad insight I got the beats solo HD. They were in my price range but I was so disappointed in quality I returned them. Now after more research I either want the Grado sr225i or akg k172 Here...
  16. Bengkia369

    AKG K172HD considered entry level cans?

    sound is pretty good and isolation is very good too. Anyone have reviews?
  17. ElephantTLK

    Closed phones - for monitoring outside

    Hi   Need new phones. This time closed. For monitoring outside when we will record... So need cans with no or little sound leak. sound quality is not so important but still need to be good. Price? Something to around 150€ or maybe little more.   I was looking at: Beyer DT150, 250 -...
  18. Unicorn!

    AKG K 172 HD

    Hi All! First Post! I'm currently in the market for some new headphones and after doing a whole bunch of searching through Head-Fi and google I'm 60% sure I want a pair of AKG's. The problem is the pair that suits my needs and price range is the K 172 HD and I just can't find any decent...
  19. AjRocha

    AKG K 272 HD

    Are these any good for metal??
  20. Klarnet Basowy


    New studio serie: K142HD, K172HD, K242HD, e K272HD first preview on italian headphones site (Headphones.it: contatto intimo con la musica - Home): Headphones.it: contatto intimo con la musica - Gennaio 2008: La nuova serie Studio di AKG and K 141 MK II, K 240 MK II, K 171...
  21. AKG K 172 HD High-Definition Headphones

    AKG K 172 HD High-Definition Headphones

    The AKG K 172 HD high performance headphone is a must have when you desire a high-end personal listening experience from nearly any audio device. Deisgned to deliver the ultimate in AKG performance - high-output sound and the widest, distortion free frequency response - they are the designed...