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Grado SR80i vs AKG K172HD

  1. invalid404
    I am thinking of giving the gift of music to my parents this Christmas! 
    ...Well not really but since these 2 set of cans are similarly priced nowadays (100$ Canadian) I was wondering what pair has better sound quality for mostly softer rock (Sting, The Beatles, Meatloaf, etc.) and across a large variety of music. Bass is not a priority, neither is isolation, they don't listen to rap or electronic music. I am pretty much aiming for the best clarity throughout the mids and highs, soundstage and comfort (they wear glasses [​IMG]). I'd rather not have to spend more money to get them an amp, or have to share mine lol
    If you guys think you have a better suggestion for some cans with these properties then please tell me what you think would be best! 
    Cheers Guys :D

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