1. LordMegapants

    IE 80s very uncomfortable, looking for alternatives

    I recently just got a pair of IE 80s hoping they'd be the perfect fit, unfortunately this is not the case. I've tried all the stock tips and none of them fix the problem entirely: the speaker itself is just too big, a lot bigger than any others I've tried.     The result is that they...
  2. iamagloworm

    Anyone tried 1964 V3 and Unique Melody Aero? (considering as replacement to SE530's)

    I am considering these two options after reading these two reviews and about the Shure SE535's. I owned SE530's until they were recently stolen and I am looking for a replacement. I was thinking of SE535's with custom mould from Sensaphonics, but I am opening up to other options. One thing I...
  3. HwangMiHee

    Looking for closed headphones w/flat soundstage

    Hello I love my 1964-Ears V3. I wear them all the time. But sometimes it becomes a little uncomfortable sitting with them all day. (I study almost all the time) I really do not like heavy bass headphones. I liked the ATH-M50. But I like the soundstage of  the V3's much more. - Are there...
  4. Schunn99

    Jh5 vs 1964 v3? first ciem.

    hello longtime reader of headfi,    I am looking at buying my first custom IEM. My budget is around 500 maximum without the cost of the impressions and I have it narrowed down to either the JH5 pro or 1964 v3. Anyone here have both or either one and can help me decide between the two. I...
  5. squirrelboy1210

    how good are ciems?

    I currently own a pair of se535s and whilr the luscious mid range is to die for I can't help but want for a little more treble sparkle and a larger soundstage. I was wondering if ciems around the 500 dollars mark like jh5 and 1964 v3 could deliver. Also, how do these compare to full size phones...
  6. mordicai

    1964 Ears customer service.....None

    So what is it with 1964 Ears. I've sent them two e-mails from their web-site over the past month trying to audition stage 6 and v8 CIEMS but receive no response. I love my Fitears but would like to try a custom. Anyone have experience with them. I'm getting a bad taste about this company.
  7. KeyvanM

    1964 Ears: Should I buy V3 or Q?

    After some deliberation, I have narrowed my choice for my first Custom IEM to 1964 Ears: I just have one question, V3's or Q's? Well, I guess a few questions. -Is it worth the money at all to get quads over the triple?   -The quads have dual low driver setup. But I want my new IEM's to...
  8. Smithydh

    New to high quality audio, and do not want to waste my money.

    After browsing around all day and looking at recommendations and impression threads of high quality IEMs I just can't make my mind up about which IEM would be the best for my musical tastes and with a price range of $200-$300 I am not looking on blowing my money on something I'll be disappointed...
  9. daniel521

    Best IEM for heavy metal under 500 dollars?

    Im currently looking for an IEM primarily for rock and metal. I currently own the sennheiser IE60, but I've been having some problems with it. First, its isolation is really bad, and isolation is one of the main reasons Im getting an IEM. Second, I recently purchased the ultrasone signature pro...
  10. jungkyu

    Ciem shell size/comfort

    Hey headfiers. I'm a little curious about the types of shell sizes with ciems so could somebody tell me about full, medium, and micro sized ciems are like in terms of comfort, isolation, and how easy it is to put in your ear/take out of your ear.  Thanks!
  11. AHorseNamedJeff

    Help me convince my parents to let me get CIEM's for Christmas?

    So, I've done a lot pf pondering for this years Christmas list, and I've decided that my big thing (Santa gift) will be a pair of CosmicEars Flex Custom IEM's, that with the options I've chosen is around $175. This is cheaper than anything else I've ever asked for, but they still shoot down my...
  12. FatmanSize48

    1964 Ears V3 Amp, $300

    Hello-I've decided on a pair of 1964 Ears V3s and have heard that they greatly benefit from having an amp (of course). Now, the question is exactly how much I ought to spend. I have allotted a $300 budget for an amp, but feel as if it may not be necessary to spend all of it. So far I've seen the...
  13. project86

    Review: 1964 Ears V3 triple driver custom IEM (updated 10/24/12)

    1964 Ears V3             It seems like only yesterday that 1964 Ears came on the scene as one of several new startup companies in the field of custom IEMs. Sure, there were some established players on the market such as Ultimate Ears and Westone, but 1964 Ears (along with Unique...
  14. inf.h5n1

    4 entry level CIEM > need advise!

    Hi, After being in the UIEM erea for about 2 years im thinking about jumping into the CIEM level (yes i know you can get a better sound for less money in some cases, but i want to try custom)   I have 4 models in mind:   1.) Alclair referance 2.) Noble 3C 3.) Heir 3A 4.) CTM CT300  ...
  15. HwangMiHee

    1964-V3 Triple Driver vs Ulitmate Ears 4 pro (1 pro?)

    Hello guys I have already done my ear molds. And am ready to order. But I am not sure which one to choose. Either 1964-V3 Triple Driver. Or Ultimate Ears 4 pro. (Perhaps 1 pro?) Can I get some opinions about the two? What do you think about the UE 4 pro vs 1 pro?
  16. project86

    Review: Effect Audio Thor cables for IEMs and full sized headphones (in both Silver and SPC form)

          Effect Audio started in 2009, making aftermarket cables for enthusiasts. They went international in 2011, selling their custom creations via eBay as well as their own website. By 2013 they are one of the more well known options and have amassed a collection of positive reviews around...
  17. project86

    Matrix X-Sabre DAC review and impression thread

    DSD is all the rage these days. Despite there not being a whole lot of music available in the format (SACDs aside), DAC makers are jumping on the feature as fast as they can. And I can't blame them - aside from our "regular" music, we all love a little ear candy to show off the capabilities of...
  18. ericeng91

    Looking for IEMs in the $500 range

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted on here. Last time I was here, you guys helped me find my Head Direct RE0s.  These are great, but I think I'm ready for an upgrade.  I've chosen a budget range of $450-$550.  Of course I can go lower, but that is the ball park I'm looking for.  To give...
  19. 1964 Ears V3 Triple Driver Custom IEM

    1964 Ears V3 Triple Driver Custom IEM

    1964-V3 Triple Driver Custom IEM The V3 triple driver was designed for a full spectrum sound with a slight emphasis on the bass region. Its the most natural sounding IEM without being sterile and boring. This model is recommended for stage use, studio and portable music listening. Features •...