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4 entry level CIEM > need advise!

  1. inf.h5n1
    After being in the UIEM erea for about 2 years im thinking about jumping into the CIEM level (yes i know you can get a better sound for less money in some cases, but i want to try custom)
    I have 4 models in mind:
    1.) Alclair referance
    2.) Noble 3C
    3.) Heir 3A
    4.) CTM CT300
    All are 3 BA driver CIEM's and all are +-450$, but not from the big companies as JH and UM..
    i have searched about those models in the formus but there is not much, especialy about the CTM and Noble, but from what i read the only thing i got is that the Heir is for bass lovers.
    Im using fischer audio DBA-02, which i like, and i had the Ety's HF5 which i loved the highs in but i think that the bass and mids arent wide enough. also  had the RE252 and some shures, but the Etys and the DBA-02 are my favorite.
     My taste in music is mainly rock of all kinds (metal, prog, indie..) and searching for punchy but not too full bass and for alot of agrressive highs.
    any suggestions?
    BTW im from israel if it makes any difference..
  2. tomscy2000
    Of your list, you need to cross out everything except the Alclair Reference. Your IEM history is very neutral/analytical with just a little bit extra in the bass and mids. The Noble 3C, Heir Audio 3.A, and CTM-300 are anything but. Just because you're looking for something with a little more punch, doesn't mean you should go with those models.
    However, if you're in Israel, I'd suggest a company in Europe just to cut down on the transit time. Well, Asia works too, but Asian companies aren't actually that affordable for entry-level monitors.
    Cosmic Ears apparently has a big waiting list, but the BA2 should be reasonable for your tastes. (Never heard it before, but it should be fine due to driver choice). If you want silicone, CustomArt in Poland has some good offerings. The Music One might be right up your alley.
    For a speedy turnaround, UE is still a good option despite being in the US. If you don't mind completely clear shells, the UE4 is a monitor that suits your listening preferences and is reasonably priced at $399. The JH5 is also the same price and will offer a slightly punchier sound (the JH5 is extremely similar to the UE5, and the UE4 is more neutral than the UE5). If you can wait, JH Audio usually has a big sale during Thanksgiving next month.
    A dark horse candidate is 1964Ears. The 1964-V3 provides a reasonably balanced response all-around, and is still affordable.
  3. Kunlun
    The Noble 3C has all-new drivers and is completely redone over the older Heir 3A (both are designed by the same person, as you probably know). I haven't heard the 3C, but I do have the flat tuned Noble 4C and it's very nice.

    Noble has a rep in the UK, but I don't think it'll be a problem either way.
  4. dwins050
    Just curious, I'm in a similar search for a CIEM and considering three of those four. Did you ever take the plunge. If so, what did you get?

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