Yurbuds Ironman Focus Behind the Ear Performance Earloop Fit Sport Earphones, Black-10200

General Information

The Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure BTE (Behind The Ear) Earphones are the ultimate solution to ear buds that hurt and fall out. These sport earphones feature Yurbuds' patented Twist Lock Technology which guarantees that they will stay in place and deliver rich, clear sound. Introducing the new Yurbuds moldable silicone ear loop for enhanced security. This piece cradles the back of the ear while avoiding pain points around the ear. These earphones are a must for runners, walkers, triathletes, weight lifters, cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, hikers, climbers, or anyone who likes their music on the go. Simply put, they are earphones that won't fall out, guaranteed. The Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Earphones come with a set of silicone enhancers and our behind the ear earphones. They feature a universal 1/8" gold-plated stereo plug that works with iPods, iPhones, mp3 players, and most other cellular phones. For a full compatibility list, please contact info@yurbuds.com."Because Yurbuds are comfortable over long periods of time and stay in place even while sweating, they're perfect for runners, bikers, and amateur athletes who are looking for a headphone solution you barely even notice" -Examiner.com"Yurbuds are comfortable. They stayed in my ears and directed the sound so well that I quickly found myself cranking down the volume to half the level I use with other ear buds." - Chicago Tribune and LA Times "This ear bud model from Yurbuds provides good overall sound with a warm character. The bass is slightly pronounced, with good impact and decent definition...[They] are very comfortable to wear, and fit and stay in place with no problems. Earpiece covers are very stable, even during vigorous head movement." - Consumer Reports"[Yurbuds] soften the edges and they direct the sound deeply into your ears for better bass response. These babies aren't coming out!" - David Pogue; The New York Times For more info please visit yurbuds.com.

Latest reviews

Pros: Locking ear pieces, price
Cons: Hooks are worthless, more hassle to put on than worth
I had a set of the Yurbuds Ironman earbuds before I purchased these hooking ones.
The locking ear cushion is comfortable and doesn't fall out when working out, playing ice hockey or riding my bike. All without the use of the hook.
I tried these behind the ear looping earphones simply because I wanted to after having success with the non-looping versions.
I returned these almost as fast as I got them out of the package. The loop was difficult to lock over my ear while trying to twist the earpiece into place. They did not add any more stability and were more hassle than they were worth.
I re-purchased the twist lock style when I returned these looping ones and I am happier.
The style of ear insert is great for people like me who have small ear canals and cannot get the in-ear pieces to fit comfortably inside (if in at all, even with the smallest cushions).


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