Yurbuds Ironman Limited Edition Cobalt Blue/Cobalt Special Edition Color In-ear Sports Headphones

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These ergonomically brilliant, acoustically driven headphones provide an unparalleled level of comfort and fidelity for athletes, runners, and music lovers. The patented Ear-Lock technology guarantees a secure fit, even at extreme activity levels.

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Pros: Comfort, price, allows you to hear traffic and surroundings
Cons: sound quality, cable
Well I will start off by saying this marks my first activity of any kind on Head-Fi, and in truth I have only been lurking behind the scenes reading for about a month before making this post so I can't say I have learned enough to have any credit here. I'm reviewing this only because I have them and no one else has said anything about them.
In the spring of 2011 I took up running. If you have ever tried you understand why some tunes are helpful, if not move on then these are of no use to you. At any rate I was having a hard time finding headphones that either didn't hurt, or would stay in. I tried Sony MDR-AS40EX, and they would not stay in, they constantly bounced out and once any amount of sweat got on them I could no longer seal them in my ears properly which was something I can't say I cared for anyway. Sure you have better sound but you can't hear your environment which I feel is a safety concern when biking or running in traffic. Sony DR-AS22IP did a better job of staying on after being covered in sweat and You could hear your surroundings with them on. They still however would bounce off and I was constantly playing with my ears while running. Sony MDR-E828LP/SLV Worded OK but for them to stay in my ears I had to wrench the in and that became painful in a hurry. Enter the Yurbud.  They took care of everything. They stayed in no matter how much bouncing, sweating, or raining tried to shake them loose they stay in. Next they are comfortable, you barely notice they are in, I wore them in my first race which was a half marathon that took me just over two hours to finish and they never hurt. Lastly you can hear clearly with them in, depending on how loud I run them I can hear cyclist on running trails and cars on the road (sans the murderous Prius). So great I found a set of headphones that address ever issue I have had with nothing left out.
Now for the bad or at least not so good. Sound is not so great, its not terrible but its not great. They sound on par with the included headphones which came with my sansa clip and not being any kind of educated audiophile I really can't elaborate. Secondly is the cable, it knots terribly. The included zippered bag for storage really doesn't help in any was, if anything it helped to make a knot of them.
Now the bads are not terrible. They are certainly eclipsed by the good. It may only be my opinion but when running sound quality is not of the most importance. Your as likely to hear your heart beat as anything so true clarity is not going to be easy to get. As far as the cord tangling its not too hard to undo and once you have it routed however you like to keep it out of your way while being active it's no longer an issue.
Really these are great for what they are, but if you don't need them to work out in I see no reason to get them. I hope this helps you guys out in anyway. Have a nice day :)
Night Crawler
Night Crawler
Darn! I was really looking forward to your review, too! :[
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