Wicked Little Buds WI-2300 (Black)

General Information

Compact size with a full balanced sound make the Wicked Little Buds series of earphones from Empire Brands a great way to reduce bulk in your choice of earbuds. 7mm drivers with 16ohm impedance and 20-20,000K range give you quality sound for a reasonable price. 1.2 meter cord with gold plated plug. Limited lifetime warranty.

Latest reviews

Pros: Good sound, Very portable.
Cons: Not very resistant, Easy to lose, Easy to break
Wel I had this headphones, they were very loyal to me, I always take care of my headphones, BUT one day I had to borrow them to my sister, and then one of them was without sound! But the cord was very usefull, now I'm using the cord on a personalized pair of Over-Ear 'phones...
Oh, forgot to mention, I bought another pair after the first one was broken... They were the same, just silver...


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