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Pros: .
✅ Fit, build & Good looking capsule
✅ Technicalities are over-average
✅ Overwhelming performance in all frequencies
Cons: .
⭕ Bass needs some volume to work properly…
⭕ …and High frequencies can be too much for treble-sensitives
⭕ With some tracks scene sounds weird, voices recessed

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Tested at 180€. Could be bought at WHIZZER ALIEXPRESS STORE


Again Whizzer, another earphone continuing their project to deliver nice beautiful shells, with innovative technology. My last review about the HE03D, which got the same technology on the driver, with a bigger one (12mm) and totally different tuning, made me want to test the best of the products that WHIZZER got on their line.
And here we are, ready to review this Hybrid, with a pair of knowles ready to manage the high frequencies, a 5th Dynamic with tesla technology. Let's put them in!


  • Aluminium shell, perfectly shaped with 5axis CNC, to achieve a one piece for the chamber. A 2pin (semi-proprietary) connector, which accept any 2pin cable.
  • A beautiful Aluminum Matte finish, with a faceplate that has a logo and the model on the top. The hand-feeling is superb.
  • Weight is adequate, as the mold of the shelf, small ears are not going to have any problem with this earphone
  • 2 vents are present on the shell, bigger enough to avoid any flex on the driver. The nozzle seems to be part of the shell, and got double snap to adjust any tip on them
  • Need some volume to achieve a certain level of isolation, in the other hand sound leaking is non-existent
  • About fit, its light, really, the comfort could be affected because the size of the nozzle, but with the right pair of tips that comes with the earphones, it's easy to wear them all day long
  • Again, the package and accessories are over-average, rivaling some more expensive brands. The cable still tends to tangle, like the HE03D one, but it feels and looks nice

  • Needs some volume to work properly, so a powerful amp in low gain is my recommendation to drive them properly. BTR7 on low gain for example needs to fill the half of the bar to achieve a nice punch on the bass
  • Be careful with more vibrant dacs, highs could be uncomfortable on long sessions. The XBASS of iFI gives them a punchy character if needed
  • The white ones that comes in the package are my preferred, they are similar to the FIIO vocal ones
  • A nice driver capable of being eq´d. So if u want to try mod or equalization on this pair, it's perfect to the job

The tuning is more on the bright side, with a harman neutral bass, anyways thanks to the perfection of bass delivery, it has a punchy presentation with a little bit of colored feeling.
The tonality seems to be a little bit warm, which tends to saturate the high tones, with a little recessed mid-frequencies
It has the feel of an V-shape, but the technical level of the earphone makes them suitable for critical listening or relaxed ones.


I usually try to EQ to find the best performance of any equipment, no matter if it is a TV, PC or headphone. Audio shouldn't be an exception. Usually plays viaroon or[/color]UAPP, using stock cables. Just some tip rolling to get a proper seal.
  • MATRIX i-mini 3 pro
  • iFi XDSD Gryphon
  • FiiO K9pro AKM
  • FiiO BTR7
  • FiiO BTR3K
This is my[/color] Tidal Test Playlist
LOWs 93%
  • A pair of tones under Harman, the presence of the bass is nice, textured with a nice quantity of rumble.
  • Definition on low frequencies and the superb quality make this pair (again) one of the best DD on the segment
  • Best of dynamics, with a tight bass and so much rumble without distortion.
  • First time I check the graph I thought about the lack of bass (I'm a basshead) but this earphone has the exactly punch you need to enjoy music
MIDs 79%
  • The recessed frequencies, with complex tracks, tend to be drowned between upper and low frequencies. Have some coloration on mids
  • Voices and instruments sound with body, I prefer the female ones over the males. Instruments, jazz or orchestral are perfect, you can really feel every percusion
  • The issue is how recessed they sound, which is the principal problem. When the track is saturated, male voiced are lost
HIGHs 81%
  • Clearly, these frequencies are the stars of the show, all sounds on this part is gonna be revealed.
  • It's a sparkling monster, tends to over-present the details, especially the guitar chords. But they don't sound extremely piercing
  • The ability to reveal is excessive, a little bit less and more emphasis on mids, and this should be perfect


  • Its capable to present every layer of the track with clariness
  • Not the best to get textures on mids, but the rest of frequencies, are superb on resolution
  • Nice to get details of every track, the sparkling it has help to reveal them
  • It has coherence on the Timbre, nothing sound over saturated
  • Maybe male voices are affected by the body of the midbass, not bleed.
  • Strings are lovely, one of the best for this, also the percusion is fantastic. Piano feels thinner, but anyways this is superb
  • A nice ellipsis, more horizontal than vertical. Voices sound a little bit on the back of the head
  • The sensation of space is nicely done, you can point sounds around your head
  • Separation and layering are over average, maybe the bass presence point this earphone to the intimate side, closing the gap
  • For voices it is not as good as instruments (jazz, for example) tracks.
  • Resolutive, with capacity to resolve oversaturated tracks.
  • Fast, with nice recovery, feels good with percusion

When a brand doesn't create the same over and over, and launch a risky tuning like this it's something to celebrate. Compared to the price bracket contenders, maybe the lack of presence in voices that usually feels surpassed by the bass is enough to discard. BUT if you usually want to listen Live or jazz recordings, this could be a really nice pick.
Besides that,, Whizzer is a quality brand that provides beautiful packaging with the best construction in every segment.
So, if you are looking for something vivid, to enjoy percussion and guitar, this is a valid pick to put in the fight for your money.

I really loved to write this review, enjoying music and put all my effort on describe what are the good/bad things of an IEM, thanks to all people that arrive to the end of this review, you can find more information about comparison versus other earphones, and some albums I recommend hearing with this item.

Enjoy music, that is why we are all here. Feel free to comment.
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As always, we are going to compare versus a similar price range, or just with similar tuning earphone.



HE03D Glory for the bass
  • With an enormous shell, it could be an issue fit on your ears
  • Clearly a more fun tuning, looking to move your head. Mids are lost
  • Airy, with nice layering, but the stage is sometimes smaller
  • The other side of the coin, fun, engaging, with fit issues

HE03AL Sorry for the mids
  • Beautiful earphone with better fit and splendorous nozzle
  • The tuning is more mature, coherent
  • Better layering, better imaging, less stage
  • A masterpiece, but less musical than the HE03D. Comfort is better



  • Resin shell, but comfort is bad because the nozzle
  • Airy presentation, with analytical bass
  • Holographic stage, is like a 3D effect
  • Best technical earphone on the range, funnier for neutral lovers, more relaxed

  • Smaller capsule, better comfort, best build
  • Force of the bass,, more vibrant
  • Less stage, but they are on the same level on imaging
  • Funnier than Teas, a step behind on technical, two steps over on bass

Clicking on the image of the album open the webplayer of TIDAL

Carte Blanche

★★★★★ Probably one of the best DJ to see on live right now, this is his masterpiece, mixing all genres is a immense compendium of tracks

Recommended tracks:
‣ Frequency 75
‣ Butterly Effect
‣ When the Lights Go Down
‣ No More

If you want to feel the punch of the bass, and realise the inexistent bleed it got, this is the album you want to try. It's gonna make your feet move


Parallel Motion

★★★★ This fusion of jazz, from a band with more than 30 years on the stage, its one of the best album to express the contemporary jazz

Recommended tracks:
‣ Resilience
‣ Samaritan

Contemporary jazz with a beautiful recording, easy to listen to reveal what are the best qualities of this earphone
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