Custom like universal hybrid earphones 1DD+3BA

VT Audio Easy T4

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  1. mrazik
    "Very well rewarded blind purchase"
    Pros - Perfect fit and comfort, detailed sound, wide soundstage
    Cons - For some lack of prestige
    Some time ago I browse on AliEpress with no specific target, but I found in huge offer of earphones one, which really look great. They were called ,, universal custom made earphones " what sound interesting so I placed order and paid them ( 221,60USD with coupon ). There are few different driver configuration available for different money, but I choose hybrid model in 1DD+3BA setup. As shop announced it took few days, because earphones are made based on order plus shipping time, so after few weeks of waiting I got them on my desk.
    Shells are really custom like shaped, but in fact they are universal. Nozzle is wider with 3 bores and JVC SpiralDot tips fit perfectly on them. Shells are very comfortable and fit is firm. In fact these are one of best fitting earphones I ever got. Shells are made from transparent brown plastic ( 3D printer probably ) with face plate made from exotic wood. Design of earphones look classy and shells are made without any flows. Cable terminate is done through MMCX socket and cable have to be wear over ear.
    Package is quite simple. In metal box are earphones with stock cable. Because I was not sure, if earphones will come with cable or without, I order one too. Beside that are in box few of foam and silicon tips in various sizes.
    I tested T4 earphones with various sources - xDuoo X10, iPhone 6s with Hiby music player and Walnut V2s. T4 are very detailed earphones with wide and deep soundstage. Instrument separation is extraordinary as is their localization on wide scene. Sound is slightly V shaped with more emphasis on top end, but trebles are not sharp or aggressive. No sibilance either. In fact they have nice sparkle and airiness. Sound is very open and female vocals are addictive ( Patricia Barber's voice is so emotional to listen ). T4 bass is not going deepest I ever heard, but is present and is giving nice accent and body. As I mentioned already best thing on T4 is detail retrieval and clarity.
    T4 are very good on Jazz, Classic music, Folk, female vocals. Rock is not really bad, only sometimes I do miss a bit more impact on sub bass.
    T4 are phenomenal with Walnut V2S, I really like this combo most. They are very good with iPhone, but there is not best combination with xDuoo X10. Sound is becoming brighter than I like. Which is first time, when my earphones are not in good synergy with X10.
    Anyway I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm glade to see, that there is good alternative, with very good sound, but for very reasonable money too.


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