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VE's latest release is the 6BA universal by the name of EVE20, sporting two BAs for bass, two for the midrange and a last two for the treble

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100+ Head-Fier
EVE 20- A Wonderful first concept iem !!!
Pros: 1) Mid bass punch really good and Subass too is great
2) Intimate Vocals
3) Airy feels in instruments
4) Enough wide soundstage
5) Well extended treble and airy treble
6) Wonderful idea on VE side to try different tunings every year with a new limited model
Cons: 1) Price
2) No holographic soundstage
3) A little on leaner side
4) Too fast decay (imo-might not be for all)
EVE 20- A wonderful first concept !!

“A limited-edition universal earphone from VE which is only available for a certain number and only for one year!! Each year a new universal model is going to be released with different concept and tuning. All equipped with the legendary fit of our universal earphones shell. VE will produce a certain number during the year, so it is always limited in number. This year (2020) we start with the EVE20, next year will be the EVE21 and so on…”- BY VE (a little lazy on my side but credits to them for such beautiful way of describing it, that i didnt want to change it at all).
All this has got me very excited for 2021 but this time I am going to look at their EVE 20- the first limited model and I am just going to say it from beginning “I AM IMPRESSED BY THE IEM BUT I LOVE THE IDEA THE MOST”.

DISCLAIMER-- Today I am getting to review the VE EVE20 . This has been provided to me by Vision Ears in exchange for my honest opinion for which I am grateful to both Vision Ears, Amin Karimpour and @suman134 for including me in this tour.


The customs in INDIA are a different issue whole together, so this time it came in this beautiful metal jewelry box write VE all over it. It’s very nicely padded with soft foam, more cloth foam feeling than anything else. The IEMS on the first glance looked really beautiful. They have those Spinfit tips attached to them and a beautiful supple, 4 core cable which is 3.5mm single ended.


Beautiful looking red faceplate and a beautiful looking olive green or black vines colored acrylic shell, beneath it – it looks great and is really wonderful. Those faceplates have VE and EVE written on the faceplate of left and right iem in silver metal finish. It really looks good but is really a fingerprint lover haha!!

CABLE-The cable is 4 strand, black soft plastic-coated ending on a 3.5mm connector. The cable is soft, non-microphonic and really vanishes with the iem (has the weight of a hair haha). The connectors are 2pin and have a small red circle and a small blue circle on either of them to indicate right side and left connector. It’s similar to VE6XC might I say exactly same even, “if it aint broken, don’t fix it”.

THE STEEL CASE- Its heavy and made up of steel or aluminum chassis probably. It has the VE’s favorite color—Violet and I am loving it too. The inside is laced with soft rubber with like a cloth feel to it. The iems and the cable fits perfectly inside. The only complaint I have is this is BIG and heavy, while it may be best way to save the iems but not at all pocketable haha unless you have massive back pockets or have white coats pockets that I have haha.

FIT- These things have large nozzle about the same size as VE6 XC 6mm. These were not that much comfortable with my medium sized ears and caused a lot of vacuum for me with those added spinfits. I changed to BGVP W01 tips and now vacuum was gone and I got a perfect fit but wasn’t that comfortable to wear for long time. With time I got used to it and it was a wonderful experience from there on haha…

TIPS- The added spinfits are really good but they make them sound a bit boomy for my taste, maybe the fit was bad for me hence the sound perceived. Changing to wide bore tips, there was more of a balance now and better soundstage and refinement. Among them I loved the BGVP W01 and the reverse KZ starline tips were pretty good for a cheap DIY wide bore tip.


  1. The EVE20 is a 6 BA driver design - equipped with 2 lows, 2 mids and 2 highs.
  2. It’s a 4-crossover design with an impedance-25ohms and sensitivity is 120.5db.
Pretty easy to drive haha!! +1 in my book...
PRICE-1300.00 EUR (incl. 19% German VAT)


HOW THEY SOUND FINALLY I KNOW I KNOW haha !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Feel the bass drum in just below the vocals- Wow the amount of bass this generates wew, it’s thick, powerful and has a good body. For my testing I never check what the iem has, whether its BA or its DD but this iem being BA, seemed like a lower end DD pretty much. The snares are good with more extension at the end, hence making it have a beautiful timbre associated with it and perfect decay. Cymbals felt having air among it while hit and not a hint of sharpness for me, though a little lacking energy for my taste. It has an excellent way of presenting details in such a way that hihats will feel like 2 plates hitting each other at a time and wow that amount of detail got me hooked. Now it did have the BA characteristics of missing a bit of body in bass but it would give some good DDs a run for their money.

2) FOR SUBASS- NYCTERIS- HANS ZIMMER AND JAMES NEWTON HOWARD – From 0.30min the simple hits of the synth and the timbre from it is really good. Then the 1:37min the further hits and the slow receding sound makes it awesome song to test your sub-bass and check the bass atmospheric feel here.

The rumble this provides is really good!! Unlike VE6 XC which I recently reviewed this doesn’t feel congested at all. It has that air in between the instruments. The whole stage is on single plane though so can’t much say about the stage depth but there’s very very little depth (as in -Y axis) mostly heard from the kickbass drums that feel like coming at you from beneath. The texture is wonderful though and you can really feel the rumble course through you this requires a bit high volume that my normal listening level :p. The timbre is excellent and the mid bass hits in between with the left side rumble in this music wow!! A great feel and fun to listen to. The timbre is something I would like a bit more, a little more atmospheric feel.

A) FEMALES FIRST :gs1000smile: (this time ha-ha!!)-

A Fav of mine, the reverb that you hear in her voice starting at 0.32 min, with the piano in the mid-right side makes me a fan of this iem. The texture in her voice, the balance of the words and the slight roughness in here voice is all felt thoroughly. The sudden thickness that she imparts which was felt more on VE6 XC was not felt that much here but the airiness is really felt in her voice which felt like missing from the VE6 XC. The drum plate slow strikes with the sticks on the beginning, changing to right side from left at 0.58min and then the whole song hits with all the instruments-WOW!! What a feel!! Especially with the airiness in her voice, the slight revelation of her change of thickness and breath adds a more realistic feel to it. It’s not a lushier-thicker vocals iem but its more in corelation to a perfect balanced (neither lean nor thick) voice, with how the instruments should sound. I likey this!!!

2)TO CHECK SIBLIANCE- MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS-RENEE OLSTEAD- This vocalist has really sibilant voice but really lean and beautiful voice. Now with this iem it’s a tiny bit sibilant for sure but is it really? I doubt it, given the singers voice is so lean and airy with the ssss she produces should be there, otherwise it takes the fun out of it ha-ha!! So as per me tiny sibilance. But, man the lovely airy voice I dig it with the guitars and all…. LOVELY

B)(for boys 😎) MALE VOCALS


Frank has a very thick voice, and it shows really good here with the beautiful single pull of the bass guitar, trumpets, drums and other instruments going around him – a real classic!! Focusing on the Frank voice will show how this is a bit lean but that added air adds a good deal of realism to this iems nature. His voice in this iem is entirely thick from beginning of his note to the very end except at the very ends where did he is out of breath and you can feel it a bit here… The dynamic voice of his made me change the kidneys of this iem so much wew 🤩, I wonder if my volume knob will survive of this keeps on 🤣. His extension though has more height but less thick a bit …But especially with drums behind the separation is still epic and the clarity this has with differentiation of the notes of cymbals hit and thick voice is still present with each hitting different heights…. In short this is a bit lean but this helps keep things separated 😁


Now the vocalist here has a slight leaner voice and his sss are less very pronounced and there are a ton of ‘s’ in this song. Now this has a tiny of bit sibilance. Getting that out of the way everything else is epic , the leaner voice is really good with hint of air ( which is was missing with VE 6XC but it made me forget tubes ). The voice of the Buddhist starts with a hint of thicker note and then picks up to show his high pitch nature, it’s not too high but you can feel it against the likes of Frank Sinatra. I love this much air in the vocals add a realism to the voice , the reverb from the piano is also great. Now yes with the number of details of going around, nothing gets mixed up and everything is shown not in a forceful way but smoothly (not too smooth though). The air in voice and the change in his pitch , the dynamic nature of this iem comes up real fast. The vocals do extend to the edges sometimes when it’s more solo not when other instruments are playing though 😁 Really good extension on the height and width too .. I would have liked to see more energy on the piano though 😁

3) MIDS- HUNTING GIRL-JETHRO TULL; THE WOLF AND THE MOON-BRUNUHVILLE; BONFIRE HEART-JAMES BLUNT; LA BELLE ISLE-GEORGE DAVIDSON; HOTEL CALIFORNIA (LIVE ON MTV)-EAGLES – These are few of the tracks among a whole lot of others, I tried for testing the mids of this iem.

MIDS have a dynamic nature to it and this iem just nails it. The mids are slightly lean but airier and do have that realistic tonality rather than a thick tonality obscuring the others, there’s a good deal of air in between instruments and I kinda dig it haha!!! The beginning of notes has a good deal of definition and distinction to it, the mids of different instruments have that body and feel that really, I like. The ends are distinct too, it doesn’t miss anything :p. The timbre is really good but I would have loved a bit more extension to make it feel more real. The mids have a forward sound signature overall. The upper mids are airy but somehow really lack a bit of energy for me atleast, feels a little dull for my experience. Now especially the trumpets body lacks for me and piano body notes feel a bit dull for my taste. This might not be as per your experience but for me it’s a bit dull there, Guitars on the other hand with added air in the pulls of strings don’t feel that way so for acoustic solo this is really good!!!

TREBLE – STEAMBREATHER – MASTODON; CIGARETTES IN THE THEATER - TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB and DO IT AGAIN- STEELY DAN- I use these tracks extensively to test the treble tonal accuracy, positioning, speed and separation.

With wind blowing instruments like flute , trumpets etc , this thing is epic .. You feel the air when it’s being blown in and being blown out and then comes the successful high notes. They have their change of volume too, between each blow and it's so beautifully felt here. It's very dynamic here and is in no way a slouch. The speed of decay is a bit faster than I would like but it helps it here in faster tracks. The speed of the iem to change the notes is really fast and the tiny transients even have an height haha- which helps to easily hear them overall. Now electronic guitars and all synth drums, woahh , the extension of notes either way is really good . This adds that required energy in rock albums and make you wanna headbang 😏 just don’t bang your head in real life please 🤣. Now coming on hihats and cymbals, epic that’s it. Each hit is registered and easily felt, the extension through the air is also good. The timbre is excellent but doesn’t leave a lingering presence (courtesy of VE 6XC I try to look for this everywhere now). Lower treble would benefit from a little more energy, but then it's might be enough for a lot of people but imo, it needs a bit more. This is really good in these frequency ranges, a little more energy into the upper mids and lower treble would be more epic. One thing I would have liked is a better stage, more on that below .


Resolution is really good especially on the slight nuances, small cues and everything is really well seen in the entire listening area of the user. The placement is a bit diffuse per se, you can’t figure out the exact location but you can feel the instrument notes coming from there. Between the notes even, the separation is top notch due to that added air in the instruments it comes up way easier and faster decay helps in that aspect too. Separation between notes is also really good and unlike the VE6 XC this has separation in all the parts of notes from beginning to end and does so also in the congested tracks which is where the VE 6XC lacked. Imaging on the other hand is though very nicely felt, there’s no proper projection in space (z axis) hence its there but very similar to 2D for me. The instruments though for the superb resolution still make you see them either on top or on left or on right!!!

STAGE – combine all the above tracks and you have it haha !!! Lemme be a little lazy 😋
  1. X axis- This thing is wide goes just beyond you head. The notes do reach a little wide presentation at the beginning but then lean on 😁
  2. Y axis- It's tall there for sure.. Notes have different height and easy to distinguish them from each other. Decay is fast enough and transients are easily felt too
  3. Now for (–)Y axis aka depth – This thing lacks that a lot, kick bass has a little but of depth but that’s it!!!
  4. Z axis– aka projection or like I say stage depth – Nope this doesn’t have any at all, even though the imaging is good but if it occurs in a straight line on z axis this doesn’t show such at all…

Now this is the bane escape scene from the airplane on youtube (a simple search will show it to you). From the starting of the scene, the wind blowing comes off really good!! Then the plane rotor sound which comes through with the camera panning from left to right, requires a bit of work though, the sound comes from left to right, but here its more on the left and middle with more of the sound coming from top rather than front feeling, the lack of projection or holographic stage is felt here. Rest all the parts of video, including the blasts, the bullets wheezing through air everything is excellent…The bass is accurate but has too much body emphasis that it forgets to linger it a little longer…All in all it was a wonderful experience all together haha!!!



  1. Faster decay
  2. Instruments have more air
  3. Thicker midbass
  4. Vocals are more intimate hence more emotional
  5. A little wider soundstage

  1. Subbass more refined on POLA
  2. Slower but balanced decay adds more timbre
  3. Has depth and stage depth too
  4. Better upper mids and lower treble energy
  5. Better imaging and holographic stage

All in all the one thing I must say is this – These two- without A/B and a blind test, it will be difficult to differentiate them, “Brothers from different mothers haha”


This iem is a real gem, now everything has it faults and this has its too, but the resolution, separation, airy nature and timbre of the instruments especially adds a thing of realism to music and hence gets my recommendation to buy…considering you have a big wallet haha !!
Thanks a lot !!
Ace Bee
Ace Bee
Beautiful review!


New Head-Fier
Vision ears EVE20 Review
Pros: Superb dynamics, lively , energetic smooth sound signature.light weight,easy to drive ,not source picky
Cons: Slightly bigger shell for small ears. Cable
This vision ears eve20 iem was sent to me as part of a review tour , arranged by vision ears . I m not paid by any one to write anything good or bad. All the expressions are my own.

Vision ears eve20 is made exclusively for year 2020 with lot of love and solid technical foundation. It has four-way crossover. This iem has 6 ba drivers ,2 for lows 2 for mids and 2 for highs in acrylic shell.
Impedance-25ohms and sensitivity is 120.5db

This iem is review unit so all accessories not included. Though it came with very good round metal case which is purple colour and very solid yet beautiful.iems came with stock cable which I feel could've been better for its price point and set of spinfit tips

Fit, Comfort and Isolation
VE EVE20 is very light weight and will disappear in ear for those whome has large ears like me ( Ikko oh10 is very comfortable and fits perfectly to my ears hehe). Isolation also very good with right size tips. Spinfits and fiio fh3's L size stock tips serves me well.i can wear it for very long time of period without any issues.

Sound Impressions

Despite of being all ba iem this gem has very good low frequency response. Bass quantity is not like some dd/hybrid iems but quality is absolutely fantastic. Bass is punchy ,tight, well extended ,very energetic yet very clean. Decay is short though there is enough sub bass rumble when needed.bass control is very accurate and doesn't bleed in mids which is good thing.eve20 has slightly less bass then ve6xc .

Mids on this iem is its best part .Very lush,smooth and engaging .both male and female vocals are full bodied. smoothness and clarity is phenomenal .notes has enough weight and very well defined.if we compare eve20 with other vision ears model ve6xc vocals are not as good as vision ears VE6XC though not far behind.

Treble on this set is not very airy and energetic if compared to other iems but it is slightly laidback with lot of details are there. it's not sibilant at all infact I loved the way it presents treble ,yes I m a bit treble sensitive person.inshort trebles are smooth and pleasing on eve20, but slightly less detailed then ve6xc.


soundstage and imaging
Soundstage is not the best though it is very wide and expansive, tall ,and depth is enough for an iem. Imaging is very accurate and precise ,i can imagine each and every instrument's position. Gaming with this iem is pure joy ,i can pinpoint enemies footsteps , gunshots, direction of bullets etc very easily

Speed and Dynamics
EVE20 performs like champ in this category.eve20 can compete some planar magnetics in speed. punch ,slam , attacks and bites are much more agressive then hifiman Ananda. I don't understand how can this pair perform so energetic and lively.

Tonality and Timbre
In general many all ba iems has that infamous Typical metalic timbre but that is not the case with EVE20. infact this has very good pleasing sweet tonality that reminds me of somewhere between etymotic er2xr and Audeze Mobius.but yes it's slightly different then all other iems I tried out there.

The eve20 is fun to listen iems, not analytical or dry sounding by any mean.All over sound signature is very engaging , cohesive , immersive, energetic and full of Emotions.While watching movies on this I felt all frequencies are boosted, like on steroids except highs. I was literally blown away by its life like , lively ,home theater like performance while watching movies ,and I mean it. It's like personalized mini HT system LoL. All other iems in my collection felt anemic and dull against this set. I really loved this set 😍 . thankyou vision ears for letting me audition this piece of gem. should I recommend this ? Definitely yes .

Gear Used For Audition
1) laptop
2) smart phone
3) dd hifi tc35b
4) fiio btr5
5) ifi micro idsd black label



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Ace Bee

Headphoneus Supremus
EVE20: On the Eve of Greatness
Pros: Controlled but strong bass presence
Wonderfully musical and forward mids
Well-extended and musical highs with just enough sparkles
Smooth and rich texture
Carefully sculpted details
Expansive stage
Brilliant and accurate imaging
Sufficient air
Cons: Subbass physicality may lack in very few tracks
Midrange notes can be slightly more thick than desired, eating up a bit of air
Shell size can be an issue for medium to small ears
Vision Ears is a pretty well knowned brand from Germany in audiophilia. EVE20 is the first model of their Exclusive Vision Ears cconcept series - "A limited Edition universal earphone which is only available for a certain number and only for one year!" Supposedly, each year a new universal model is going to be released with different concpet and tuning.


I received this EVE20 as a part of an ongoing review tour, for which I would like to thank @Vision Ears . My impressions recorded here are purely of my own. I am under no obligation to sugarcoat my words. I took about a week to listen to it and put forward as honest a review as possible.


is a Six BA iem with a pretty straight-forward configuration - Two for Low, Two for Mids, Two for highs. The overall sound signature is claimed to be balanced and musical. We will see below whether the claims hold true.

Build and Fit:
Build of EVE20 is quite solid and compact. There are no unwanted blank space inside the shell, the 6 BA drivers are crammed inside neatly with three soundtubes protruding from them and ending at the nozzle. The nozzle design is quite obviously a three-bore design. The translucent red faceplate raises the appeal even more.
Fit needs some work, though. Even though the nozzle is quite long, the shell is also quite tall, and hence it may push against the pinna for small to medium size ears. I did have some difficulties putting them in and pulling them out. And after around one hoursof continuous usage was feeling slight stress in my ears.


On to the most key aspect of the iem. As VE claimed, EVE20 boasts a very musical sound signature, with a W shaped profile with the rightmost arm a bit shorter than others. The sound is quite dynamic yet smooth, has a noticeable warm tonality, and surprises the listener with lots of subtle details.

EVE20 has a very strong and voluminous low end with a very nice decay. Nice as in it's not too fast to sound dry, and yet it's not too slow to to eat up air. VE has provided enough punch and thump and yet managed to keep everything under control. The focus is slightly more on midbass than subbass, and hence the punches are extremley satisfactory. The midbass punches have a strong presence, the bass notes have considerable weight and body. Textures are very well reproduced. The amount of air moved by the two Low BAs with such power is quite impressive.

Metallica - The Four Horsemen has a quite fast kickdrum that may sound light on some DD (UM 3DT) and hence lack presence, but EVE20 brings out it with authority and gives its own distinct presence in the mix effortlessly. The drum rolls are likewise strong and weighty.
Bass guitars in Muse - Showbiz and Steven Wilson - Pariah sound just enough thick to boast a natural presence while not grabbing the whole attention.

When it comes to subbass, EVE20 is not a slouch either. It reaches deep, and has sufficient weight to the notes. Subbass does not sound lanky and will mostly provide satisfaction to all. However, it still fails to attain the physical presence of subbass. You can clearly hear the thick subbass notes, but you cannot FEEL it in the atmosphere.

The subbass rumbles in Massive Attack - Teardrop has an easily noticeable full-bodied presence. However, in The Dark Knight - Why So Serious from 03:25 the very deep subbass thumps can be clearly heard, but cannot be felt in the atmosphere, the way it supposed to feel. Here lies one of the two chinks in the armour of EVE20.


The soul of EVE20 lies in its mids, and hence mids are given a very forward presence here. Somehow, VE was able to create a smooth musical experience without compromising even a shred of detail here.

Lower mids are slightly warm, thick, emphasised, brilliantly textured, and carefully detailed. Even though the notes are quite smooth, absolutely no details are masked. Male vocals and string instruments sound wonderfully alive! EVE20 exhibits very impressive layering of notes also. The emphasis presence here mostly play along with rest of the music very well, but on rare occassions the thick notes may sound a bit invasive.

Leonard Cohen's voice in Hallelujah sounds so natural and emotional that it nearly stopped my breath.
I simply got lost when Metallica - The Four Horsemen came into play. The track had never sounded this soulful and musical before. The rhythm guitars and the vocals normally sound a bit thin and sharp on other iems I have, but on EVE20 they sang with a newly found emotion I never heard before.
However, in Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST - Prelude To War the cellos, and in Evanescence - Imaginary the rhythm guitars sounded a bit more thick than my preference, and it compromised a bit of airiness in those tracks. Nevertheless, the musicality was still present.

Upper mids of EVE20 is as natural as it can realistically be. There is a very slight hint of warmth here, which only adds to its natural timbre. Brilliant layering of notes has its natural presence here. Notes are clean, very well defined, full of energy, without any hint of sharpness. Female vocals sound energetic, emotional. Violins sound outstandingly musical. I really have nothing to complain here.

Yao Si Ting's voice in Scarborough Fair sounds ethereal, silky smooth. There is a sizzle in her voice that can be clearly felt, not just heard, without any discomfort - which proves VE's impressive prowess in tuning. The background violins sang out unrestrained, withtheir much deserved musicality.
Amy Lee's powerful voice in Evanescence - Imaginary touched my heart in a way it never did before. The emotions conveyed were ample in quantity. It was the perfect blend of energy and smoothness.


Compared to Low and Mid, Highs have relatively slightly less energy, but that does not mean highs sound muted. On the contrary, they are quite clearly present in their own definite spaces. In short, the treble can be defined as detailed and smooth. The smoothness of note make them sound easy on the ear, and yet not a single detail gets lost.
Both lower treble and upper treble have almost equal amount of energy here. Extensions are very good, and there is sufficient amount of air present. The sparkle and shimmer may lack energy a little bit compared to mids, but they are not lost, rather very tactically present in the mix so as to enhance the overall experience rather than grabbing attention.

For testing the highs I chose Steven Wilson - Pariah first. Right from 03:28 the sound expands, background instruments kick in. The upper range instruments here sound brilliant, surreal, yet smooth. The musicality is unmatched, and the expansive presentation can be enjoyed to its fullest.
Metallica - The Four Horsemen is another track which houses a brilliant array of cymbals and hi-hats, which can be quite piercing if the iem is very bright. EVE20 reproduces them with all the details and an added musicality, that makes the experience all the more pleasant.


As already mentioned under the Mids section, EVE20 boasts a clean and defined layering of notes. The details are aplenty, but what really surprised me was the definition of the notes. The notes are so well defined that they have an almost three-dimensional real feel to them. Also, the rich textures of EVE20 is something to revel in.

The soundstage expands in all direction uniformly: Width, Height, and Depth. Each individual note is cleanly separated from the other. Different instruments and vocals all have their each individual defined position in the holographic soundstage created. Depth of stage is especially noteworthy here, along with the height and width, which contribute to the holographic presentation the most. Plenty of air exists in the stage such that it almost never feels suffocated. The stage is nothing short of Grand.

Vs. Unique melody Mirage - Mirage is another outstanding kilobuck iem from Unique Melody. There is a distinct difference between them regarding tonality: EVE20 has a distinct warm tonality, whereas Mirage is more neutral sounding.
Mirage pulls ahead with its incredibly natural bass. The subbass and midbass have very natural weight, natural decay, and satisfactory thump. Bass of Mirage has very well defined textures and very pleasing voluminous feel to it. EVE20 feels somewhat dry compared to Mirage.
Mirage's mids also sound much more clean and bright due to slightly leaner note body. But that's not to say the separation is better. In fact, EVE20 boasts a more impressive separation. On top of that, EVE20 midrange notes sound much more alive and three-dimensionally defined compared to Mirage.
Likewise, Mirage delivers brighter highs. But EVE20 delivers marginally more detailed highs with more life-like presence.
EVE20 trumps Mirage in soundstage though. The height and depth of stage on EVE20 effortlessly outclasses Mirage, which sounds slightly flatter in comparison. Layering on EVE20 is simply much better as well.

EVE20 is an outstanding offering of VE. Musicality, Details, Grand Presentation, Liveliness - VE missed nothing. In fact, they almost hit it out of the park with this. Why almost? Because it still lacks in bass, and the mids can become overwhelmingly forward on rare occassions. And hence, EVE20 stops on the eve of being a great iem, never able to cross it.
Honestly, if only these two issues can be addressed, VE will have an assured winner in their arsenal. And yet, as it is , EVE20 is still a brilliant iem at the price range of $1300, and I can honestly recommend it to any mids lover out there eyes closed, if they can handle the fit, that is.


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a well rounded review mate


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