Shure SE530x6 by Unique Melody

Unique Melody SE530x6

  • Shure SE530x6 by Unique Melody

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  1. Mimouille
    Good improvement over the Shure Flagship
    Written by Mimouille
    Published Jan 16, 2013
    Pros - Nice bass, very smooth vocals, and large soundstage
    Cons - Trebble could be more extended. Separation more or less good depending on tracks. Sound sometimes a bit veiled.
    If you are a fan of the Shure sound and have a broken pair of Shure SE530, or would like to try custom IEM but stay with a familiar sound signature and not spend 1000$ right away, the SE530x6 is the way to go. I am having a hard time finding anything wrong with them as I do not have better customs, but they challenge the best headphones I have (ATH ES10). These IEMs are quite easy to drive, and will sound very nice straight out of a Cowon player (though they sound better out of my iBasso DX100).
    Besides, if you have them reshelled by UM (which I totally recommend), you will be guaranteed awesome craftsmanship, great service (with Stephen Guo).
    In terms of sound, just imagine the SE530, add better comfort and isolation, better soundstage and instrument separation, more control in the bass, and more extension in highs and lows in general. These are really very musical with high quality well mastered tracks.
    Just one thing, if you absolutely want the best of the best, these are not supposed to be as good as the top tier customs...I will tell you more once I receive my Miracle !
    The price is 469$ with UM (without special decoration), I added 100$ for Sapphire cables. Impressions are around 50$.
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