This new earbud was designed as an ergonomic replacement to the ordinary earbuds that come with...

Umbo Earbud - Best Fitting Ergonomic Earbud for Bluetooth and Other Wireless Headsets.

  • This new earbud was designed as an ergonomic replacement to the ordinary earbuds that come with most Bluetooth headsets. After trying out countless headsets and having experienced the same annoying discomfort, we were inspired to come up with our own earbud design. This earbud is uniquely formed into a conical-like shape that fits comfortably inside of the ear canal. It is made from a supple, gel-like material and is designed to fit a wide variety of ears. It will make using your headset so comfortable - you will forget you are wearing one! The unique tapered shape also enhances sound and noise isolation; thereby improving the audibility of the sound and helping to keep external noises out. It's great for those with difficulty in hearing the sound from their headsets and excellent for use in noisy environments.

    Compatibility List:
    Aliph: Jawbone 2, JB2 PLUS, PRIME, ICON
    Anycom: SIRA-8
    Bluedio: Model T9
    Bluespoon: AX2
    BlueTrek: DUO Stereo, Levi's
    FoneGear: MiniBlu
    GoldLantern: Dual G2
    Jabra: BT2050, BT2070, BT2080
    Just Wireless: BT-35
    LG: HBM-210, HBM-560, HBM-730, HBM-760, HBM-770
    MadCatz: 8860 for PS3
    Motorola: H12, H15, H270, H370, H371, H375, H385, H390, H560, H620, H680, H681, H685, H690, H695, H780, H790
    Plantronics: CS70, CS70N, Voyager 510 Series
    RocketFish: RF-QX3
    Samsung: WEP200, WEP450, WEP500, WEP650, WEP700
    Sony: Bluetooth for PS3
    Sound ID: 200, 300, 400, SM100, SM200
    Wireless Gear: 4PR907, 4PR909
    We will update this list as we test out more models.

    Headset not included - Sold individually (1)
    Currently available in just one size, one size fits most.
    It is very flexible and can stretch to fit a variety of headsets, but not all of them.
    Latex-free, BPA free, phthalate free, vinyl chloride free
    Washable with liquid soap and water.

    Patent Pending

    Now in a great new package, same great product.

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