Ultrasone PRO 900

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PRO 900. The Acoustic Majesty of Professional Grandeur. The first Ultrasone PRO headphones with the patented S-Logic PLUS technology. Enjoy unlimited sound performance. Trust your ears. New Titanium drivers S-Logic PLUS technology Ultra Soft detachable Cable Diamond-cut Aluminium nameplate Velvet earpds in BLACK & SILVER Hard sided transportation case Neutrik connectors. Short description Foldable, closed-back professional headphones with new Aluminium nameplates New PRO Box (hardcase) for safe transportation and storage, incl. accessories Technologies: S-Logic� Natural Surround Sound MU Metal shielding (ULE-technology) Safer hearing PRO Box contents Professional headphones 2 detachable cables: one straight (length 3 m), one coiled (length > 3 m) with gold- plated jacks 6,3 mm and gold-plated adapter 6,3/3,5 mm Spare pair of speed-switch ear pads Demo CD Instruction manual Technical specifications S-Logic� Natural Surround Sound Dynamic principle Frequency range 8-35.000 Hz Impedance 40 Ohm Sound pressure level 94 dB MU Metal bufferboard, reduced field emissions in accordance with ULE (=Ultra Low Emission) standard Driver 40 mm titanium-plated Weight 295 g (without cord) Long-term availability of spare parts.

Latest reviews

Pros: Powerful bass, Impact, Speed, Imaging, Detail, Comfort, Unbelievable with EDM
Cons: Can be bright in the treble at times, Mids aren't the greatest
I've owned this headphone for years, and I cannot say that about any other headphone. I've compared it to headphones costing multiple times its cost, other "supposed" EDM cans, and other Ultrasone headphones.
The Pro 900 is special. It's the bass, which goes very deep, very low, and sounds powerful. This headphone also has some very good impact, slamming nice and hard on electro house tracks. The bass goes deep, but it doesn't sound too uncontrolled or boomy. This is the best bass I've heard in a headphone.
Okay, so it has great bass. What else?
These also have great detail. If you've never heard Ultrasones before, it's a safe bet you will hear things in your music you haven't heard before with their extended highs and very clear sound.
Now the mids. They a bit recessed. Even though this is true, it is obvious... If you're going to boost the low end and the high end, the middle part is going to sound less "boosted". The mids are still very detailed, just not emphasized much in the overall sound signature. That's okay. You don't need very forward mids for EDM. 
They are great with anything modern. Pop music, dance music, hip hop, anything with a modern beat which can take advantage of the amazing bass of these headphones.
These are very comfortable. As the pads break in, they soften. The pad on top is very comfortable as well. I can wear them for hours with no problems at all. I actually love their design.
Furthermore, these are built like tanks. You'd have to try really hard to damage these. 
Positioning? You want the back of your ears just grazing the back of the ear pads. That's what works for me, at least. It's effortless to get a good fit, once you adjust the size to fit your head comfortably.
These have nice imaging when you get them positioned right. You can hear sounds from lower left, upper right, etc. It's a very interesting experience and something I have found the Ultrasones to excel at versus other brands I have tried.
I think that's about it. These headphones have given me probably 1,000's of hours of listening enjoyment. I love them. Though they aren't perfect, they offer a unique sound signature that no one else seems to offer. And if you love it like me, that makes them very special. Highest recommendations if you are an EDM listener.
Don't hesitate to add a comment if you love your 900's like me, or if you have any comments or questions!
These can be run without an amp, and they'll sound great. Most of the time I don't even bother using a separate amp, since they sound great without it.
Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want to talk about the best headphones for electronic music (ahem the Ultrasone pro 900)!
These aren't perfect headphones, but for my listening purposes, they are as close as perfect as I have found, which to me, means they deserve a full 5 stars.
I'm looking at the Pro 900i. It looks like the ear cup has a 3.5mm connection (right?) with screw threads.  Would I be able to use any cable that terminates at a 3.5mm?  I have cable with microphone for my iPhone that I'd like to use with it...
Also, how would these compare to the Fidelio X1/X2? 
Thanks for your help.  I too, am an electronic music junky; big time.  
Pros: Great bass and treble
Cons: Slightly recessed midrange, sounds can "bleed" a little, especially at high volumes
I've had these for a couple of years now (although they don't get as much playing time anymore) so I figured I'd write a review.  Of all of the headphones I have owned these are the ones that wowed me the most upon my first listen.  The bass on these is just ridiculous.  They are easily driven by an iPod/Phone but do sound a good bit better when paired with a nice amp.  Like many others have said these do best with electronic music, or anything aggressive, however I have found that they perform more than adequately with all genres of music.  They are a very clean and sharp sounding headphone.  My main complaint about these would be comfort, they clamp very tightly and it can get uncomfortable after a while.
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My thought are these are THE basshead phone but don't get the recognition simply because they are pretty darn good all around. I think they are truly great phones and I have no issues with the treble shrillness some people do. These are in my top two headphones and that's in some pretty select company.
I definitely agree with your comment. The bass these headphones create is just absurd, but they are imo excellent all-around headphones. I even think they do quite well with classical and acoustic music, pretty much any genre. I have to say I feel that they offer the single best performance for the price out of any headphone I have tried, including the He-400s (which to my ears sound almost as good). I just slightly prefer the D7000s and Th-900s over these, but by a very, very small margin.
Pros: great midbass, detail and speed
Cons: burnin is long
worth well more than what you pay for them. need a long burnin though
how the sounds improve after burned in?


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