Technical Parameters: Wearing styles: ear Headphone Type: Wired Whether the microphone: No ...

TTPOD T1-E High Definition Dual Dynamic Professional In-ear Earphone

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  • Technical Parameters: Wearing styles: ear Headphone Type: Wired Whether the microphone: No Plug Diameter: 3.5mm Headphone plug type: straight type Driver:2*6.2mm (unilateral) Frequency range:8Hz-26KHz Sensitivity:104db at 1KHz/mW Impedance: 12ohms Cable: 18 core 0.05mm OFC silver plated cable Cable length:1.3m Connector:3.5mm gold-plated Plug Packing lists: TTPOD T1-E earphone 9 sites of eartips (S/M/L Like the picture shows) A Carrying bag

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  1. Darknecron
    Pros - Full non-bloated bass, rich smooth mids, clean laid-back treble, build quality, comfort
    Cons - Literally nothing
    First off, I would like to say that anyone who gives this less than four stars either:
    1.  Received a fake pair
    2.  Is a troll / is lying
    3.  Has godawful taste in sound
    I'm not actually going to write a review at all... twister6 's review pretty much covers it.  I do have to say, though... if you put these side-by-side with the legendary Havi B Pro, the Havi edges ahead only slightly in the detail category; the TTPODs are quite detailed for their price bracket.
  2. Viber
    "A Turd"
    Pros - They come in a nice box ,they look nice, don't hurt your ears IF you're using foam tips, decent bass
    Cons - Worst mids ever, horrible value for money ,NOT a fun sound, will make you hate music
    These things are probably the biggest shock i had in the world of headphones\earphones, i read all the rave reviews, i burned them in for days, i eq'd them to death but in the end: "You can't polish a turd".





    My greatest concern about these turned out to be a non issue, some of the white silicone tips had a good fit but some memory foam tips i got from Ebay gave me a great comfy fit.

    Nothing to complain about here.




    These look great imo, a lot smaller than they look in the pictures and videos, the cable is kinda cheap and ugly but i didn't expect something of great quality.




    Bass and lower mids: The bass on these is nice and controlled, definitely not a basshead low end. I agree with everyone about the quality of bass too, you can increase the bass on the TTPOD without any distortion and i was impressed by it.


    Treble: Not too bad! , it doesn't extend too much or sparkle but it doesn't pierce your ears either.


    Mids (especially high mids):  BRUTAL,  i'm not overreacting here, it can sound OK with some tracks but other songs just made me laugh with how bad these are...It's really weird...the bass and treble sounds like 50$ but the mids and higher mids in particular can sound like those 1$ earphones you get in a plastic bag from eBay.


    Overall i'd say these IEM are characterized by a very poor technical ability, anything more complicated than a Kick+percussion+Analog bassline\Acoustic guitar is mission impossible.


    Value for money: (2/10)


    A few years ago i would have said these give you a pretty good value for money, but now? i have a 7$ iem in my ears right now (AWEI ES900i) which are WAY better than the TTPODs, the AWEI are more fun because of their bass and they don't distort nearly as much as the TTPODs , they actually share a similar caveat in the higher mids but to a lesser extent. all i have to do with the AWEI is decrease the high-mids band by -2db and i'm done, the TTPODs are hopeless, they might have some better sound separation than the AWEI but they are not fun to listen to.


    I even have a cheaper AWEI iem i bought for 3$ which i prefer over the TTPODs.



    Why did i write this review?


    I just wanted to say my intentions are good. I bought these because i read all those 4 and 5 stars reviews so i clicked the "buy now" button expecting a magical crisp sound which will be an upgrade over my other 3-7$ IEMs and i was really disappointed by it.

    I think it's time to stop this hype train or at least balance it out, these DO NOT worth 35$+ , spend your money on something else.




    Now tell me that i bought fakes\broken pair\am crazy\a Chinese mole working for a rival company ​[​IMG]


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  3. Wokei
    "You know you gotta get one!"
    Pros - Sweetest Bass with good treble
    Cons - Fitting Issue
    TTPOD T1E Review
    Be using me Fiio X3 for this review ......fosho' this purple jet pack is one sexy lookin' IEM .....housing is big but could be a problem for some with the fitting ....can be worn down or over the ears though me prefer down always do ..ahem ......HUGE they are but its actually quite comfy for me and insertion is shallow and good for long listening session.....guaranteed to make you break out and do some nasty move fosho' sure did ....muahahahahahahahahaaa 
    Right out of the gate gotta say ...its a must have for those who already owned Havi it will compliment on your iem signature collection ....with Havi being more technical vs T1E fun factor without sacrificing too much on detail and clarity ....damm good buy for under USD50 or less.
    Dual dynamic driver is excellent on these babies .....awesome bass performance ...the show stopper and main attraction .....quality bass texture  but not overblown with good attack , impact is very engaging with good speed, aggressive and in your face presentation while the sub bass is imho tonally right with incredible extension that don't bleed into mid ...." MUSICAL " and "FUN". Put it this way ......if you have Havi ..this is the type of girl you bring home to meet the parents ....type your parents will approve
    BUT with T1E .....its the kind of girl you wanna bring to the club and partaaaaaaaaaaaay .....and you know you gonna have a good time 
    The  mid is lush and forward it a very smooth, warm and very musical sound .....with good details......damm the electric guitar sounds good with BITE ....together with the sweet bass ...its a knock out punch combination 
    Treble is clear though not extended as me would like ......but they do shimmer n sizzle with the right dose standing head to head with the bass and the mid ....not overly bright ....very smooth and more forgiving when the music gets busy ....very ideal in the whole sound signature ....." SIZZLE" ...they do
    Sound-stage is above average with depth and width ..isolation is good imho .....have to get the right seal and fit ...details are also good considering the bass is the scene stealer here ...
    Conclusion ....if you are not a bass head but do enjoy "thump" in your sound or you be bass head but do enjoy some detail,clarity and good lush mid ....its a good iem to get with copious amount of good fun quality bass that me think will satisfy many ...without limiting your choice of music genre by getting a bass head iem or neutralish iem...
    Hope you enjoy the review are some image that most aptly describes T1E in me head ..." FUN"  ....not for children !
    Those who click ....dissapointed in you guys thought there would be more pics of beautiful girls ....Wokei delivers ! Boom
    Some actual pics of me Purple T1E ....and not just those pics above are for illustration purpose only ..haha

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