Spirit Torino Radiante Ragnarr Professional Edition

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"A Ragnarr headphone doesn’t accept any construction compromises and combines the neodymium-enhanced drives with the fixed cables that have been the trademark of Andrea Ricci‘s most successful elaborations.
The performance of this configuration is exceptional and guarantees professional-level reliability even in the most demanding applications.

Passive radiator Spirit System​
1x drives Spirit​
1,2 m -2,2 m detachable cable by Portento Audio
2.000 mW​
32 ohm​
Closed circumaural​
18-32.000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves​
WEIGTH (without cable)​
370 gr​
0°C to 50°C​
Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System​



Sede operativa – Via Rivalta, 30 – 10040 Volvera (TO) - Italy
Sede legale – Via Cernaia, 2 – 20121 Milano (MI) - Italy
P.IVA IT 10264360966 – Capitale Sociale 10.000,00 euro – N.ro REA MI-2517864


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John Massaria

Member of the Trade: JM Audio Editions/Headphone Modifications
Spirit Torino Radiante Ragnarr Professional Closed Back Dynamic Driver - A Collectors HP
Pros: basshead’s wet dream...bass king, very well made functional beautiful Italian art, comfortable for long periods of time, the end game HP for bass heads, a specialty headphone really made for heavy metal, rock and EDM- like a live concert performance sitting very close to stage monitors, especially excellent for drums, classical can sound wonderful, jazz and blues sound nice so long as pitch of any singer doesn't glare in recording (it will show up here as these will not hide the poor choices sometimes some engineers or recording masters make), The Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr Professional is a one of a kind - unique collector headphone- no “bass” collection should be without, cable is the among the highest quality I ever seen in a headphone, pride of ownership, sounds best with high performance amp and dac - very resolving
Cons: The professional version is way too heavy for portable use since cable is attached permanently, sound signature is unique and may not be for those seeking flat line neutral sound signature, short on being an all rounder headphone- this is a very targeted sound made for extended impactful bass presence- it's best strong suit, case while very nice for unboxing experience is useless after unboxing
Spirit Torino Radiante Ragnarr Professional
Closed Back Dynamic Driver


Lets get right into this... I am Italian- and these headphones are from Italy. BUT I promise there is no allegiance or preference given here due to my heritage at all. I am 100% unbiased as in all my reviews- I will tell you as I see's it or in this case hears it. But lets get real... The Italians typically are known for many great things on our planet after all...awesome food, beautiful architecture, beautiful paintings/sculptures, amazing super cars sought after and lusted after the world over, beautiful fashion, to name just a few and well of course... beautiful audio gear. Think Unison Research, Sonus Faber, Zingali Acoustics and Pathos... gorgeous looks and what really counts... amazing sound. With the Spirit Sound Designs company they certainly do continue this tradition.

Excellent source if you can get in hires or flac- but showcases the Spirits dynamics vocal pleasure from Lana's Voice here

The review today is for the specialized Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr Professional Edition. A solid milled aluminum cup system accented by all leather hand stitched headband. These are a closed back designed with a passive radiator driver on the exterior of the cup- featuring a rubber surround accented with a star pattern. The radiator adds to both beauty and functionality of the unique bass sound signature. The laser etched engraving of the double dragon (Viking King) is part of the Ragnar Edition and the wiring is part of the Professional Series denotation - a specialized high end company (Portento Audio) from Italy supplies the high purity silver wire which is directly soldered to the drivers and the cable without removable connectors usually found on the non professional series- you can order them either way. This is is a highly customizable headphone design in many ways but lets talk sound...

Showcasing the Spirit's dynamic bass driver unparalleled from any other HP I ever heard- I am at the club transported next to the monitors

Giggs soundcheck- insane bass with the Torino - lyrics w/overlays of the track heard clearly- a tour de force for your adrenaline one you will never forget with these HPs

The sound here is unforgettable... One you will dream about when you are using any other headphone thinking to yourself always - I wonder how the Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr would let me experience that track... This headphone is an experience like no other, a ride or driving experience similar to being in a Ferrari- one that exhilarates and excites. The touch of materials and the touch of the sound seem well matched. Spirit Torino the Radiante highlights bass and sub-bass especially. The special tuning is very similar to how the human ear hears frequencies at the same volume when sound pressure changes in any given frequencies. The theory that attempts to mimic bass appears to need more sound pressure to be perceived by the brain as being at the same volume as the other frequencies. Most of the time recordings lack this compensation of bass- that's where the idea for their special tuning comes in to make that difference up so to speak.

White Stripes showcasing thunderous drums and insane lyrics and balance on the Spirits- cymbals a bit too hot, sibilance a tinny bit obvious in this recording but adds to the distortion which is intentional and adds to the complex recording

The blues and some amazing bass guitar track here- the electric guitar sounds equally great- a nice blend- well suited across the full spectrum- Joe's voice sounds so good- I encourage those to find the better recordings of this track for sure...

Bass is written in the DNA of Radiante’s signature. Depending on the track you are playing -It is sometimes overpowering but always controlled. The bass sits above everything else in most recordings- with sub-bass playing a prominent part, with peak volume around 30 Hz and a slight decrease at 20 Hz. This bass domination leads one to think this a slightly dark sound signature but it hardly dark at some ranges of the upper mid and highs... Bass is large, relentless, rich, detailed... It is a basshead’s wet dream. I think of a live event standing next to studio monitors at the club or venue. Some Tracks such as House of God by Chris Cowie are amazing as they make you feel transported to the live event at the club. It’s massive experience few if any headphones I know of can match. Spirit Torino goal of achieving the impact of a live event is unchallenged. For me the mids are not really suffering here because it is not leaking over the mids. In the Torino it does not suffocate the mids like some other dynamic drivers HP's tend to do when they try to re-create tons of bass . Bass stays well-controlled and lets midrange blend naturally. Detail and layering is present and really a breath of fresh air and openness for such a closed back headphone. Stage surrounds my head nicely - probably due to the design around the ear cups and synergy of the driver and customizable tuning but we will get into that further...


From the manufacture web site: "The motor of a Spirit headphone could only be exceptional, the basic unit is made to our specifications by driver wizard Jaco Burger and then prepared at the Spirit lab depending on the intended use, with a series of vibration damping, ventilation parameters variation and magnetic enhancement.
The optimization of the aerodynamic flows and the elaborate composite structure make it possible to reproduce the musical message with extreme timbre fidelity."


at 34:12 her voice WOW!
Awesome track showcasing the amazing dynamics and full pleasure the Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr Professional - an experience you will never forget and yearn for if you ever hear these amazing dynamics headphones- exhilarating tingles in the back of your neck and up and down your spine...


Shown Above Standard Spirit Torino

SOFT SERVE anything but soft here...
tremendous thunderous sub bass and left right imaging- pure smiles from this track
wow what a great experience!

Ventilation Pad System (VPS)
Spirit Torino Cuffie Hi-Fi Ventilation Pad System VPS

Shown above is multiple vent holes found on the open back versions- my version/closed back came with only one vent hole (see image below)- a new design for the Torino Radiante Ragnarr Professional. The variable ventilation system is used in the Spirit range. This system has two distinct purposes- one to increase soundstage outside your head and to control bass. By covering the hole- bass can increase even more! I preferred it left in stock mode but its nice to know it gets even crazier if one prefers...


Find this CD or best version- here Chris seduces your sense with the guitar and deep voice - can sound overwhelming so you may need to turn down the volume... be prepared ... exciting and again unforgettable- a bit chesty here though and a perfect example of sometimes engineers over do the bass ...maybe you need to eq this track and dial it back a bit for the Torino experience


A wonderful live recording here showcasing female vocal extravagance by London Grammer- and the performance sounds addicting on the Spirit Torino here... some of her higher registers sound a little shrill but again that could be the recording and not the fault of the headphones. When using my Kennerton GH50 the glare is not on the reproduction at all-again the reason why I love my GH50 JM Edition more than any other headphone bar none and at any price...

Passive radiator Spirit System
1x drives Spirit
1,2 m -2,2 m detachable cable by Portento Audio
2.000 mW
32 ohm
Closed circumaural
18-32.000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves
WEIGTH (without cable)
370 gr
0°C to 50°C
Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System



Different cables for different fields of application. The Standard and Torino 1706 fittings include detachable cables made in collaboration with Portento Audio that combine lightness and flexibility.
All the termination standards on the market are available and it is possible to choose a double section version to improve performance with high current amplifiers.
Detachable cables can be configured to further customize the sound signature.

The Ragnarr version and all Twin Pulse units, on the other hand, feature uncompromising silver wiring directly soldered on the drive, avoiding two soldering points and one contact point for optimum current transfer.
The wiring includes a 4 strand braid of coaxial cable of quadruple cross-section compared to the one usually used in headphones.
Connectors and sleeves of the highest quality complete a high-end construction that will last over time.


Dekoni pads

In a headphone, the pad has a fundamental function because it delimits the chamber in which the sound takes shape to reach our ear, but it is also the element of contact with our head, so its design must take into account technical/acoustic and comfort aspects. Spirit Pads are made with a combination of fine leather and Alcantara to offer breathability and comfort. Each pad also includes a careful study of the pressure relief flow channeling to make the driver workload symmetrical in compression and decompression of the chambers. This is a new design feature updated now in the line up.



The headphone comes with a rotate-able soft felt die cut pad that fits in the headphone after removing the ear pads. I prefer it installed and rotated so all holes are in unobstructed view as opposed to slightly rotating the felt disc to covering the metal underneath. For me-the the non-blocking one to sound best, as the other one places a larger emphasis on upper midrange and slightly veiled at other frequencies.


Bottom Line: The Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr Professional is a unique collector headphone in my opinion, a headphone so unique in it's unparalleled aluminum construction of the ear cups and laser engraving, the hand stitched headband made of soft Italian leather and real genuine suede - a headphone so well made in fact I dare to say it is a statement in it's own right and worthy of a purchase as functional art. While it is built like a tank, it falls a little short for me on sound for the asking price. I might suggest the company Spirit Sound Designs spend less on whats in the box and even the box itself. The well crated wooden box must cost a small fortune to make. And the included box is so heavy, I can imagine shipping costs are very high to ship such a heavy large box. Why? The included box is just a place to store the headphones for shipping, not really a display box of sorts- not here anyway. It's not functional for carrying around either. As a comparison- the portable pelican box like the one I received with my Gold Planar GL2000's is everything every single manufacturer should ship their precious headphones in. Why? Its all the things a person wants: cheap, light sturdy, portable functional and wicked cool to boot. The GL2000 includes a carry case and shipping case that is so so light and functional after the shipment. I get it every unboxing should be special and the Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr is just that, a very special unboxing experience. But keep the costs down if it's not adding anything to after the sale.-eliminate that heavy useless box please! Ok- lets keep going on how to make the Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr even cheaper- by eliminating the included USB drive card, while unique and very generous by offering Spirit's own wonderful high resolution (FLAC/DSD) recordings and instruction manual all on one USB card- that card must cost something- eliminate that card and put everything on line for owners to register their headphones and receive after ownership. Next way to cut the price to keep these headphones more competitive- offer a plain all copper 6nocc cable that is not mircophonic and not by some super high end company like Portento Audio. To be clear- Spirit includes the craziest wire with the Professional Raggnar- I get it its their top model. But even with their base models the cable is made by the same crazy high end same Portento Audio. Offer the other high end cable separately as an option. Enough about keeping costs down or the box... bottom line I put the Spirit up against the closed back of my own personal dreams. My Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH50JM Edition that I tuned myself which you can read about in this link and that eventually went into full production after the tuning... this is my end all be all favorite HP so far- and I say that very sincerely and with a lot of thought through my many many years of listening (to IEM's, conventional over ear dynamic, electrostatic and or planar drivers, and of course even to speakers).

I know it may not be fair for me to say ' keep the costs down', 'do this' or 'do that' so more people can enjoy the Spirit Torino hard hitting bass juggernaut of a headphone with few if any peers in that relm- how dare I suggest Spirit cut corners. Ok maybe I am wrong... but I wish they were in the $1500-1800 at most- then I would say worth it 100% but based on price alone I have to be honest and shaved one star (half) off for the price vs performance and practicality.
If deciding to
EQ these headphones, they compete with open backs on soundstage, imaging, separation, and clarity. If not, you really would only need these if you enjoy bass heavy music. These are the undisputed kings of heavy drums and heavy bass like metal, edm and organic bass drums and guitars- which is a resounding win in my book. If I leave you with one impression, I will certainly miss the Spirit Torino Radiant Ragnarr Professional when it ships from my home back to the distributor. It's a like a beautiful sports car - like a Ferrari- not really all that practical for everyday driving - but a truly once in a lifetime kind of experience to drive, very memorable, a show stopper and a collectors piece. Recommended for all of that and more. -JM

More tracks I think make the Torino sound unforgetable and over the top amazing fun- something no other headphone I ever heard can do
These headphones will work your ears out- and will beat to a pulp all your other headphones like the champ they are...not unlike a Mike Tyson punch... once experienced you will know why Tyson is the king of one punch knock outs...
two words- "unforgettable experience"

UPDATE FROM SPIRIT SOUND DESIGNS/Andrea Ricci: "I appreciated your criticism for the packaging, for the standard versions we offer a simpler boxes and you can actually save money. The wiring of the Ragnarr version is not produced by Portento but we at Spirit do it and it is an integral part of the acoustic project. The portento cable is a fallback to guarantee versatility but the welded cable sounds much better."

So you know, I have 3 systems at my home- my speakers are Vandersteen 3a Signatures, Magnepan 3.6r and my desk top system which uses SEAS drivers in custom D'Appolito configuration.
I edit videos and film on location for professionals- I mix sound for a living occasionally after I film them in person- sometimes I am handed tracks that are terrible masters but am asked to make videos from them without re-mastering the sound. My IMDB page is https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8127846/
I am not a flake or hard of hearing at all-I get sound tested by my doctor each year or two. I grew up with sound engineers in the studio who were mixing albums at The Mix Palace and Platinum Sound Recording and The Power Station, Electric Lady Studios Studios in NY to name a few. When I like something I will review it such as the Kennerton headphones I reviewed on head-fi before. If I take the time to review something it has to be meaningful- it must have moved me and compelled me to do so- I do not get paid for any reviews. I do this because I care to set the record straight on what I hear and how I felt about a particular piece of equipment.


TESTED WITH MY RAY SAMUELS APACHE Version 4 with quad Sparkos ss2590 + ToppingD90
among other amps/dacs


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I had comfort issues with the 1266. I miss the TH900 but i wanted to see if there was a headphone out there with better build quality so i decided to purchase the 1706 version from Headamp. There was a good deal on an open-box model. Based on your answer, I look forward to hearing them :D
John Massaria
John Massaria
szymonsays- I think you made an excellent choice- I was contemplating buying that very one from Headamp as well - or the regular
Spirit Torino Radiante. The 1706 version has that ltd edition engraving but the regular one is plain + is more my style/pricing - it has pretty much the same sound signature as the Ragnarr Pro but w/ differences- w/o special engraving on the side of the dragon of ear cups- no big deal for me maybe for a collector... and of course the more pricey Ragnarr does come with the upgraded unboxing experience which kind of impracticable after opened- so no big deal there for me-and of course the permanent wiring of the 'professional' is very limited and not a thing I would look for for me personally- I much more prefer the ability to swap cables- but the Professional permanent wiring according to SPIRIT /Andrea Ricci provides ultimate sound..
John Massaria
John Massaria

sooo loving it... all of it
the video the band the sounds

A mixed bag of genre


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