Sony MZE60 Mini Disc Walkman (Player only)

General Information

The new models of MD Walkman have attained extremely small size and lightweight through the development of a new optical pickup that has fewer components and through further integration of electrical circuits. This Jacket Size MD Walkman Player slips easily and securely into jacket or coat pocket and is easy to hold and carry. It features Easy Pop-Up Eject Mechanism that ejects the MiniDisc media and allows easy insertion and removal while on the go. Shock Resistant Memory resists bumps or vibrations while the laser scans ahead on the disc and stores 40 seconds of music in memory, for virtually skip-free playback. Digital Mega Bass Sound System provides rich, deep bass tones with digital signal processing for virtually inaudible harmonic distortion. Multiple Playback Modes Including Normal, Repeat 1/All/Shuffle lets you play through a MiniDisc from start to end, repeat one track or all tracks, or play tracks in random (shuffle) order. New Slim LCD Stick Remote provides direct access to the player's functions, such as display of song title, disc title, playback status, and battery function. It also features a stereo mini jack for headphones. Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS) maintains volume output below strong signal levels, for listener comfort. Up to 12 Hours Playback with 1 "AA" Sony Alkaline Battery (LR6SG) is made possible by advanced technology that allows extended battery life beyond previous limits. Battery Level Indicator on Remote shows you at a glance when battery power is low.


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