1. JennaFF

    Sony Minidisc MZ-R37 - Remote

    Hey, I bought one of these, but it isnt coming with a remote. I would prefer to use one of the newer ones, but will I be able to use any of them? Is there a list somewhere of all the remotes and the compatability? I tried to search, but I couldn't find it.  ...
  2. nonsupremous

    2010 Sony Walkman Line

    Sony now has this year's version of the E series up for pre order on B and H's website.  Pretty slick looking player with a very nice feature set at a great price.  It makes me wonder what other updates will be made to the Walkman line this year.   Anyone care to speculate, or have a wish...
  3. se12

    Newbie help: seeking iPod that sounds like a Naim Hifi!

    Hi everyone,   I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I'm asking this in the wrong section.   I have a mid-range Naim hifi at home and I can listen to music for hours without getting bored, but whenever I listen to music on the go I get bored very quickly. Is it possible to get a...
  4. MoonHawk

    Cellphone Player

    I Just got a samsung sch a930 phone and im really liking it. I'm wondering if I should spend the money to get the data cable and memory so I can use this as a portable player. Does anyone here use this phone to play music? or any phones for that matter
  5. CEE TEE

    2010 Sony Walkman News: Android? Full EQ?

    Engadget had an article last month that claimed a couple of Japanese websites claimed that the new Sony player should be released this month and should be Android based.    I am interested in anything anyone notices out there and can add to this thread.      LINK for:  Sony building...
  6. Sony MZE60 Mini Disc Walkman (Player only)

    Sony MZE60 Mini Disc Walkman (Player only)

    The new models of MD Walkman have attained extremely small size and lightweight through the development of a new optical pickup that has fewer components and through further integration of electrical circuits. This Jacket Size MD Walkman Player slips easily and securely into jacket or coat...