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Sony Minidisc MZ-R37 - Remote

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jennaff, Sep 19, 2010.
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  1. JennaFF
    Hey, I bought one of these, but it isnt coming with a remote. I would prefer to use one of the newer ones, but will I be able to use any of them? Is there a list somewhere of all the remotes and the compatability? I tried to search, but I couldn't find it.
  2. shigzeo Contributor
    I used the one from the MZR-55 (the square verson of the R37) with mine for years. I've owned so many Sony/panasonic/sharp/kenwood/Aiwa units, and believe it or not, the budget R37 was my favourite. Its retro styling is killer - display panel on the SIDE! ON THE SIDE! with an open window - looks like a 1970's sci fi author's vision of a portable record player! Stupidly, I sold it to 'upgrade' to MDLP compatible models in 2001 or 2002 or so. If you tire of it... (yep, that is a hint hint there). What colour is yours? Mine was purple - yep, the rarest one on the planet.
  3. JennaFF
    I got a silver one, it may come tomorrow. Depending on recording quality, I may or may not use it as a live DAC for my CD player. But if I don't do that, I want a remote to be able to control it without taking it out of my pocket. Thanks for the info! I read that the backlight wont work though, is that true?
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    it worked for me back in good ol 1999! I think the two units MZR55 and MZR37 are the same internally for better or worse (the 55 was the start of Sony's SQ slide of doom). 
  5. JennaFF
    Update, it definitaly will come tomorrow, so says the tracking...
  6. JennaFF
    Do you still use your disk's? I may buy them off you when I get some more money, but I may have to pay back a loan on a macbook I may buy..I managed to get the recorder for 30 bucks shipped on ebay
  7. shigzeo Contributor
    30$? Amazing deal - a steal, really. I've been looking for an R37 unit again as the one I sold was dropped into a toilet, evidently. Enjoy it. I gave away all of my mini disc stuff in 2009 before coming to Korea. One of HF's mods has all my stuff now!
  8. JennaFF
    Yeah, I ALMOST didn't buy it, then the next day I saw them going for 40/50/60 dollars! I was very lucky.
  9. shigzeo Contributor
    Are you experienced with MD? It can be a pain to title everything (that remote makes it easy), songs jump around like CD players, and battery life isn't great, but MD was great. I got so in tuned with my music since I had to re title everything, re arrange songs, split (sometimes the CD-MD conversion wasn't perfect), but I loved it. Was MD man from 1998-2006 hating MP3 players of all types and especially Apple. Now, I have an iPod touch 2G and loads of other MP3 players and love them!
  10. JennaFF
    I don't really like my ipod's because its all badly organized..I'm starting to just buy CD's but thats too big to fit in my backpack. I was thiking a CD per minidisc...could I just plug the optical cable into it and press play on the CD player? Would it auto-split them?
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    Generally, it auto-splits, but with songs that are cramped into one song on the CD for silence and sometimes, songs that have very complex silent gaps, the MD will NOT be able to split perfectly. You'll have to add a track marker manually later. No worries though - it shouldn't interrupt the gapless playback. As for iPods, I love the organisation now and how I can just enjoy the music much more quickly, but MD was a more DIY feel to music and for geeks, a LOT more entertaining. Nowaday, you should get a lot of looks on the trains and bus with MD. When I moved from Sweden to Canada in 2000, I was very surprised that very few people had them because MD was big in Sweden - at every audio shop and most of my mates had them. 
    When I was on the train in 2001-2 with my MD unit (and especially in 2006 when MP3 players were making it really big), people would come up to me and congratulate me on the cool device or just eyeball me. I had the Sharp MD-DR7 at that time in dark blue. Sexy beast.
  12. JennaFF
    I actually remember, even before I knew what MD was, I was in the store with my dad and I was like "Daddy I want that!" pointing to a blue sharp model, and he said I didnt need it...I knew it was a music player but not more than that. I also remember my first mp3 player, it was a 128MB MPIO that costed 150 dollars (birthday gift)...now thats practically a party favor! I have a 4G iPod with rockbox, but I'm too lazy to add ID3 tags to all of my songs
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    Haha, if you're too lazy to add ID3Tags, you may find MD titling to be an uphill battle. I wish you luck of course, especially as you have the coolest looking MD unit of all time, but you'll have to know that MD titling is much much more labour intensive than iTunes/iPod ever will be.
    May the force be with you.
  14. JennaFF
    Its not that I dont want to do it, its that I dont want to do it for music I rarely listen to anyway...I read the manual and honestly, Ive used worse ways to name things.
    Anyways, I'm gonna go to bed...want tomorrow to come faster! Yays~
  15. JennaFF
    When I record, do I do normal record or synchro record?
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