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Sony MZ-EH1

  • Slim magnesium alloy Hi-MD Player-only Walkman.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jonathan-Mac
    Beautifully crafted and wonderful sound quality
    Written by Jonathan-Mac
    Published Feb 7, 2017
    Pros - Small, light, beautiful, decent battery life, superb sound quality
    Cons - Limited buttons on the unit itself and no screen
    I bought this through Audiocubes many years ago and it's been my favourite music player ever since.  It has the same sound quality as the top-of-the-line recorder (the NH1) but in a slimmer body.
    Of course it has all the down-sides that go with minidisc - limited space, delays while it reads the disc, skipping, having to deal with Sonicstage - but when you hear the wonderful sound it makes up for all of that.
    I hope mine lasts forever.


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