Sony MDR-XB40EX 13.5mm High Sensitivity Driver Extra Bass EX Earbuds

General Information

New Extra Bass Series Headphone - 13.5mm high sensitivity driver units for Booming Bass - Frequency response: 4-24,000 Hz - Sensibility: 105dB/mW

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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great detailed sound and good bass
Cons: Design, fit, comfort, cable, form factor...
These weird phones... 
A former roommate gave them away. After some cleaning and some tip-fitting, I tried them, and wow, they sounded great! Lots of detail and bass. But they also hurt my ears. And the cable... damn... And the size of the earbuds... damn... Hence the title: love and hate relation. 
They are designed so oddly that it is almost impossible to wear them on the street. First of all, they don't look good on you. They're ugly. Second, they keep falling. They're heavy. Third, at the slightest turn of the neck, they will push inside your ears. They're big.
So, what do you get? A good sounding IEM that you can wear at your desk, without moving... 


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