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Sony Mdr-Ex32Lp/Blk Ex Earbuds Headphones (Black)

  • Sony's MDR-EX32LP Ear-Bud Headphones use a silicon Ear-Bud that allows the driver to fit comfortably in the ear canal and prevents it from slipping out too easily. It also helps to block surrounding noise by helping to seal the ear canal from that noise. The EX32LP also comes with 3 different sizes of Ear-Buds allowing them to fit comfortably in a large range of ear sizes.

Recent Reviews

  1. kristian9107
    Sony Mdr-Ex32Lp
    Written by kristian9107
    Published Nov 5, 2011
    Very good bass. Best headphones ever. I have them for 3 years and now the right earbud is only working. 


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