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Sony MDR-210LP Open-air Headphones

  • lightweight on-the-ear design * open earcups * UniMatch® plug adapter for mini or full-size headphone jacks * single-sided cord * weight: 2.6 oz. (without cord) *

Recent Reviews

  1. Masjk
    Good Value
    Written by Masjk
    Published Oct 8, 2012
    Pros - Cheap!, Good Sound Quality
    Cons - No padding on headband
    A house member got these a while back for general use (listening to stuff on iTunes etc.) but I sometimes use them because they are very comfortable. They are very light and you can barely tell they are there, so I find them good for gaming and prolonged computer use. There is quite a bit of bass although some of the high frequencies can be drowned out. I have not tried these in public spaces so I can't comment on isolation etc.
    Overall however for $20 or less these are very good value imo.


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